What’S going on you guys, welcome back to the channel before i get started, make sure you hit the like button before you go if you’re not sub to the channel. Please subscribe also, if you’re not in the giveaway for the traxxas haas or the arma typhon, make sure you go to that video and get entered the links down below in the description uh that’s at 500, subs, which isn’t too far away so make sure you enter Uh with that being said, one of my favorite rc’s to buy the kyosho mini z got a new one here. This is the ready set mini z buggy, if you’re not familiar with the kyosho mini z’s. The ready set is they’re ready to runs so everything you need is in the box, except for the batteries uh there you got ta, look at it with the body off and the transmitter that it comes with. Uh got a look at the actual rc up at the top uh go to this side. Uh ready, set contents what’s in the box. You got the factory assembled chassis, uh, 2.4, gigahertz, synchro, kt531p transmitter uh, wheel, wrench, pinion gear tool, three different pinions over here; uh that’s, 11, 2, 13 tooth and 15 tooth, two spur gears, 33 tooth and a 35 tooth spare wheel, nuts and mini pylons, which i Got a bunch of uh on this side. Uh features four wheel: independent, double wishbone suspension equipped with oil shocks and light unit connection socket installed.

So you can throw some lights on this. I don’t know where they would go on the buggy, but you can’t connect the lights onto it, um but i’m gon na i’m, actually gon na. Look that up because i’m actually interested in throwing some lights on this i don’t know uh anyway bottom here. This is the turbo optima mid special um mini z, buggy, of course, um. There goes a look at the actual rc, alright let’s rip this thing open and take a look at it outside the box, Music, so, Music, all right there, you go that’s the kt 531p transmitter uh. We got the steering dual rates right here, uh channel four. I think this one will control your lights if you throw them on uh throttle trim down here and the steering trim up on top foam steering wheel, cool there’s, your trigger power button that’s, it that’s the remote transmitter. Whatever you call it, i call it the remote. Ah here’s the rg come on, do a good job of taking this out geez Music, all right so it’s tied down. So let me get that off. Throw that to the side. Zip ties since i already did it. Let me show you guys real quick to take the body off. There is a tab right here. All you got, ta do is pinch that and pull up on the body and then the front of it. Let me show you real, quick, slides in to the tab.

Right there slides in and then all you got to do is push down on the body on this one. You actually got to pull back on the wing a little bit take it out, but once you take it out push down on that there you go that’s. My new mini z, buggy. I got hope you guys like it new one for the collection uh. Hopefully i get to run this real soon. Some shock testing, good good, all right. All right, let’s get the let’s get the body off pull back that’s. It there’s the brushed motor that i said that’s where you would plug your lights in um that’s, pretty much it. This is where the batteries go. Uh tab on the side, just pull back on. It comes right off, see him on the other side, so you use four triple a batteries, see if i can get that back on. You go with the tabs inside first and just push up Music same on the other side. Alright, so that’s it that’s. My new buggy uh before i let you go gon na show you a few of my other uh mini z’s that i have here. Um i’ll, throw this to the side a little bit and here’s another buggy that i have sitting here. Uh they’re pretty much the same thing, uh just different body, so here’s, one of my other ones, which you probably would have seen this uh, maybe a little sneak peek of it in one of my other videos uh.

This is the one i actually take uh to the racetrack and race around uh you can see it’s been beat up quite a bit. I did buy this body a brand new one uh, but i’m gon na keep this on and until it breaks completely, which i don’t think it’s going to. I think it’ll it’ll hold up i’ll just keep racing with this one on there, but this is an mr03. Let me take that off real quick there. You go. Take a look at that one. This is a brushless motor that’s in here get a good look at that um or parts when you go to buy parts. Don’T just assume it’s going to go on your rc, especially this pod back here you got to know what you got if you’re going to put a different shock and everything whatever if you’re going to do anything to it, know what you got, don’t just assume it’s Going to go on your rc, because there’s different setups, especially with the low motor mid motor high motor stuff, like that um and the other reason you need to know. That, too, is because, if you one okay, the biggest reason i like the mini z’s, i like the the the bodies you can buy for them. Now they call them the auto skill bodies. Uh, i collect that even more than i collect the the actual rc itself. I like to buy the idol scale body and i’ll.

Show you a few of those in a second but don’t just get a body assuming that it’s gon na fit on the rc. I did that the first time and found out uh i got one that would be for something like this and what i ended up. Um buying was something for a low motor setup, so completely different setup it’s not going to go on it more than likely more than likely. If you get a low motor body, uh setup, you try to throw it on this it’s going to be dragging on the ground. The wheels are not going to match up or something the wheel wells it’s, just not going to work just know what you got. Don’T assume it’s going to work, but anyway want to tell you that real quick, hopefully more people get into mini z’s. I really love them. This is my racing one. This thing rips around. Actually, you got to turn this down on some tracks because it’s so fast, you might think i’m exaggerating but i’m, not you have to turn it down to like 50, this the remote i have goes up to 150 percent to run this on the track. I go to. I got to turn it down to at least 50, if not more that’s how fast they are. So keep that in mind really cool that’s triple a battery power. Uh don’t, look at it and snub it because it’s triple a batteries, um it’s it’s! Actually, really cool but anyways.

Let me uh i’ve rambled on for quite some time. Let me throw that to the side and show you a few of my other ones. Okay, so, like i was telling you there’s, mid motor high motor low motor uh you’ve, seen this one that’s a mid motor, this would be a low motor setup. This is one of my other ones. I take this to the racetrack too um. This one’s been beat up a little bit, not too much but it’ll get there. I bought this uh body for a second time too, but really cool. Let me take the body off on this. One, give you a quick 360 of it there you go really nice. I told you that’s, the auto scale. Bodies is one of the biggest reasons i like to collect these and have them i’ll. Take that off there you go. This is a low motor setup. You know, if you just glance at it, you think it’s the same thing but it’s, not uh. There you go. You got a transponder on it for racing Music, but there you go that’s my low motor uh, mini z, or at least one of them so i’ll throw that one over there uh okay. So this is another one that i actually kind of like um. I know people ask me about it and i tell them: oh it’s, a little on the on the toyish side, uh it’s, not that it’s not hobby grade it is, but for some reason i don’t see a lot of parts for this uh, at least not from Kyosho, maybe they have some replacement parts and stuff like that, but as far as upgrades uh, they don’t make too much for it that i’ve seen uh but that’s.

My um, if you’re wondering what chapter three is that’s a group that i’m in on on facebook, uh it’s called chapters and chapter three, the chapter that i’m in there’s different chapters of it, and you know the chapters battle with pictures and and showing off their rc’s. You know and rep their own chapters like that it’s pretty cool, and then they have another group, then that uh you can get voted into from chapters uh called goodfellas, which i’m in uh. I haven’t seen much voting lately, but i think they still do it. I’M. Already in the goodfellas, so i don’t worry about that too much but chapter three what’s up uh here’s my little monster truck uh from kyosho, like i said, not many parts as far as upgrades, but hopefully they start making more uh. Because i really like this thing. I was trying to add lights to it, but i kind of failed at that i’ll leave it for all right by the way, here’s a there’s, a good fellow sticker right in the back right here that i threw on but that’s my monster truck again. Let me take the body off real, quick uh. Just you know, like i said, wish they made more more parts for it. Um there you go. We’Re gon na have a little mini z party over here now i’m, going to show you real quick. What i was telling you the biggest reason i like uh mini z’s, is for the yaddle scale bodies and that i collect a bunch.

So i’ll show you a couple that i have uh right here that i brought down from my shelf because i don’t have them in my rc room, uh, so here’s, one that i bought pretty cool and they come in this uh in this glass case. Uh with you know, just a dummy frame: it’s it’s, not an rc, you know a running rc or anything um, but you can buy the body and just collect them and that’s what i’ve been doing, which i know a lot of people do and these things just Look awesome and really scale, looking detailed um but there’s the front of this one i’ll give you a 360. try to rush this video up a little bit. I’Ve been rambling on for a long time, uh, but really cool, looking there’s that one here’s this one, which i don’t think that this one’s available anymore. I know there’s a lot of people that actually wanted this one but there’s a here’s. A look at that one i’ll show you one more auto scale body there’s, another audi that i have really nice. Really this one’s still available. You can probably still buy this one i’m, not sure i haven’t looked in a while, but there’s that one really cool looking – and this is just gon na – be uh a little bit of messing around with my buddy denny, because he really wants he’s been trying to Buy this off me since i got it, which is my little mini zf1, these are not available unless you buy them from somebody on ebay or something uh.

This is not a uh, auto scale body. This is the actual rc. These are not being sold. No more. Let me see if i can take it out of the box real, quick yep there you go. Let me take that guy out, he has. Has a bunch of f1’s he’s been he’s, a he’s got a ton of mini z’s like non stop mini mini z’s. For days, uh he’s got a bunch of f1s and he actually has this one, but in uh i think it’s a little different, it’s it’s, not this one and he’s been trying to get this off me for i don’t know how long and it’s not going anywhere Danny it’s staying here so that’s a mini zf1, which unfortunately, they don’t sell uh anymore uh. One more thing before i go. If you don’t want to get mini z’s. If you just can’t, stand the uh the aaa battery thing, this is a gl uh. You can fit the uh, and i showed you guys before the uh on one of my other videos with the wl toys, uh mini car, the auto scale bodies fit on that one, the same thing with the with the gl racing. Only this isn’t a budget car like the wl toys. This is you know this is going to cost you a little bit of money. If you want to go this route, you have that option geo racing same size of the mini z’s, as you can see, move that over a little bit, so you can actually see it same size.

But when you take the body off on this – and i know a lot of people fall in love with the looks, but this one’s gon na be, if you have like a like a tc, i have a tc6 um i’ve had tc3s and stuff like that associated This is pretty much the same thing, so you got a little brushless motor on this side, uh the whole chassis uh. Hopefully you can see it is carbon fiber, bottom and all carbon fiber. Really cool uh runs on a little lipo two cell shocks all the way around uh, just like the uh, any 10 skill uh on road car. This is the the little mini version of it. Man uh but, like i said as far as the battery, but for me it doesn’t make a difference. I like the look of this. This is because it looks just like a you know, a 10 scale, but i have a lot of fun with the mini z’s and and it’s just as involved as this one is. Gl also makes a little f1 uh. This is one of mine with a very, very bad paint job. This is actually not a paint job. This is actually just um plasti dip on it. I thought i was going to run this a lot more and and get it all beat up. So i threw some plasti dip on it to see how long it’ll last, but i haven’t ran it yet that much – and this also has a brushless motor in it, and this rips around really nice, too anyways.

I did a lot of talking. This video is going to be an hour long uh, hopefully i’ve interested you in getting some mini z’s. I know this was going to be an unboxing, but i really wanted to you know, sell some people on mini z’s and make them a little more popular everywhere and not just in certain areas. But i really want to thank you guys for watching uh, but anyways that’s it. Thank you very much.