So we have the 176 scale turbo racing car to review. Check that out. How small is that that’s so cool? I think now these things are 50 pounds it’s quite expensive for such a little car, but it is a lot of fun for that little package, especially inside and that’s. Why i’ve done it in this sort of chilled out environment in my living room, rather than under the stairs in my little box room because that’s? What this car is all about? It’S about just chilling in your living room and having a good laugh with whoever or what would be miles better is, if you had somebody else with another one and you could race them. That would be so much fun to use that car, then just to show you how small it is as well check the size out. This is a normal hot wheels, car and that’s the size. Oh no, that is the size difference. It’S tiny – and i don’t think that shows up on camera how tiny it is, but it is it’s tiny. I was expecting it to be hot wheel, size or a little bit bigger, but it when i found out it was smaller. I was incredibly shocked at how small it was so let’s see what we can see on the box pretty box it comes in. I was going to unbox it on the show, but i thought nah i couldn’t wait to be honest. I couldn’t wait to have a go and play with it so um i did.

I got excited and i opened the box and played with it so on the box. You’Ve got the car itself pretty picture of what you can do with it, because you do get some diy shelves in there that you can paint and play with yourself. It tells us that it’s, a one, seven 176 scale, tells us it’s, 2.4 gigahertz. It tells us it’s, proportional, controlling we’ve got a 75 mah battery in there that’s, probably the smallest battery i’ve ever had on it. You get oh and that’s another thing, it’s usbc, so you can just unplug your phone and put it on charge. That’S pretty cool. I like that and then diy car shelves, i’ve just said: um we’ve got a simulation tire which i’m pretty sure they just mean. It’S got rubber tyres, so it’s um, fairly similar to what you get on your bigger car, so that’s that i’ll show you the stuff inside the box not much there. There are your two shells which i think is kind of cool, because you don’t normally get that, but for 50 quid i expect it to be honest, but there you, your clear shells are not clear but grey shells that you can paint yourself, which i’ll have a Go at that i’ll have a go, do them on my own, then you’ve got your instructions that i’ll probably never read if i’m honest because i’m terrible like that, i think most men are usbc cable for charging.

So you just plug that into your normal everyday, plug. Whatever you’re, using laptop whatever and that’s that that’s all you get in the box, oh and your controller, which i’ll show you now i’m getting ahead of myself as usual, so the controller my boys have had the controller and it’s covered in chocolate. Yes, we’ve got the turbo racing logo we’ve got our steering jewel rates, we’ve got our throttle. Drill rates, steering, trim, uh, steering, trim, throttle, trim, steering normal or reverse and that’s that simple controller. It takes four aaa batteries, though, which i thought was up in the ass. I don’t have aaa batteries, everything’s double a batteries, so let’s get some footage of this little boy going around Music, Music, okay, what’d you make of that guys. I thought that was some wicked footage of that there from what i’ve seen off the camera. Hopefully, i’ve done it justice, but now what i’m going to do is is i’m going to check the top speed out. I was a little bit. I don’t know. I think i was expecting it to be a little bit faster than it is so um. I was a little bit shocked a little bit gutted because i know all the little wl toy stuff have always shocked me with how fast they are. But this was not like that now i get that it’s, tiny and it’s quite small, but i still think it’s a little bit slower than i would like.

I would like it a little bit faster, but it is what it is but then, like i said, 50 quid. I want it to sing and dance. Do you know what i mean that’s a lot of money for 50 quid. If you ask me, because you could get the wl toys rally, car for the same money and that that was a lot of fun and i’m, not having as much fun with this one as i am, or as i would with that rally, car i’ll be honest. With that, but it is a lot of fun just getting out there being honest on how i actually felt when i had the toy, i had the car stick out whatever so now what i’m going to do is is i’m going to give it a speed test. I’M going to see if i can catch if it’ll, if my little gps will catch its speed and see what happens there. However, it won’t be an entirely true speed test if it does record a speed, because this thing, my gps, is actually a lot bigger than the bloody car, so i’ve got ta i’ve got ta, strap that to the top, has it ever been done before i don’t Know i don’t know: has anybody speed tested one of these things? I don’t think this is probably the best way to do it it’d be better with a little gun. I reckon if anything, if you can catch it, but there we go that’s that’s the problem.

I’M. Up against so i’m gon na celebrate that to the top try and get a speed run for you. Um again, i don’t think it’ll be a very accurate one because of the weight of this gps will hold it back a little bit too, but we’ll see so um stay tuned and we’ll find out Music. We got to read two mile an hour max speed, that’s mud in it, the fastest thing i’ve had on the channel, but let’s see if it sleeps a little bit faster without the big big gps on the top, because it was massive and it does weigh a Bit compared to the car, i don’t know it’s hard to say i’m gon na say it’s, not much there’s, nothing in it. There must be something in it, but you can’t tell by eye it just seems the same if i’m gon na be honest and that’s. Another thing it turns one way like that and then the other way it turns a lot sharper, okay guys. So that is the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you got um. I hope you got something out of the video. What what do you think of this little car, let me know down below, i think, it’s, absolutely brilliant, and i hope you like the way that i’ve set it up. Let me know what you think of this little car. Is it any good? Is it worth 50 pound, in my opinion, i’m thinking about it? So probably not.

I wouldn’t pay 50 pound for this car. However, it was a bit of fun and it could be a lot of fun with two of you playing with these cars, but i don’t think i’d pay 50 pound for this car. I’M. Being honest, i wouldn’t. I would much rather put my money on the rally car from wpl uh. The little um looks like a little ken black block fiesta and that, in all fairness, was a lot more fun than this was in my opinion. I do like it and i will probably give about 30 quid for it, but i don’t think i could pay any more than that for this it’s, just in my opinion, it’s just not worth it so um. I hope you appreciate my honesty. I hope you liked the video anyway because it like, i said it is fun but it’s not like. I said it’s, just not worth 50 quid. In my opinion, thanks for watching guys and if you haven’t subscribed. Please please subscribe it’s, not hard it’s a little button down here. It’S, free and you’ll be doing me a massive favor.