I have a nice plan, but usually i’m gon na share this with you guys, i guess. Usually a person would think that you should take off fast and be the first one to come off the starting line and then you’ll have the advantage. But for me it seems that the person that starts off first has a whole lot of pressure to try to keep that lead and the person that comes from behind it’s easier for that person to just concentrate on catching them and so that’s. My plan. It has been working out, it has been working for me lately, we’re only doing three laps, though so, hopefully i’ll still be able to uh, come through my plan and win it. But anyhow, this track is a custom track that i made a little while ago. These are hair rulers here actually, and i just took a board and these hair rulers are uh. They hold their shape when you bend them, so i just contoured them in the shape that i wanted the track to be and all use them for rails. I have the little underpasses over here as for these cars here. These things are awesome me and my kids absolutely love these things. Now this was the first one. Now i have two of them. I have the red one over here and i have to say that i still like the gray one a little more, but the red one is pretty nice.

I actually have a third one coming as well that one’s going to be red too, because i ordered that from banggood but it’s taken forever, and i actually found that this one was on amazon and it was next day delivery. So that’s why i have three now i have one coming from banggood the same one, because i just couldn’t wait guys. These things are just so much fun that i wanted to race, my son and all he has gotten pretty good, as i said, and he thinks that he races better than me. He drives them better than me, so we have to have this showdown coming up later. On i guess i’m going to use this little extra time here to tell you guys about my experience with this thing uh. I already said that i love it, but i did have a few problems with it. One in particular was hair getting up inside the axles and all the uh hair wrapping around the axles and uh. I guess running it on the rug, is not a good idea at all. My son sometimes tries to run it on a rug, but the rug. The little hairs from the rug actually gets wrapped around here. Pet hair. Any type of hair will get caught up in this thing, and i ended up having to take this thing apart, and this thing is a real pain to put back together and so uh you’re gon na have to do it, though, if you’re gon na run it On the rug or run it on the floor, it’s to the point now where i really don’t like running these things on the floor and that’s, why i decided to make this little track here.

I’M. Actually, gon na make another track on the other side of this board and i’ll record that so you guys can see how i make them totally awesome. I just wish they had different body styles um other than this uh mini cooper style. They should have like some sports cars or whatever, like some porsches or lamborghinis or anything you know, but just the same shell and all it gets a little um. Well, i guess, having different. It is fun coloring, the different shells that come with it, because each one of these has come with two shells: extra, but um. The shells are almost the same they’re almost exactly the same, and so oh there is a difference that i got these two from the same seller on amazon, but they did come different. However, first of all this one here when i first ordered it, it came all in one piece all in one package: in other words this and the transmitter was a set. It was a ready to run kit, and so they were in the same box and all and all you got with it. What all i got with it was the charging cable and the car and the two extra shells and the transmitter and the transmitter look like this, with the knobs on it, analog, trims and all and i’m, showing you that, because this one here that they sent me It actually came separate. This came in its own little display case, and so it was separate, it wasn’t all ready to run, but they just threw the transmitter in with it, and the transmitter has digital well buttons for trims and all – and i think the dr, the dual rates and the Trims are put in together with these two buttons, these four buttons here and you just have to turn the wheel or give input to the throttle in order to differentiate from if you’re doing, dr, for the steering or the throttle, and the reverse is also a button.

And this thing also came with a receiver too: it came with an extra receiver for a little brushless car or whatever a larger brushless car, rather that you might want to use, and there are some differences other than just the buttons check it out. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but this one has a more metallic look on the wheel here, but other than that everything is the same.