We will be unboxing a bandit, traxxas, bandit vxl. This is the brushless version, so this one does not come with a battery or a charger. You only get the transmitter the car and yeah there. You can see the transmitter, so this car will go about 70 miles per hour. I’M. I’M. Pretty sure that after you change around some of the gearing that comes with the car there’s, some spare parts inside and one of the parts is some gearing you can swap out, and that will give you some more power. So this car is basically just a a good kind of starter car if you’re getting into rc or getting back into the hobby after a while it’s it’s one of the cheaper models. Traxxas makes the bandit here. So you, if you get the brushed version, it will come with the charger and a battery, but this is the brushless. So it does not, as you see here so, the brushless just is a little bit slower a little bit different parts but yeah. So this model should be the purple car. This is the one i picked so hopefully that’s what it is: there’s, a red, a green, a few different colors you can get so this does have the tsm, which is the traxxas stability management. Okay, start opening this up. So i’ve already purchased some of the accessories. I need like battery pack charger i’ve got some wheels and a wheelie bar that i’ve also purchased.

So i’ll probably make another video of that after this just showing some of the accessories that i bought for the car. But the car it is ready to run there’s the spare parts and looks like the quick guide. Quick start guide, there’s quite a few spare parts there actually all right so that’s everything in the box. This should be the transmitter here and the cardboard yeah let’s. Take a look at this thing, so it’s got some plastic on the body, so these tires that come on the car they’re, not the greatest for driving on the road, so i’ll, probably swap those out with the anacondas i bought i’ll show those in the other video Yeah that’s uh: this is everything you get in the box, so this is the brushless version, so you it’s just a transmitter here. So i’ll just have to put some batteries into this and four double a’s. The little knobs there one is for the steering trim and one is the multi function for the tsm, a couple buttons on the top for the menu that’s their steering there trigger spot for our batteries, yeah it’s, actually quite a nice transmitter. It fits really nice in your hand. So not all the parts are. You know. Plastic got the engine back here, there’s your chassis, so it’s, just two metal pins that hold the body on the main. There is a little antenna, let’s uh, let’s pop out these pins. Take the body off so the body is quite nice.

It’S all painted it’s got the traxxas logo yeah it’s. Quite nice move the camera a little closer here, so you guys can see so there you’re gon na put your battery in this. Is this comes out, so you’ll want to pop that out. If you have a certain batteries like the three cell batteries, you’ll need to pop it out in order to get the battery in there’s, also a foam piece um in the other side of the battery tray. So if your battery is too big, you can take out that phone and you’ll have more room for your battery, so you do have some flexibility with this car you’re not restricted to just one battery. You can use the two or three cell batteries. I think, for the most part, i will just be swapping out the tires putting on that wheelie bar and you know, i’ll probably just go with that for another time being and if something breaks, i’ll replace it when it breaks and all right well, that’s pretty much It for this video um, so that’s everything you get with the bandit traxxas brushless i’ll make another video with some showing off some of the accessories i purchased for the car, but other than that that’s going to be it for this first video of the channel. If you like, what you see feel free to subscribe i’m going to try to get some rc content up here, consistently we’ll see how it goes but i’m going to be starting out with this car and we’ll see where it takes me thanks.