This is for the electric starter, glow plug. This is uh one of of uh, of two required uh tanks, and this engine is going to be mounted in my one to fifth get scale: um, sprint car, so right now, i’m in the process of collecting parts. So this is the rear axle. These are the rear tires. I made those two piece: rims um, completely billet and ceramic coated the inside. So this is the rear tire. This will be the front tire. I do have all the axles – and this is the the brake assembly – completely hydraulic disc brake assembly on all four wheels: yeah i’m in the in the process of collecting parts, and this is roughly um what i have in mind, what it, how it should look like In the end and um yeah, this is, i think, the the the main reason why i started this build because obviously um, although i might build this one as a brushless also, so i might build a clone of this of this car, but first of all, it’s Going to be powered with this incredible four cylinder engine so and as far as as i know, and i have haven’t seen any unboxing videos, so let’s start with this and yeah. Just let me show you how incredible this engine is going to be Music, oh and just to be fully transparent, Music. This video is sponsored by sterling engines and i will link them in the description.

You can find a lot of very nice engines. Not only this one but the whole um line of taurean engines and a lot more, and i think you know that that i haven’t done this before so i would never present anything i’m, not really convinced in and what what what i don’t like. So this is completely incredible. I saw this engine beforehand online in another video, but that video didn’t show any details and, to be honest, if i had known before what’s going to be in this box um, i already had bought one ordered one, and even though i own one right now and Um they’ve been kind enough to send me one free of charge. This one is so nice, i’m really going to think uh think if i’m going to order another second one of course pay for it, because i don’t know if, if yeah, if i have seen anything more exciting over the last years in in this whole rc engine Section so this is the first explosion view you see, there are a lot of parts in this small box. The attention to detail is just amazing to me. So you see there are a lot of gaskets head gasket. They even provide some tools, but this is not the exciting stuff. First layer lists a lot of small parts, um connectors screws. I think this is for the electric starter, all really nice machined billet pieces. They provide the grease thread, locking and stuff everything is included.

So i know it’s getting more and more exciting. You see the valve cover. We are talking about um a four stroke engine, so that means, of course there is a camshaft included. So this is the camshaft check out this valve cover beautifully machined, really nice anodized. These are the cam gears. This is for the for the carburetors. This engine includes four individual carburetors. I think this is some kind of the absolute highlight in my eyes, check out this okay i’m going to go cl. Oh sorry, so this is the carburetor still completely empty. So even this needs to be assembled. Piston and rod combination check out how neat and beautiful those parts are, even even with the bronx insert small screws. This is, these: are the the um parts for the rocker arms. I was just shocked because i saw there’s one missing, but it just flew over there. So this is the exhaust manifold um. I guess this might be the only thing i’m going to change. So this is the exhaust manifold which is going to be attached to the cylinder head, and then this is kind of the collector um. Although this is a very, very nice machine piece – and you see it’s it’s even machined, like a rectangular shape – you can put them in here, so you see there’s a thread and it will be held from four screws inside from this side um. I think this is the only thing: i’m not going to install i’m going to build a nice stainless header set up four into one header, um yeah, but let’s see so it’s getting more and more spectacular.

The deeper we get. So this is the the gear for the electric starter. This is the oil pan, everything anodized – this is even later laser engraved so now for the really really really fun parts. This is the engine block. So right in here goes the water pump it’s like a two gear, mechanical water pump. This is just incredible: the attention to detail um everything, the the pistol rings are still placed in the bore i don’t know, maybe for shipping purposes, no idea yeah. This is the electric starter. By the way, the whole um electrical stuff is included. So this one push pushed here, you will activate the the starter, so even this is included. Yeah electric starter motor and one of my personal highlights is this crankshaft? Look how beautiful this piece is just incredible, let’s see if i can get it even closer and um. I told you in the past we we um Music work on cylinder heads for living, so that means uh. This cylinder head, for example, is, is the the main part i was interested in, and it it’s again incredible to see those small chambers, small valves um. I can even open them with my finger a little bit. Let me see if we can it’s just this one. Just a tiny, tiny movement, but you can even see that they use some kind of bronze valve seats. Small valve springs retainers, so this part alone is is a piece of art.

If you ask me yeah, you can imagine how nice this thing is going to be, and um it’s it’s uh running on on 22. I i saw 25 nitro so and rest is a little bit of lubricant and, of course, um it needs it needs methanol, yeah. So i think the the sound of this engine and the smell everything will be so exciting. I will show you some pictures beforehand how this engine is is going to look like, and afterwards we are going to start assembly. Okay, let’s do some preparation before we are going to install all parts. This needs some cleaning and besides this i’m, going to use some alcohol just to clean the parts. This is some thread: locker i’m, using my my own one. I think – and this is um assembly loop, which is normally used in assembly of normal race engines, uh i’m – not sure, if i’m going to use this anywhere but um yeah. Every time i assemble an engine i like to have this on hand. Of course, a lot of more tools: small rc car tools, uh even brand new inbox and um yeah. So let me do some organization and then we can get this assembly to start. Oh and before we really get started, you see there’s a 70 page um manual, available online Music.