So this remote is very different kind. See this car battery this is this car’s Music battery. So so i open everything now see. This is the remote of it yeah. When you turn it, we have to turn slowly like this slowly and see this is on and off button and see. This is the car Music you dash to wall. It will do one stand so see. This is its charger. This side we put, we have to put it on fatty, plug and this side we have to join to this battery. We have to join okay, so this car can go any place rock. It can go in water, also put in less water. This car can go house period because it’s having uh four wheel extra, so already four wheels that’s. Why you call it eight wheels full design? Car this is, as can you see this front side, but see like this. It is full like this and say for inside white back side. Full design made the car, so my parents brought it for my birthday, a gift and i’m doing the unboxing, and this car is there in west side.