Its cody dixon rc here today were going to unbox the new element, enduro knight, runner 4×4 – know why they put 4×4. We know its a four wheel drive truck anyway. This is elements new enduro platform. It is a ifs front, solid axle, rear toyota. Tacoma pickup truck looking deal. They went in with knights customs for a lot of the styling and everything like that. Also, its got a lot of license things on it, the bumpers, the the rack in the back for the you know, i think people put tents and stuff like that in it the ones that fold over pretty cool. Of course, everything else is pretty much the same. Uh, i think theyve changed some of the plastics from the the first ifs stuff, but it does have the new speed controller in it, which everybody says is kind of like only just a tad bit. Splash proof like if you get water in it its done. Everybody changes to a 1080 anyway, so or something along the lines of that anyway, it does have a ready, five slot motor in it, which is pretty good, thats, a great motor. I do like those its ifs. This is going to be a fantastic trail rig. This is perfect for doing ust, or you know, youre, going to an event that doesnt have any crazy rock crawling things like that um, so lets run over some of the stuff that is going to be the i got to find the thing talks about all the Stuff, that is a licensed thing, so it does have a where is it at? It does have door handles wipers mirrors, grills, snorkel, all injected molded parts, its the mellow is the front and rear bumpers.

It has a front runner, bed, rack and tent. That goes on the the bed of it, its pretty cool magnaflow exhaust general grabber at tires. Of course, you get decal sheets and things like that, its pretty cool man. I really dig this one as far as all the rtr ifs trucks. I i like tacomas im, not a super fan of driving them, but i like the way they look. I think tacos are neat, so well. Do that, but thats really about the only thing everything else. Chassis, wise is pretty much the same as like the trail runner, for the most part, wheels are different tires are the same. The chassis stuff is the same, and electronics are the same, so well check that out. Well, take this thing out. Well, look at it show you all the little details of the outside the inside the body, all the different things like that. So just hang tight well check it out. All right lets check this thing out, so i popped open this side right here, just so i can get into it. Of course, there is a garage on the inside like normal. It actually has instructions on it, tells you how to what to do to take it. Apart to get it set up, all right so lets take this out without making a mess of the box, and that happened. Thats. Okay, all right so well go over this first, then all right, of course you get a owners manual and it looks like a sticker sheet that you can put down the side.

You know things like that. They got looks like erc off road element. Radio control, instead of t, you know, trd toyota, racing development, stuff, its pretty cool. They got nice side stuff. I always do good with stickers. I like i like elements. I do have stickers all right, so it looks like you get a oh youve got to put all that together, okay, so this is the the bed rack and the tent looking deal im not going to take this out of the package, because this is you know This is a retail unit, does come with the extra overdrive gears looks like another piece for a servo horn, the bigger battery tray body mount. I dont know why its got a bigger body mount, oh it because its got short ones on the back. Okay snorkel. You got to add that and thats probably about it as far as that goes so pretty cool but its nice. How this rack and this bed cap is a nice and injected molded piece. I do like that so and, of course, its zip tied in like every time everyone they ever do its always zip tied in get rid of these zip ties. Uh lets see the radio is the normal xp 130 three channel radio that they on everything they have all right. So lets. Take this body off well go over the body in just a second would have been cool if they had to put all this together.

So you didnt have to do it when you got it because everybody nobody likes drilling holes in a brand new body. All right lets do chassis, first, uh, basically the same thing: you get a you get a set of lights in the bumper it doesnt have leds. It looks like some five mils uh, so thats wired into the. Of course i do thats. One thing i do love about this esc is its got. This little add on which you can do that with the 1080 as well the program port thats on it. You can plug directly in it and be good to go. Deans connector five slot motor, a big old receiver box, the short battery tray. You do get the nice ifs setup in the front, the awesome little 1.55. I think these are 3.85 general all terrains. I actually had one i had a set of these on my jeep wrangler or jeep cherokee um. It looks like it does. Come with the nice new white delrin balls in all the little suspension pieces, uh, the rod ends, and things like these should not fail as fast theyre, not as great as stainless, but they are way better than the plastic ones that were in there before they failed. They wear out really fast. These feel i mean theyre, not super tight, but theyre great theyre good enough itll work. I think these are the same old sliders, so that probably means that you, like you, can use the reefs enduro sliders or anything like that.

Those have short towers in the back uh. It does have a, i think, thats the normal ifs, the little drop piece there to give this a little bit more room or to give it some more, maybe its some more flex, i dont know uh magnaflow exhaust in the back its cool. You could drill a little hole in there put that little deal in there and the new 1.55 bead locks. The plastic ones forgot what they call them, but anyway theyre cool, so lets get to the body. Now, as you know, these manufacturers cant, do you know without doing licensing, they cant have a legitimate tacoma body without having to spend a fortune on it um. I just pushed these pieces in here in the grill. This will hold this injected molded grill in im. Sure therell be somebody coming out with a full front. Thatll look just like a toyota which would be cool. Then you get injected mirrors wipers door handles front and back you get clear windows all the way across the back has element rc on it as well and a spot to fit into the bumper here thats. What that piece right! There is cut out for thats a two piece body, so its been put together with screws to a plate here to put this bed here so technically, you could probably take this off and put some sort of cage back there. If you wanted to itd, be pretty cool looking i do say about the only thing it really needs is some light buckets for the front uh.

That would be – and it is also clear inside here its not been painted where the light buckets are front and back so that means im sure you can find you some buckets and put you some leds in there probably really sweet. Looking to be honest overall man, i, like i, like this truck, i im im a im, a fan of a decent trail rig, and i think this is going to be it. I think this is the way to go. I mean for the money, its hundred and ten dollars. I think, or something like that, or maybe not even that much. I cant remember exactly how much it is with a little bit of tweaking and sor graphics. Jay has got all kinds of side, graphics kits for this thing you can make it look like a legit toyota. You can take all these off and put toyota emblems on it and the grills, and i mean if you got a tacoma. This is the way to go its so cool im, a big fan. I really am a big big fan of what element enduro are doing. They are constantly coming out with new things. I mean even though its the same chassis platform as the other ones, but i mean theyre steady, doing things to try and make it better theyre listening to what were having problems with or what you guys are having problems with. You know everything like the the builders kit number two is loaded with all kinds of better things than the first kit.

This is better than the trail runner i mean the ecto is better than the first. You know the gatekeeper, the sendero hd is better than the first scenario i dont know. You know watching these companies do. This is really cool to see how they react and how they fix whats, going on same with redcap with the gen8 platform. They took it and made it better. You know, so you know its pretty cool. I like it anyway back to what i was talking about. So this truck you do have to add the snorkel and everything so the good thing about it is. They do have little indentions in here to drill for your um for the snorkel uh. I do not see any indentions, ah theres kind of some indentions right here. I dont think thats, where that bolts in though maybe it does, we dont know no. It doesnt really bolt in that end, i thought it kind of bolts in up top here, but anyway it does have something and im sure in the instructions. It tells you exactly how to do all this. If i was purchasing one of these for myself, i would uh show you guys what to do, but im not purchasing one of these for myself. Yet i might but not right now, so i got so many projects right now. Its crazy plus im redoing the shop. So thats taking most of my time and effort anyway, so so thats it guys.

I hope you guys enjoy this im. Sorry, ive been absent, filming, as you saw the last thing that come out ive been slowly piecing, this shop together, making it better so thats where ive been thats. What ive been doing for the past three or four weeks, so i havent really had a whole lot of time to do any filming at all so im trying to knock some out today. Im going to get this done and ive got a couple. Other things coming out here in the next couple days so hope you guys enjoy that and hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing of the new knight runner knights customs, helped design all this and everything else on top of it as well.