This RC control car it’s only 11.99 for more mark, so it finally arrived here today and we’re gon na do. Why did I buy something for you, your sister I’m gon na get you guys something, but first I’m gon na get it for your brother first, ok! So back to the video that’s, a rod today and we’re gon na do take a look at it and see. This is the front view of it. Ok, so here it’s included battery and it is charged with the USB and the 2.4 gigahertz turbo boost. So I don’t know how fast is gon na go and this model is spider. Man, 2017 Ford, GT RC and it ranges for h6 and up okay. It came in a brilliant big box, so I guess what is sweet? What it says here, Jade eye charging ecosystem charge with any device with USB ports, so you can charge with a computer outlet laptop pretty much yeah there’s the remote control again, so we gon na unbox it right now and take a look at it. Can you help me Elina, I think there’s, a piece of tape here you don’t do that: okay, so we’re gon na cut it like that they’re not lit out right. Oh maybe another tape here so watch your finger. Okay! So, oh another piece of tape on this side as well yeah, so many tape, huh so let’s see if we can pull it out. Oh can you help me pull it out? Is it stuck? Oh, my thing is stuck to the other one, maybe stuck to this.

Why is it stuck? When can we take care of on this side? Oh that let Daddy take this thing on okay, the remote you got the remote okay. Take this tape here. Okay, so we’ve got that out. So you got the remote okay, you got the remote out. How does it feel? Is it heavy Music? Okay, finally, come on? Okay, all right, throw away the box hold on. Maybe you wouldn’t have to go underneath. Take a look underneath. Okay, so we got a twist. This tab, I think, turn it turn it and I’m strong enough yeah a little bit strong, hmm, okay, just turn it turn it and then it’ll come off all right. So, okay, let’s take a look closer. Look at the the card self. The painting looks pretty pretty good. I didn’t put the better yet check on the back right here. Look at the wheels let’s see if the batteries are in the inside. No, oh this. The charging cable me where’s. The battery is oh it’s already in there okay. So this how so this is a USB cable, so it’s, not that yeah it’s, not that long so, but I guess, if you put it like by the computer or yeah like an outlet where you charge your phone, you know you can plug it in there. Yes and let the audience know that is the remote, the remote is very small huh. Do you know how to play this car? You think so.

Would you like to do a demo on this one yeah, okay, so right now, we’re gon na take it out to the front yard the robot? What is the bet? What are you talking about? I I wind up, the DJI mini drone, a very hot. Oh, you sure you like that one better Wow yeah, okay, well, I’m gon na. Let you try this one. First, okay, so your brother’s, still sleeping so let’s go outside let’s test it off: Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, okay, Alena, go! Try it! Okay, so that’s! My daughter that’s Elina she’s testing out the car right now and then I watch out Aiden’s gon na need to play this too. Okay, you don’t mess it up. Okay, Alena put it on, put it on the lower end, so you can go up on the other Music Applause. Music, Alina I’ll put the car back Harley the cargo stood, lose help Alina go, get the car put it down, put it down Music. It goes pretty fast, Music, Music, so my daughter over the one that Dina drop made it made it first drop. You can see the scratches on the car, they’re really bad. You know right there and then my second daughter Eileen. I dropped it again on this side. You can see, okay, but other than that. You know it runs pretty good. I think for 12 bucks I don’t think you can well worth that than 12. I just don’t know how I didn’t mean to charge it.

I just try. We move in the box and then start playing. I mean I’ve done to help daddy, please a lien I’m stuck Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, okay, so again I just hit a little about there and I get. It looks like the the bottom cover for the USB just fell off again, so I’m gon na have to tape it up Music. Once you’re done, let your sister play a little bit. Okay, let us play six more minutes. Wow that’s, pretty long, you promised, make sure you’re, not gon na drop the car, okay Music, so the cousin go back out. I didn’t try that what is that? Oh? No! I see that. What is that? What does that? Do? Oh I’m gon na try that later Tina Alina. Can you move the car? Oh yeah, good car? Can you go pick it up. You can’t one of you, gon na have to pick it up. Okay, your purple shirt. What does it say you don’t know hold it. You you’re four: what is your name Alina? Let Alina try it now. You have two six minutes already. Athena look at Alina she’s bored. Let her try! It Dina come on Cheryl you’re, scaring come on Alina, come on your turn. Alina use the remote to go backward. You did it as you can see. I put a double sided tape underneath the cover for a USB cable so to keep it from falling out huh.

Is it light white? What do you mean white? The tooth is white, but my ate coffee cake. You ain’t coffee candy, a lot huh. Your favorite okay go play with the car, otherwise Aiden’s gon na get a wake up and he’s gon na play it. Yes, he does Alina you’re to come over here, so people can see you okay, so right now I want to test to see how far this can go in my driveway Music, oh okay, apparently the bun over here when you press it. It just goes straight: Oh that’s, the turbo boost, oh shoot. I just hit I just hit. Oh, I just crashed a couple times already and let’s go Liam we’re all the way hold on okay. So, like I crashed it’s quite a bit over here, one end right there. This thing goes pretty quick and I guess, when you hit this button right here, that’s the turbo boost right there and right here you can see right here. I hit another one right here too, so let’s do it again. Betty Lee and I’m will all the way. Okay, Applause, the controls pretty sensitive. Oh wow that’s never hit Music, Music it’s, a race, huh, Music, okay, so that’s. The tape that I put and, as you can see, we’ve been playing at least 10 minutes. Maybe more and it’s still running good see the plan see how long the battery will drain last Music. So the turbo boost is really quick.

Okay, so here, if I would just push forward that’s how hot, but if I were to push the total boost that’s how it is so, you can see it’s pretty fast hold on. I am 40 cuz. I like fun. I love cars, okay, so I’m, now I’m gon na. Let my daughter take all right out here: go stop crying! Go Athena you’re, not supposed to pick it up useful to use the remote that control it. I told you this is going left right. Let’S go back and forth to play. You’Re killing the car, the first car go. Oh there you go there, you go you’re gon na hit the gate. You can hit the gate, reverse yeah! That was reversed. That’S me, birth, that’s, reversed that’s, good that’s, good, okay, good yeah, a little hit didn’t go boom. You almost kill the car. You wan na play again what a dream four times. How many times did you play in Alena Music? Are you practicing going back and forth? I’Ll be nice if you press this button on top here. That goes really quick. Already you cross the second times Athena or me: don’t care it’s, only a toy! Oh! So right now we’re going on about close to eight minutes and it looks like so far out of the box. We can play out to like twenty minutes right there, Music. When is it your turn? Why don’t you ask me nicely and I’m then I might consider letting you play Alena.

Is that how you talk to your dad apologize to me right now, you’re gon na write up a boring bike. Why don’t you say sorry to your to me and that I might let you play with a new car. Sorry that’s, not you say sorry. She doesn’t mean it: Athena Applause, Music. No, he does Music Laughter, my card Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, bah bah, bah, Music, Music Music. So, as you can see, your car has sustained a lot of hit a lot of flash okay, but it feels going good. Eddie well played hey you’re gon na crash. It Elina yeah, okay, bye, two more cars for you. You have money, you are Catwoman holy queen. What is that? Are you trying to kill it ate it Music monitor? What did you just tell your lady, you wan na crush my arm. Are you that strong, I don’t think you’re that strong you want to crush my arm? Put it down again, put your day come on turn it on put it down. Yeah put it down, put it down baby play with the remote yeah, 100 million Music don’t. You love your brother, I didn’t put it down play, lay out the remote dating come on now. You don’t want to play ball turn it off. Put it down nice. So apparently, at two years old can play this as well. Go play. Aiden Aiden got a girlfriend. What what what is that girlfriend’s name you don’t know? Why are you crying if you go closer, you would know it, but why can’t you go closer, oh, why are you crying a little baby? Yes, you are you’re, not small.

How old are you 4 or small? Okay, you’re, not a baby; okay, you want to get away from me. Hey put the toy down, put the car down let’s play. What do you do to keep my teeth on duty? By do this Wow duty, bikini, you off duty, buddy huh! Thank you! Buddy Wow! Okay, you know Jenna let’s go inside now. You want to try it. Okay, let her play. Look she’s, crying Aiden come on! Oh, let your sister play: okay, she’s crying! Oh no, just everybody! Let her play come on. What what’s that whoa whoa whoa is that a dog over there you want to go check it out and put the car down Music Music, Music, Music. I’M gon na go my money. I’M. Not Music.