It would normally have 2.2s on it. With a 12.5 inch. Wheelbase people didn’t put their battery packs up in the hood like i’m going to do. They actually put their battery packs on the front axles. Thank you for tuning. In today. I am very excited for today, because i get to play with new toys scale accessories scale accessories. Today i have a box from hobbyking. You are probably familiar with hobbyking, since they are essentially the sole company that brought hobby to the masses. There were certainly lots of other companies that did but hobby king was available when a lot of other companies were kind of in a decline they really ushered in the lithium battery market. I feel to the world and also a lot of let’s call it what they are cheap airplanes. I would say that the downfall of everybody using hobbyking for their airplane supplies is that we really can’t get balsa airplanes anymore. You can’t get covered wings unless you’re really searching out for old kits or if you know how to build your own kits. Everything is foamies these days. Not only is it easier to ship but they’re cheaper to make and uh. You know, let’s be honest. A lot of us crash and when you crash your foamy it’s, also easy to fix so while hobbyking certainly ushered in the area, the air in the area, the era of foam airplanes, i really miss being able to buy a balsa airplane, especially gliders, but celavi.

What we have today is a box from hobbyking that is going to help me in my hobby endeavors, and that is extra receivers for my gt3c controller, that is hacked and also some fresh batteries for another project that i’ll be doing here in the future. So i just wanted to open the box talk about what i got, why i got it and i would like to know if you would also use this type of stuff or, if you use hobbyking, for your hobbies. So, as you can see, i already cut open the box. I like to do that, just to be sure that i know what i’m actually opening, because it’s bitten me before now. Oh i’m, looking for this part and they didn’t even ship it so for this gt3c controller, which is hacked by the way i’ve been looking into whether these are still available. You still can buy these controllers they’re a little bit older and you can get a hack service from rc addict, it costs 40 and if you like, it then give a 40 holla to rc addict i’m, not sure if they sell the controllers as well. You can get them all over the internet still, but this has actually been one of the best cheap controllers and i say cheap because yeah i mean in a lot of ways: it’s cheap. I don’t care, if i do this to it – i’m, not going to be doing that to my many hundred dollar futabas or spectrum radios, but this guy you know i would throw it hard, but i still want to use it so i’m not going to try to Test the point too much at any rate, to the point, i got 10 new receivers so that i can basically update all my rigs to have this, except for my competition rigs.

I have a new futaba that’s coming on the way for those, but for something that my kids are probably going to drive or that i just want to go out and be able to drive in the rain and the slush and not worry about oops. You know if i drop it, these guys are really good and the hacked version you get a lot more model, memories to them. I think it’s, 100 and normally it’s like 10 or 8 that you get if it’s not hacked. You also get a lot more functionality on mixing and everything like that, so i would really suggest if you’re looking for a inexpensive controller, you know the throttle feel isn’t bad. Maybe we shouldn’t call them cheap it’s, a dirty word in this hobby. The the throttle feel is actually really good for how inexpensive these are and you can get away with about an 80 total hack controller. It even has a lithium battery in it which lasts forever. It charges off the usb. This totally was not a video to brag about this this radio here, but i can recommend them. I can really highly recommend this. One has done me great for years. We have another one at the shop that is not hacked that we use on those as well, and i mean i got no complaints, so 10 new receivers. This is the hk gt 2 r, which is actually a 3 channel controller. I don’t know why they called it the 2r, when it should be like a 3r but it’s, a 3 channel receiver, it’s, really lightweight they’re, easy to take out of the case and waterproof.

If you want to. They also have a waterproof version if you want, but if you are like me and maybe it’s going to go into a concrete or you don’t have a lot of space. You want to be able to take off that receiver box. But honestly i mean these guys are really tiny, it’s, a very small and thin receiver. They do the job. Well, i mean, if you’re, looking for something that’s inexpensive. This is a great match, so this is going to do exactly what i need to do and that is going to be updating the radios, especially my trx4s i’ve, had a few of them that failed on me now. I just realized that it’s not going to work, because i need four channels for the trx4, but you know stay lobby, i’ll figure it out, we’ll figure something out. So we got that we got that. Oh and i got another one in here. The other thing that i needed was some very small batteries for my competition rigs and also for the rebuild of this bastard junior chassis, as you can see, there’s nowhere to put a battery in it, provided you can put it on this back deck here. What i did was i make a little styrene battery tray that fits down in here. Just you know, zip tie it in and that’s where my battery is going to end up going. So i need to get a variety of small size batteries to see what fits, and also to ensure that i have a long enough run time.

I want the biggest battery that i can fit in there, it’s probably going to be about a 850 milliamp hour pack, but i won’t know until i try and until i get into that project. So we got a couple of random batteries here. Let’S see what we got when you get really tiny packs. You need a pretty good discharge rate and the discharge rate is at odds with the size of your battery. So a 25 c pack, which you really can’t even buy anymore, is going to be smaller than a 45 c pack, and i was really hoping to find some 25 c packs because i’m going to use a brush motor in that build, but salivi it doesn’t seem That 25c is even a thing you can buy anymore, so i went with some 850s. They did a really good job of bubble. Wrapping these uh 850 nanotechs. These are three cell 70c discharge. I don’t know if i trust that, with you know such a sm, can it really push almost 70 amps? Who knows, i don’t need that many amps. All i need is a run time. Uh .85 amp hours i like how they rate them. That way. Instead of 850 milliamp hours, so that’s kind of cool, i probably got two of those. No, i didn’t. I got a different pack, let’s see what i got i don’t even remember. This is the most fun unboxing, because i don’t remember what i bought.

You know you go long enough. Are you like that? Are you as bad as me, where you buy stuff and you don’t remember and then it’s like a surprise when it comes in? Oh, what did i get myself for christmas? I don’t know. Maybe you are all right and then we got this little uh 500 milliamp hour. Oh and it’s got the teeny tiny little xt30s on them. I use xc60s these days. Maybe i’ll have to get some xt30s for my comp rig because it it doesn’t need xt60s, but geez. These are tiny. I don’t know i probably won’t even be able to unplug these myself without pulling on the wire uh half half an amp hour. Let’S just use the the new ratings, and what is this uh? Also 70c. As you can see, the thickness of those packs is quite a bit different. Of course, the 850 is not quite twice the runtime, so it should be about twice the height and then what looks like some noodle baby packs little bitty little bitty baby packs. I know y’all love it. When i talk with baby talk don’t you let me know in the comments how much you love the baby talk all right, all the teeniest little 450 milliamp hour pack, oh it’s, only 45c discharge, so let’s see well that’s kind of weird that it’s thicker. It is a little shorter, but it actually looks like it may have more volume than the 500 milliamp hour.

I’M. Sorry half amp hour pack. This one is a 0.45 amp hour pack and i feel like i may have gotten two of these because they are so tiny. A 450 is not gon na last, very long if you’re into competing yeah it’s gon na get you through a course. Maybe two. Maybe three: if you have a really efficient setup and you don’t have a lot of wheel, speed and you don’t have some really uh amp hungry servos and to tell you the truth. These servos are gon na, be your biggest amp draw on the average rig all right, yeah, so another 0.45 amp hour pack. These are tiny little guys. They weigh. I don’t know about nothing. So there we go got some new batteries just to try out. I’Ll probably have to get a couple more. I haven’t bought new batteries for myself in a really long time. I’Ve actually been relying on my friends at i’ve, actually been relying on my friends at helios rc to provide batteries, because i focus on motors. Let’S let’s be truthful here i have completely forgotten about the battery game. I don’t carry them in the store. I don’t want to carry them in the store, because that’s a lot of liability to have batteries esc’s motors everything that could possibly go wrong in your rig batteries. Shipping, you know the whole deal is just not something that i want to get into. I will gladly let helios take care of it for me, or in this case hobby, king turner, g and nanotech will take care of it for me and we’ll see how they do i’ll.

Let you know in a future update when i actually get to use these cells. So what else we got in here? Oh, hey, look another battery another battery and this one is probably the same as another. One let’s see: yeah 0.85. Another 850, so i’ve got multiples of the 850. I think i did the measurements and it’ll actually fit in my bastard junior and i want as much run time as possible, and you know worst case scenario. Maybe i could put two packs on there in different places and i would like to actually talk about what we used to do if you’re into competing you, you know where we used to place the batteries, but so we’re. Looking at this rig, this is an old comp rig. It would normally have 2.2s on it. With a 12.5 inch wheelbase people didn’t put their battery packs up in the hood like i’m going to do. They actually put their battery packs on the front axle, so you would have a servo. You know sitting right here in the middle and, as you can see, there’s lots of room on the sides of it, and so we would actually have plates let’s see. Do i have any axles with plates Music? I don’t have anything handy right now, but we would have these long plates that stretch across the entire axle. It allows you to mount your servo and your battery on front. You get more forward weight, bias and then a non scale rig that is totally cool.

As you can see lots of room for me to put this 850 on there and still have a servo uh. It may be a little easier to put these these 450s on there with a servo, because the servo’s, of course going to be really close to the battery but i’m. Looking for more of a scale rig to just go and have fun with so i’m going to end up putting the battery up here in the chassis, and if i need more run time, then you know i may put one on the top deck back here or Below the deck, because i think we might, we just might have enough travel to make that fit, and if that doesn’t work, then i can put one on the back axle. Even you know, it’s whatever i’m just having fun with some toys, scale, accessories scale, accessories uh. Just having fun with scale accessories, so all right, so we got the batteries. We got the radio, and evidently somebody heard me talking about needing a new blade in my knife and whoever packed the box. I guess lost his old used heart. What would this be called? Uh, a something knife: a a box cutter, oh that’s, neat it’s, got a little got a little quick release on there. Standard blades definitely used blade, so whoever packed the order. Uh thanks, i guess, got a new knife, a heart, something it seems decent. It uh. It closes, it opens just a little little press button, so uh yeah a quick review on this heart box.

Cutter: hey it cuts boxes. It closes with one hand. It opens with one hand five stars from whoever gave that to me. Thanks. Oh it’s even got a little belt loop attachment and finally i got a new charger. I will tell you what i haven’t got new charger for myself. Since hyperion was the charger to get. Does anybody remember hyperion chargers? Do you still have one and what model is it? I still have a couple of six cell versions and some dual 6l, which they called 12 cell versions. I don’t even remember the model of it. It’S been so many years. They did not have ac on them. You had to get your own power supply, which you know for me. No big deal get a power supply wire it up and do the thing, but this guy is a dual charger: 200 watt, uh 10 amp up to 6s lipo with a built in ac converter. So this will just plug into my wall and to tell you the truth, this old chargery that i’ve been using let’s just grab it. These things i’ve got a couple of these the 680b plus that we even use for breaking in motors at the shop it’s. A really useful old tool it has like a hot wire mode on it for foam cutting. It tells you how old it is when it’s got a mode for, do it yourself, foam cutting of wings? Does anybody cut their own wings anymore? I mean we just talked about how you you can only buy foamies these days, but back in the day, foamies were hand cut.

You would get this long hot wire and then you had a guide that you would make your airfoil with, and then we would cover that foam over with either fiberglass or a heat shrink what’s that stuff called you probably remember. I don’t remember anymore, the wing covering foil sort of thin stuff with a heat shrink gun and you got the got the hot iron on it. You know you get your creases and uh yeah. Whatever those are. I don’t think anybody does that anymore. So i’ve probably about time to retire. This maybe bring it over the shop for for breaking because it does have a nice motor break in mode. Does anybody know if there’s any chargers left that have motor break in mode? I want some backups for this and i have yet to be able to find one. I even contacted chargery and tried to buy some more of these guys and they said they wouldn’t make them unless i wanted to buy like a thousand units and who wants to buy a thousand using units of a uh, old kind of outdated charger. Because i mean this, guy is let’s, see what we’ve got it’s 200 watts just just like this guy, but it doesn’t have ac input the buttons on it are getting uh they’re, not actuating on me anymore, all the time so it’s getting kind of fussy. It’S got this funky old output. I just use a 6s tap on it’s, probably what i’m going to do on this just shove, a 6s tap on there and then let’s say for this three cell pack.

I just biased it all the way down to our most negative and plug it in like that that’s, actually how i have used balance ports since the beginning, when it’s a 6s charger and this one’s kind of cool, because it’s got the different ports on there. But they’re all hooked together, so you can use one success, lead and then just bias it down to most negative negative and negative together and the charger sees it either way. So you don’t have to fiddle with a bunch of different harnesses, or you know you don’t have to plug it in directly and have it be really short and next to it, you can fit it inside of a lipo bag. When you charge this way, have a little bit extra leads, etc, etc. 680B plus two thumbs up for me. I’Ve had these things since they came out and they’re still working great, but you know it’s getting finicky, so i i want to. I want to open this up. I have always been looking at these isdt chargers as soon as they came on the market. Very small, very compact, very power dense and also seem to have a good set of features. So a nice box too, ah revolution starts here. Quick charger reference guide, uh isdt yeah, whatever? What is this some sort of cover? What does it say? Uh this sticker, helps to remove the mask from the screen guard huh, whatever it does. Look like a nicely packed charger, come on now cool, more packaging um.

Maybe some hey got our got a nice uh ac cord here you know, got no no ground on it no case grounding. Hopefully this is not an aluminum case, it’s an aluminum case. Uh, wait. You know how we can tell if it’s aluminum or not brand new charger – oh it’s, plastic, okay, we’re, good it’s, just cold plastic from being in my cold hobby house. So here we go. This thing is nice and tiny. It’S got the built in fans – uh, hopefully it’s, not too loud, but it does have the built in fans, which is usually a good sign, because passive cooling only gets you so far in a charger. Active cooling is, i wouldn’t say where it’s at, but oh boy read manual before use. They got all these stickers on here, like i’m, some sort of newbie who do they think i am do you know anybody who’s actually used that in the public. Do you know who i am, i know how to work a charger i’m going to take these stickers off uh before usage. Please take off acrylic film. No, so what was this about? I don’t understand what that extra piece of plastic was for, and i refuse to read the manual so i’m. Just going to you know not know what i’m doing all right, um yeah so we’ll be plugging directly into this port i’m. Stealing my extension and it’s going to go in here, let’s see how many is this.

This is only a five s. Is that a five see i don’t got any success batteries anyway, so it doesn’t even matter so uh we’ll just bias it towards the negative. Oh hey, they got it marked on the case it’s negative, that is, nice that’s, so nice of them there we go. So we just you know plug that into there plug that in there bam bam, bam ready to go. So i guess that is everything that was in the package. Uh scored a new knife out of the deal so thanks to whoever packed the order, if you want it back, uh, hey and you’re watching, leave a note in the comments and i’ll ship it back to you if you want, but otherwise these are probably cheap enough From walmart that it’ll cost more to ship it than it will be to buy a new one, the modern world, what a problem to have so until then, i stand right there. If you do got any questions about stuff, you, let me know in the comments i’ll do my best to get to them.