Now this was actually sent over to sponsors by best choice, products, calm, so for your very own check out their link down below now. The uniqueness of this car is not just the car itself, but it’s actually a genuine license to Lamborghini, meaning everything on here is authentic, not to mention the car is actually steered by a steering wheel and it’s, driven by gas pedals, so it’s, actually a very cool. Looking factor that I’m actually very interested to see how it all works out now, there’s also another cool thing that I really want to see is the, by the push of a button you’ll be actually able to open the doors automatically, so let’s go ahead and take A closer look at the box before opening it up alright. So this is our box and I have to say this thing is really big, not to mention the presentation is really cool. You can actually see the Lamborghini through the actual container. Then you can actually see the steering wheel as well as the gas pedals. Now this has 9.1 sound, meaning there’s. Actually, a lot of different sound effects, including reverse startup trumpet and which is a horn. Acceleration turned stops even neutral, where you can rub the car now on the bottom here kind of explains a little bit more in details that you know you actually require looks like about five double a batteries, and then the actual steering module itself contains four double A Batteries and they kind of connect together using a plug now.

No, this is actually a Lamborghini trademark, it’s actually right here. This is actually one of Association of multiple cars that they have, including an Aventador as well as the Guyardo and then on the back here. Kind of just shows a car in the display says: free moving control, open doors, gravity sensor as well as open door with a platform, so let’s go ahead and open this up a little bit more and see how it looks on the inside. Alright, so let’s go ahead and slide this out Wow this thing looks really cool almost looks like a model car honestly. I think it would look even cool, just kind of sitting on a shelf. Ah so let’s go ahead and open this up a little bit more. So we can take everything out. It looks like there might be stuff underneath here, which there is alright so down here we actually have some looks like chargeable batteries, as well as a nut wall adapter. Then we actually connects open up our car from the bottom here. So you got a screw these all off, so just give me a moment to get this all figured up Music. Alright, this here’s our Lamborghini and I have to say this – is definitely model worthy it’s got a lot of nice small details in it and not to mention it’s actually has movable parts. You can actually move open the doors and close the doors in which you can actually control it using this button here on the remote.

In addition to that, you can actually see the engine itself, so it’s actually got like a nice compartments. When you look at the details itself, you can actually see it’s got some carbon fiber work to it on the bottom. Here we got working lights, we have multiple different materials. The tires are rubber. You can actually see the caliper right there, it’s, actually staying still so that’s, actually very accurate in the interior itself. Actually has a lot of small details to it. You can actually look inside and take a look, so it’s actually really cool. So I really like it not to mention you know the taillights, where it got the exhaust pipe looks cool too. The bottoms got some details to it as well, so I’m really curious to see how this all unfolds so let’s put that down for now. Now, if you look at the actual steering itself, this is very unique. The car itself is controlled by turning the steering wheel like so then this is to go forward. I believe, and then you can reverse here, there’s a honk button. This is to start the car. This is to open the doors this is to stop. Then you got different LEDs in here. Then here is our gas pedal and brake pedal, so this won’t make it go. This will make it stop so a very unique aspect to it. So let’s go ahead and set it all up and let’s give it a test: drive Music, alright, guys so we’re all set ready to go.

I got my setup all ready to go my steering wheel, my Gaston and brake pedal and the car. So let’s go ahead and turn this on. So, if I put it in gear, it should go full reverse, very interesting. So let’s go ahead and have some fun Music, Music, all right! Well, there you have it. This Lamborghini is actually a lot of fun. I really love the fact that it’s got so much to offer not to mention the way it looks, is actually phenomenal. It’S got a lot of small details in it, which you don’t see in too many RCS nowadays, now only downside is it does have a lack of power, but you’re actually not buying it. For that reason, so I think it actually works out well now, if you guys had any questions about the Lamborghini feel free to comment down below and if you want to purchase your very own check out the link down below as well.