0. Now this was actually founded by powerup toys, for your very own check out the link down below now. This is actually a conversion kit that allows you to use a paper airplane to turn it actually into a remote control plane. So you guys do control it using your phone it’s. A very unique idea and I’m really excited to try it out now before we go ahead and try it let’s go ahead and take a closer look in the box. Alright. So this here is our box and, as you can tell, it looks really cool right off the back. There is a transparent piece on the top here that allows you to actually look at the device itself, so it looks really cool with the fan and you know all the different pieces that are on there now. This is kind of gives you an idea exactly how it works. It kind of sits in the split here and it allows you to control it using your phone. Now it is a Bluetooth version, so you can actually fly using Bluetooth off your phone on the back. Here kind of talks about a little bit more detail: you do get a hundred and eighty feet control range, so that’s, actually a good amount of range itself is a crash proof piece and it does give you about 10 minutes of flight time now over here does Talk about the phone itself that you can actually control it using the tilt feature, so you actually have to press the buttons physically to actually fly it.

So let’s go ahead and open this up. Just a little bit more see what’s on the inside all right, so that kind of lifts off right so and then you can see see the actual piece right here, so this will actually slide out so let’s go ahead and do that then. This opens up like this. That opens up like that. You have two zip ties: er that are actually holding the pieces, you cut those and you should be fine, and here we actually have paper to actually create our own paper airplane. Then we actually have like other pieces in here as well. This is our instruction manual kind of talks about exactly how to set it up and how to take flight shows you exactly how to actually fold the airplane as well, so we’ll be doing that to here’s our charging cable and then here’s an extra piece for the Propeller so let’s go ahead and open up everything and actually build this thing. Music, we’re all set ready to go. This here is the actual final design. The collection of devices connected like that and looks really easy. So this here is the app as you can tell. It actually looks really interesting, because it I can actually feel of a real plane. You got a throttle, shows fuel even signal as well as battery, and then when I actually pull up the throw out of throttles. You can actually see the propellers moving, so if I tilt my actual phone itself, you can see the the rotor is actually moving as well.

So let’s go ahead and try this out alright, so we’re going to go ahead and full throttle here and we’re going to just throw it Music that wasn’t fair, Oh going to graduate of the brick doesn’t matter right, yeah! Oh earned it I’ll! Thank you! Ah, there you go alright. Well, there you have it. The powerup 3.0 is actually a great product. Now it does require a bit effort to actually fly it, and it is that quite challenging at some times as well, but it’s actually quite worth it now. It does come with multiple different kinds of plane bit. You can build, including multiple different sheets, so you can actually build them over and over again and believe me, you will, and it does actually come with multiple spare parts. In case you actually do crash it, which actually does happen quite often, but the actual end result is really fun and being able to actually apply a paper. Airplane and control with your phone is actually a very unique experience. Now, if you guys have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment down below otherwise, thank you again for watching and we’ll see you guys next time take care now.