So this is my brand new rc car now it’s, not exactly what it’s given on the box. I didn’t get this very model. I got the hsp i got, the model of which is called the flying fish one and that’s an android rc car, so it’s not exactly like this and you’ll see what it’s like in a minute. So here we go opening the box for the first time and at the very top of the box we get a huge and absolutely huge sticker sheet and we can keep that aside for now, and here is the car itself. So, as i said earlier, it’s an on road, rc, car and it’s, a 110 scale, it’s called the flying fish, one from hsp, which the full form of hsp is high speed, uh yeah that’s, the company’s name. So this is the hsp flying uh flying fish, one on road hobby grade rc, car 110 scale and other things that you get in the box. Are the radio um pretty stan pretty good radio with all these controls over here? If you open up this flap, you get a variety of controls that you can and settings to change and then inside the box and there’s this little cardboard piece here you take this off and inside you get the charging cable, a few extra accessories for the body. Shell of the car, such as the uh, the wipers and the side view mirrors. This is just optional if you want to attach it and then finally, you get the instruction manual with a few other accessories and something that you have to read the manual to find out what they are and that’s pretty much it that you get in the box.

So we can put this aside now so as a whole. Inside the box, we get the car the instruction manual with a few extra accessories and tools that you can add into the car. You have to read the manual to find out absolutely massive sticker sheet. The radio itself, a few accessories which you can add to the body shell, such as the the side view mirrors and the wipers the the charge, the charging cable for the battery and under this body, shell is a 7.2 volt, 2000 milliamp niamh battle battery. So now taking a look at the car itself, if we remove these these four body clips that hold the body in place with these four posts, um just getting the clips off and then we can lift just lift up the body, and here we have the entire Car, the chassis and all the electronics. So here we have a brushed motor, a brushed motor, an esc which stands for electronic speed controller, a receiver with three channels in it, which means it can add three plugs for the esc, the the servo and then here on the body. We also have some additional lights with the channel for itself. We have the rear lights and the headlights, and here we have some suspension and oil oil fill shocks both front and at the rear and uh. Here, as i said, held in by another body, clip is the 7.2 volt nickel metal hydride 2 000 milliamp battery.

With this connector and uh for charging, it takes about three hours to charge with the given charger um so that’s about it, for what is inside the car itself and coming to the radio. The radio requires a total of four double a batteries which are not supplied inside the box. You have to supply these batteries yourself if you guys are enjoying my videos, please consider hitting the like button and subscribing. Thank you so now to give this car a quick fire up. We just need to plug in this battery, just like that switch on a switch over here, that’s near the motor right between the motor and the ac switch it on it’ll make the sound. If you want headlights while, while attaching the body you can plug in this headlights, channel to the channel number three on the receiver, there you go now, the headlights is turned on. As you can see, and then we just put the body on so now. I’Ve got the body back on and with the help, together with the four body clips and when it comes to the radio. We just open up this cap, flap sort of thing, and here there’s a switch. You switch it on to the two lights come on and now the radius automatically connected, and if we pick up the car over here there you go that’s the throttle and here’s the steering. Also another thing is the fact that it’s fully proportional.

Now, what that means is, when you pull the trig trigger a little, the wheels will move just a little and will move slowly. When you pull it a lot, the more you pull it, the the more you pull it, the faster the wheels will spin and same with the steering, the less uh. If you steer a little the wheels just steer little. If you stay a lot, the wheels are still locked, so that is what’s the meaning of fully proportional and generally hobby grade. Rc cars are generally fully proportional um. So now we’ll just do a quick run in my room, so here i’ll be just be driving a little a little in my room, just to show you what it’s like, and i can show you the fully proportional. So you press the throttle little a little and it goes extremely slowly, Music and now, when it comes to pressing the throttle a lot as you saw, it went a lot faster, so that’s that’s. What fully proportional does to your car – and you can also see the headlights so guys in a future video i’ll – be driving this car a lot more going outside and really pulling the trigger a lot.