I know i have not posted in a very very long time. I’Ve just been real busy with school and stuff, but right now i am currently doing a voiceover, but because i was not able to use the audio in the video that’s being recorded so i’m just going to be doing a voiceover of what’s happening in the video. So today we have a new rc car where that we’re going to be unboxing the the ravage the from i ordered this from amazon. It cost me around maybe 115 bucks, and i was thinking – maybe i should buy this and i can do an unboxing video for you guys. So let me get this open. Show you guys what’s up. I will not be able to drive it in this video because i’m not able to but there’s the comes with a little manual that shows you parts replacement parts. Then it comes with the i i don’t know what that is, but it does also come with the stickers for the body so yeah. The book is just full of like parts exploded, views and stuff like that, so let’s get the truck out of the box uh. So you can see i’m struggling to get the car out of the box, but i got it out, so it looks really nice brand new. I haven’t had a brand new rc car in a very long time, so super nice wow guys this. This thing looks super nice guys, let’s, take a look at it.

Super shiny, looks, quality, looks really good, tires kind of squishy, but it’s all right, they’re a bit hard and squishy at the same time, but i don’t know all right in this box there’s the remote. So let me get that out of there i’m struggling to get this thing out too so looks like it’s a pretty decent remote plastic turn knob plastic throttle. It has a lot of levers. It has the steering, trim, uh steering. I forgot that isn’t, a speed, uh speed thing and it has the on and off buttons it’s, just a little switch. Oh, it was a steering, jewelry and also inside the box, comes with at the charger there’s also a light kit in there, as you can see, where i’m pointing there’s a light kit in there. So it’s got it open, so it comes with uh the charger for the battery. It also comes with extra clips, which i do like the little pull tabs right there that, because i do struggle a lot and i’m sure if you guys drive rc cars, you would know, and there is the led lights for the headlights, which i will be installing Later in the video – and it also comes with a wheelie box and a screwdriver and instructions to install the wheelie bar so there’s, the body on the truck everything let’s get another view of it – looks like there’s diffs. In there they’re open, diffs, there’s plastic drive shafts.

In the front, but metal drive shafts in the rear, which is kind of weird but it’s all right. At least there’s some metal drive shafts. There also is a center metal drive. Shaft and the shocks are they’re sort of springy there’s, no way to put shock oil in it either i’ve checked but there’s, the esc there’s the brushless motor it’s, a tiny little motor yeah. You guys can get a view there’s a little t plug whatever it’s called dean’s. I don’t know i’ve heard many names and here’s a little two cell 100 milliamp battery 7.4 volts. This should be pretty good it’s a lipo it’s a lipo battery, so yeah. It looks pretty nice pretty decent there’s, also a little tiny servo in there. As you can see another view of the shocks while you can actually see them does have adjustable springs, so you can make um less stiff or stiffer, but i might be ordering shocks that you can put shock oil in. So if you guys see some um definitely leave show me in the in the comments tell me which ones i should get or that you have. If you have this car on there, so here i’m trying to take off the little plastic wrap on it, which i’m struggling i can’t find a spot. But here you go it off mix start it’ll, look right, nice and shiny yeah. Definitely make sure you move these things before putting stickers on i’ve heard a lot of people made mistakes by putting stickers, and then they just have to peel that thing right off, which takes all the stickers off, of course, so the body’s nice and shiny i’m gon Na put the stickers on all right guys the stickers are now on.

It looks really really nice. I think it looks much better with the stickers on, of course, i put them on kind of bad, though some of them there, as you can see, they are not perfectly straight and now it’s on the truck the body’s on the truck and the lights are really Really nice i installed, i went ahead and installed them. Suspension is pretty springy, as you can see, but the lights are super bright, actually so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed the video this. I will be doing another video to where i can show you how it drives and how just how it runs, how it performs overall.