We have a new addition to our little family Music, Music, ready to run four wheel, drive i’m getting getting too old, uh charger battery included. So the box is a little lamb damaged from amazon. It was a little bit over a hundred dollars, canadian canadian money already cheated. I took the battery out to charge it there’s a receiver here then my route, like my granddaughter, would say we got body clips spare body clips with it and then a very small, remote toy yeah it’s, really small things really hard let’s see compared to wrap there. We go body clip extra body flips there we go, let’s, see what the inside looks like. You got a charger and a little battery it’s one cell, two 620 amp, you can’t, read the rest, you’ll forget the body and the instruction book whoops. I know it’s different than this sc x24 motors in the front the servos mounted on the frame. Instead of the axle you want to go, get one of the deadbolts comparison, there’s lights in the bumper front and rear it’s, pretty heavy it’s a lot lower, smaller wheel. Yeah shorter wheelbase it’s going to be good to see the comparison between the two and it’s a waterproof esc. Receiver let’s see what it looks like when it’s on how many batteries goes in there, probably four you’re going on and off about that moment. It’S right here you have the battery this, and the battery goes in here.