Is this one right here i don’t know i don’t remember what color i got if it was red or orange, but this one’s, a four wheel, drive 2.4 gigahertz 50 kilometers per hour, waterproof uh. Four wheel drive, i said, that’s what the control looks like i don’t know if that’s what the car looks like, but i guess all the parts are metal gears socket tapping button. I don’t know metal differential gear, metal, metal, super gear, wheel, drive, shaft dog bone and wheel hub, that’s metal. Then the metal drive gear hub. The ball bearings are metal, okay, so open this up. All right. So by looking over it looks pretty badass. It looks it has a uh, a really like nice, bright orange, how i was saying it has a spare tire. Um the front looks really cool actually and yeah it looks it has. It looks like it has a pretty good suspension. I’M gon na pause the video, so i can cut off the little clips real, quick it’s, a little zip ties. I mean i’ll get back to you guys right now. Okay, so we need to cut these little clips off. Well. I’M. Not gon na need the knife because it doesn’t really fit so we’re gon na use these little little pink scissors. Okay, there goes one. Is there another one? Oh yeah, okay, so two, oh just don’t, more okay, my brother helped me do the other one. It was on this side, it was just one more, so the car looks pretty good, pretty good suspension i’m going to take off the clips.

There goes one two three oh this is this pretty hard to do because it was kind of a dumb design. Look with that, oh it was kind of a dumb design. I was saying, because how am i going to take off the clip at this tires right here? That was a pretty dumb design Applause. It has a damn. It has a that has a pretty nice body, that’s good suspension, look at this, then it has front bumper back bumper and i think this one’s a brush motor. What kind of battery is this um yeah? It looks pretty good as a velcro strap, just like the wltoys a959b. Just take this off kind of looks like the same battery as uh. The a959 1500 milliamp lie on battery okay, so my bro already helped me open this. Look at these shocks pretty good. This is a transmitter, oh, i think, that’s the charger right there. Overall, it looks pretty good most most good rc cars. The controls have this: it has a pretty nice little like a little computer for this stuff. Um does that phone grip? It has phone grip, a little rim with it um, oh and then this top right here, i think, push it forward and then like people who are left handed to use, it look see how that switch. So if i was the left handed person i’d be using this, let me put it and put it back right. Only thing you would need is four double a batteries for this put it right, there wait.

Is it four double it? Yes, four um. This is uh. The charger this is the charger right here, pull it out, not bad of a charger usb, just like the a959, yes it’s, really not bad. You could charge this if you were in a car like if you’re on a trip, you could charge it with your car. Um yeah overall looks pretty good put this right here. It has pretty grippy tires it’s, just really not not squishy. It has a pretty nice motor, but i will i’m gon na charge the battery right now. I’Ll tell you guys how long it takes to charge up and yeah and once it’s finished charging i’ll i’ll, take it outside and test it out and show you guys how it runs if it runs well or not forgot to show you guys is that it came With this little baggie, it has a little tools. What are these? Oh, i think it comes with extra clips. Yeah it comes with extra clips. You have a little allen key. What is it like three clips in here? You have the little tool right here to take off these wheels. I think this wheel is useful too. I think you could probably switch it off if this one falls or something i don’t know, but yeah overall look. It looks pretty good. This. The suspension goes down. Nice just that right now you can’t do it because of this thing, and then this front bumper is really hard in the back bumper that thing’s really good.

So if you were to ever crash it, it probably wouldn’t even mess it up, because you still got the bumper and then you still got the plastic to hold it on so we’re already on full battery. As you can see, i already strapped it in right here. Uh the car’s a little bit dirty because i have took it out in the dirt for a little bit and so right now we’re on a full battery, because i charged it then so, once you once it’s on full battery, you strap the battery in connect. These two wires, you press this little red button, hold it and, as you guys, can see, it’s a blue flashing light. So you guys grab the transmitter put to the right and you’re gon na know. It’S turned on because there’s a red and green light and give me a second right now: i’m gon na put the pins on on the rc truck and i’ll get back to you guys right now. Okay, so i only put one of the pins on, because i forgot that i left them the other three in the box, but here are the the buttons in the transmitter. As you guys can see, you guys have speed, throttle, trim right here, steering trim um steering. I don’t know what this one’s for this, the st and the rev uh the speed. I put it on low right now, and this right here i don’t know what it’s, for i press this suppose it’s like a light or something, but it doesn’t do anything.

So i don’t know why they put that but i’m gon na do i’m gon na record it on low speed on like the lowest. It goes and then i’m gon na put the little button into the middle and then i’m gon na do it on the highest. So you guys can see how fast it goes. Okay, so right now we’re on the lowest speed, um i’m gon na full throttle day right here just on this little on this little strip right here and you guys are gon na see ready one two, all right! I’M gon na put that over here, as you guys, can see it’s not going that fast, because it’s on lowest now i’m going to put it on medium medium and you know fix it. Real quick, just put it right! There it’s, because i don’t have all the body pins on right now, that’s why it keeps going down. You saw that wheelie guys now we’re gon na put it in on the highest, and you guys are gon na see the big difference. It’S here for those of willie right here, oh i said, though the body keeps coming off, because i didn’t put all the pins on i’d say it hits around like what 25 miles. I compare this to the a959b and this battery lasts at least more than 25 minutes, because i was racing with the a959b and the a959b one. But one thing i am going to say is that when you’re driving at like the highest speed, it keeps swerving a little it’s, worse it’s worth more than the a959b, but it was kind of close race.

The a9b the battery only lasted like not even 15 minutes. It was like 10 minutes, it was like 10 minutes and but yeah. If you guys, are going to get the a9590. I suggest you guys get more batteries because for you to be driving it for, like 10 minutes, it’s it’s not like it’s, not really worth it, because then you have to charge it for like two hours, but this battery does that’s a long time. One thing you guys are gon na start. Seeing is that, when it’s on on the lowest battery that it like the wheels are scraping a little bit it’s like it’s, making a weird noise once you try to like full throttle it or once you try to go, really really slow. But, and then you guys are gon na know that as on low on battery too, when it just starts like when it doesn’t want to go into reverse like right now, it’s on full battery that’s, why it’s all done you know if you guys want? I could i could do i could film a race of the the remo hobby 60. 21.