Finally, here uh, this is the new arma uh vortex, and this is a 3s brushless electric but it’s a 60 miles an hour 3s. So let’s open it up and see what they did and this car come in three different colors and so don’t forget to like subscribe and share, and my follow up. Video gon na show all the three other colors, so let’s start and open this thing up so arma usually close their vehicle, pretty good in the box, so it’s not gon na get damaged, and then you have to remove the top cardboard and then you got your Vehicle in this case i’m going to put also the remote out just so we can see it. So i really like those colors that they did let’s remove this uh fresh protective film. I really like this new color that they gone with um it’s kind of really like kind of 1990 colors and it’s very good to see the car visually when you go far away from yourself. This is just perfect color for those tin and i’m happy that they got this route, all the pink stuff, guys it’s, not for girls. This is what we used to have in the 90s and it’s super cool and super pretty when you run it and fly it into the air. You’Re gon na see it when it’s very high in the air. Now let’s see what remote it’s come with, because i think it’s come with the same remote.

No, they up the game a little bit on the remote, so the remote that you get right now: it’s uh it’s, the dx3, the spectrum, but this one also comes with a telemetry. So if you’re going to use the smart system battery to actually will show you how much battery remaining in the car itself so it’s actually pretty awesome before they used to have just the regular three channel remote it’s. Actually, they consider them two channel, but actually three channel, because they have this thing over here uh. But this is a. This is a very good uh upgrade i’m pretty happy that they did that and it’s a. I think. It’S it’s bet better response than the the previous one, let’s put it aside and look at the car. So when you look at a truck itself, first thing that you could see is the wheels. They changed the wheels a little bit from the style that we saw previously on the granite on all the armor granite, so it’s, a new design and it’s really cool it’s kind of a little bit lower profile like if the gun with a bigger, bigger inch um On the rim size and then the the tire is a little bit thinner and it’s. Look like one thing. I want to check oh wow guys so what i’m doing now i’m trying to pull this in as hard as i can to try to rip it off because one of the problem, with the tires that they were carrying all from the cars, and i think they Maybe finally put a solution for this problem, so this will be pretty good if the tires were not going to separate now they have the sliders over here.

This is you can see right away those two plastic pieces. They are uh frame sliders. So when you flip your car you’re not going to have damage now it’s going to land here and it’s going to touch the rear fin, but it will be cool if they add two more here so guys with the 3d printers. Just make yourself two more sliders over here, so when the car land upside down completely you’re, not gon na, have any damage to it. On the back, you can see that they actually set up a really sweet, wheelie bar uh and it’s, really cool, because it’s uh it’s a very wide wheelie bar, not the narrow one because usually with the narrow one. What the car is doing is kind of that. So this is wide enough, it’s, almost as wide as the space between the wheels. So this will make you actually pop in wheelie and stay on the wheelie for a while before the car gon na actually start tilting, sideway now let’s open it up. I know you guys waiting for it, so let’s look what we got inside of it and see what it did, because i thought that it’s going to be like a granite inside but it’s a little bit different. I always like to look here and see that this is pretty nice. The support is going on the inside and the outside, also on the tail section over here. So this is actually really really really cool that they did, that uh it’s it’s painted silver, so it’s going to be nice metallic color in the sun and of course they put this kind of clear material here, uh to make it thicker.

But i always recommend you: take duct tape, gorilla tape or whatever and line the entire body. So then the car don’t break. So please do that now when you go and look at the car itself, the car itself actually um let’s see the motor in it is the 3200 kv motor, so they use the same order they’re using the same esc kind of close to what they have on The armor granite i’m gon na bring it a little bit closer, so you guys can see um so it’s, very the very basic system that arma is using right now, uh but it’s. The very basic system that they use is a very good system, because now they will produce 60 miles an hour and not 50 miles an hour, so it’s going to be actually very cool now they have. If you look right here, it’s look like they change. A little bit the kind of motor and uh gear plate uh, so these are going to open in another video and actually show how to deal with it, but it’s, really cool and, of course, for the battery. I just want to show something that a lot of people don’t really know about the battery base, this piece of plastic here, what it does this thing, let you put a battery that is in the standard size, uh battery, it will fit here, but when you always Have the oversized battery you need to remove this, so there is uh one screw right there and you need to remove it and then you can put here a bigger battery.

Some of the 3s battery the lipo batteries, some of them from venom, used to be a little bit longer. The reason that they made it longer was because then there was even an agreement with the company that i don’t mention their name, because they’re suing everybody uh, but they used to make a longer battery they street for their cars and other people use it, because it Was just a bigger battery, so this is one of the reasons, so you can use it now. That’S being said over here, you have the nice velcro system that you can actually tie on your battery and there is a foam piece over here to actually make it softer on your battery for the landing and it’s really cool, because usually i put foam in it. Uh this one already come with it in the box overall it’s a really sweet, uh rigs. What i did over here, the entire arms and everything like in the drive chart, look pretty promising, but i guess we’re gon na have to run it and see like how it’s going to perform now. I’M gon na be quiet for a second, and i want you guys to try to listen to a noise. This is a normal noise that the rc car do. I have a lot of customer that claiming that this noise is kind of a problem and think that something broken listen to this Applause. This is the normal noise coming from the gears.

So when you get it, the car is not broken. This is how they set up the gears inside uh there’s, no grease or anything. So this is the nose that you’re hearing it’s completely normal. Now, uh it’s, look like when you look here on on the mounts, all the mounting actually for the body. It’S, look like it’s adjustable so later you can go with the different set of bodies and actually it will fit good and they make all those those tilt pieces on it. The those tilt pieces are really cool because, if you put different size body on different shape, it will just kind of self adjust itself, so it’s really really cool. Overall, this vehicle is really really cool and i think let’s adjust this a little bit. I think that this thing will be a great um actually beginner to intermediate vehicle, but also the pros can go and send this thing like in the air like 50 feet in the air, because i saw some videos of this thing launching and landing with no problem. Now those esc, those spectrum esc, are programmable and you need to read your manual how to program them because you can make it start faster. You can start the kick on it faster. So, overall, this will be just fine for you now you do have a fan over here on the motor. You have motor with a cooling fan and you have the esc with a cooling fan.

Overall, everything here is kind of really compacted together, but it’s really nice way, and, of course this is where you have your steering servo um previously, on the other cars that we got from from arma cars and trucks, i always have problem with servo keep failing so, Hopefully, on this one will not have this issue, but we’ll see what will happen. Let’S i’m gon na put the body back on it. Just to remind you a little bit how cool this thing is. Don’T forget forget to like subscribe and share, and i’m gon na make right now another video showing all three different colors, and this is of course this is a 110 scale, brushless electric 3s and it’s 60 miles an hour. It is not a 4s car it’s, actually it’s a 3s car it’s, a blx, 3s vehicle and it’s. Of course, four wheel drive just put your battery and go and run it see you on my next video. This is eric at rc monster garage now uh. This is just i’m throwing this at you guys uh we’re gon na move our shop in couple months uh. So if you ever come to our shop and you don’t see us, please call our telephone number uh, we’re gon na move the shop to a different location.