Yes, today, i’ll be uh unboxing, a puzzle where i received today the ipod from shopi okay. So before i open up, please remember to subscribe to our youtube channel and also click on the notification bell for future video. Okay, thank you. So this is the box that they received. So it looks good okay. So we are unboxing okay. So today, actually i ordered this it’s, a radio transmitter for my radio car, okay, so let’s unbox, wow, okay. So there you are it’s a dumbo rc radio, car transmitter it’s a 2.4 gigahertz. Okay can use for rc car rc board, rc tank. Okay. So just take this out first. Ah, the packing is too good and it’s tight. Okay, there, you are beautiful: okay got a beautiful box, okay uh! This is shows the type of the transmitter that they have. Product configuration got a four channel, no sorry, x4. X5. X6. Okay – and this is uh – x6 comes with xf uh. What you call this: the receiver and it’s a silver gray, color, okay, so let’s return the feature here: six channel transmitter. So this box are this receiver type? Okay, okay, so, okay, let’s, open up? Okay, there! You are wow nice wheel, so this is a quick start guide all right, one piece of this uh paper and it came within english: okay in english, no malay, no chinese it’s in english, okay from dumbo rc, china, okay, so wow nice. So this is the receiver number rc receiver, x6f, okay, with a six channel slot.

You can see that’s the focus: okay, that’s clarity, 2.4, and this can be power up uh from 4.8 volt to 10 volt dc. Okay. So it comes with one wire antenna wire right. So this is it so far: okay, no more so this the remote type looks smooth, not that heavy, not that light okay, so this switch switch on off, and this is a channel four and this channel three button. Oh okay and channel five and six here got usb port okay. So this is where all the knob settings for your steering and throttle knob the uh, the switch where you can change the degree and also the speed. Okay, uh reverse button for normal and reverse all this okay, so it can be configured here. Okay, on top of that design is very nice okay, so this battery compartment and it use four pieces of double a battery. Let me get my battery first. Try to power up. Okay, sorry, how is here? Ah, okay, okay, so this is the switcher off on sorry, okay, so on there you are i’m, not sure, it’s already buying. I think it should be already buying okay, since it came together well anyway, so this is it so all the instruction is over here, so this technology is using fhss protocol with 67 channel frequency hopping, spread spectrum. Okay, so i’ll use this to connect to my one of my car later on and i’ll do another video for the binding okay.

So this is it very nice right.