Our package just arrived from ddm let’s check and see what we have. We have the ddm front, chassis brace. The part number is sm320 let’s. Do a review on this. So here we have the ddm racing aluminum front, top chassis, brace for the low c5t in silver. Let’S see what we get inside Applause here’s, the top chassis brace included, is hardware as well. The hardware is for three millimeter looking at this top chassis, brace uh. The machine work is done really well. It is very strong, durable thick, and i think this will make a great addition, not only for style but durability on the truck let’s go ahead and install this chassis brace on our 5t. As you can see, here is our factory plastic brace and we will be replacing it with this new ddm brace let’s go ahead and install this. We will start by removing the five factory three millimeter bolts. You want to remember your bolt sizes when installing the new hardware, once all five bolts are removed, you’ll lift off the plate. So you want to notice on your factory, brace the different size and length of the bolts. You can see that the ones towards the rear are going to be shorter and the two fronts and middle one are longer hardware, so included in the kit are too short and three long, so we’re going to place our two short ones in the rear and our Three long ones in the front and the center now that we have the correct orientation on our bolt links, let’s go ahead and install it, so we will take our three millimeter hex driver and start by installing the front two into the plastic.

Now you only want to get these hand tight, and then you will go back through once they are all in and make sure that they’re tightened all the way down anytime you’re going to thread into metal on metal. You want to make sure that you add loctite to the bolts as they can back out with the plastic. It acts as a locking nut and it will not back out okay, we will take our loctite and add a small dab to each screw. Make sure you don’t go crazy with the loctite. You only need a little bit and i’m just gon na spread that around on the threads, as you can see, we’ll get that one started now add a little bit more loctite onto our next one, all right and lock that to our final bolt, we’ll spread that Around into the threads, and now that they’re all hand tight, we’ll go back through with the t handle and just make sure that they’re all secure nice and tight make sure that you don’t over tighten plastic as it will just strip it out. So you just want to get it nice and snug, and once it stops moving, stop there don’t over, tighten it okay. It is now completely installed. Let’S do an overview look of what it looks like Music, god, Music now most of you know, it’s always a good idea to keep your factory hardware and your factory part as backups. Just in case you or a buddy or a fellow racer is in need of a part if it breaks or if there’s, a new guy that’s out there bashing a new guy racing.

You have these extra parts that you can help them out with. So just remember it’s always good to keep your original hardware as backups, hey guys, thanks for tuning in with large scale rc car nation. I hope you enjoyed this video of the unboxing and review of this badass ddm racing front chassis, brace. It definitely throws a lot of style on the truck and i look forward to more content. I thank you guys for watching.