It is absolutely massive. Let’S get this on the bench and out of the box before i do myself an injury. It was huge Music well here she is guys out of the box. This car looks absolutely awesome first things first, so the most important aspect remove this plastic. Oh yeah, this is the bun bed. Applause look at that. That is awesome. All right! Let’S now look at some of the features of this baby. The armor for text blx is actually the fifth car in the blx lineup. There is the big rock truckee, the granite monster, truck the santan short course truck and, of course, my favorite sofa the typhoon. This is supposed to be the fastest of this blx range, which is why i actually chose this over the big rock. I was originally going to get the big rock but chose this one. For that very reason, it is supposed to do out of the box 60 miles per hour. We shall have to see this car comes in three different body: color schemes, there’s the red there’s, the purple and there’s the green. I chose the red. I thought it looked really cool. It was between this or the purple, but i ultimately went for this color. It includes injection molded rear wing, which is bolted in from the inside. Very very sturdy, and it’s got these little knobs on the top. It has also got skid plates on the roof that are also injection molded to help protect the body from rolls which will always happen, especially with me driving.

This particular truck features a very low stance. It actually has shortened shocks and shortened shock towers to lower its center center of gravity slightly to make it more stable in those high end speeds and considering it says that it can do 60 plus miles per hour, that’s, probably a good thing, that’s, pretty quick. One of the cool features i like of this car uh, the boots qatar tires and wheels. They look really really cool with the the gunmetal color rims. One thing about these wheels, though, that i found interesting was that the hexes are actually 14 millimeters and not the standard 12 millimeter that you will find in other 1. 10 scale cars. You can, however, get from hot racing a 14 mil to 17 mil adapter set, which will enable you to run your 1 8 scale car wheels, which i am going to get because i’d like to get some 1 8 scale on road wheels for this car. Eventually, one other feature of these with tyres that i like is that they actually include holes in the tyre and not in the rim. So that makes when bashing in water, for the water to escape from inside the wheel a lot easier. All right, let’s get the body off this car and we shall see what’s cooking under the hood. The vortex is actually the first of the blx range to feature a spectro, firmer 100 amp, smart esc, which is really really cool i’ll, get to that in a minute.

When i discuss the controller, it also has an ic5 connector, which is also compatible with ec5. I believe for the smart technology, it also uses an s651 servo. The motor in this is a spectrum. 3660 3200 kv motor. The motor has an 18 to pinion installed and you get in the kit. A 20 tooth pinion, which is purely for use on speed, runs you wouldn’t want to be using that for anything other than that. Otherwise you will heat up the motor. The pinion also features this cool d depression setup here for anti slippage all right. This is the controller for the car. It is the spectrum dx3. I found this one really really cool because it includes abc, which is active vehicle control for it’s. Basically, the uh the spectrum version of a gyro which is really cool on loose surfaces, not really that great for um speed, runs and stuff, but very handle on loose surfaces, and it feels quite comfortable in their hand. It has also got a throttle limit on it, for when you first start, you can put it at 50, 75 or 100. Here we find the spark the spectrum smart battery level meter which, if you’re running a smart battery it’ll, let you know what level your battery is currently on, and it also has a breaking rate, steering trim and total trim as per usual. The power button is located here at the back of this one, instead of on the side like on my type and but otherwise it’s a pretty decent.

Looking controller, the car comes with your standard goodies package. It’S got a set of tools. It’S also got some replacement bits, some um pre load adjusters for the shocks it is also got in here. The 22 pinion for the speed runs um. It is also got instruction manual and a getting started thing which, if you haven’t, run one of these things before very good idea to check that out. So there you have it guys the armor vortex 3s blx in all its glory. I can’t wait to run this guys stay tuned for the next video, where i give it a bash and see how it goes and then give it a speed run. Of course, i probably won’t do the 22 pinion change just yet i’ll leave that till another time but i’m just looking forward to giving it a rip. I reckon it’s gon na be awesome. So thanks for watching guys, if you’re new to the channel, please remember to subscribe and smash on that bell.