Cyber truck so check it out first time getting it first time, unboxing first time using scissors whoa, so fedex did a great job and got a little briefcase. Go ahead and pop this out, i don’t know i don’t know good job noah. Thank you for helping, so it was secured very nicely i’ll. Throw that a little helper here, noah. You know we’ll, throw that in there sure, okay, more plastic, all right. So this is legit, it is dope it around so i’m gon na show you got a nice little nice little box here. Little trunk i’m gon na turn it around and then we’ll go ahead and open the chest. A double opener and stand over here bud all right, we’re going to open it. For the very first time it looks like an army box whoa. That is very fancy all right. So this is a tesla cyber truck tender one and we are figuring this out as we go here. Is the truck inside nice tires? Okay, we’ll uh we’ll place that right there let’s see what else we got here, noah’s pulling out the bumper guard very good, and that is an ac electrical outlet, converts ac to dc to charge the battery, and this is a remote of some sort whoa – and this Is the controller which is a little different than the marketing material but it’s still, nonetheless, pretty cool? You got your trimmers and knobs and different things you can do, and this is a child’s toy that did not come with this um.

So stay tuned, we’re gon na charge her up and put on these bumpers and actually i’m going to go ahead and take the plastic off. Should i do the honors there you go now very nice, nothing more satisfying than taking the plastic off uh, very good details. Very nice go ahead and even flip. It over looks like the battery compartment’s under here there’s an on off button and uh yeah all right. So we are still minutes from opening uh this for the first time and we just discovered that the back goes down very cool, also, if you can figure it out and then this goes up as well. Just fancy fancy and oh it even comes down. Look at that, oh and that’s, where that would come in, that is a cool looking cyber truck that is very nice. All right, we’re itching to drive this thing, so let’s go outside all right, so we just turned the the knob here got this case off the battery cover and we are about to plug her in first time. Okay, as soon as we oh great dish plugged it in that’s awesome very cool. Let me put that on there correctly and then you just turn this. How did you do that? That’S? In my case, yeah it’s a little tight there. We go all right and very cool. It just turned on all the lights on the front the inside and the back all right now, we’re gon na go, take it out on the spin on the road you’re on.

So we are we’re gon na go ahead and drive this for the first time everybody watch out, it says it’s fast and it recommends the bumper guard. Everybody move we’re gon na test, full speed, ready, full speed ahead and it’s a 2.4 gigahertz and the remote control requires four double a’s whoa hi all right. So we have a throttle trimmer, which is that guy right there we’re gon na pull off and make it go even faster, all right nice. So we just removed the throttle trimmer and we’re, going to go 100 ready, steady, oh man, that’s crazy, fast, filling out man that’s fast that’s, awesome, tesla. Cyber truck get it today.