990 legacy control system. Now I just came in the mail and I’m going to do this. Obviously, unboxing her video, video and so I’m gon na pretty much show you guys what it’ll look like when it comes in so I kind of took a look at the legacy remote already. I took it out of the bag, just like the charging station it’s ardian it’ll have two protectors, peel, that off of the remote and it came with this remote that was in this piece of glass. I mean it came with this manual that came in a piece of plastic right there and took that out as well. Now I know a lot of people probably wonder, like oh it’s, just regular batteries, but then like how does it recharge? It comes with its own rechargeable batteries. Now the batteries that are like regular batteries do not use them. If you try to recharge it, I heard that it’s gon na ruin, the remote and just using those batteries that die out and you throw out that will damage or like put glitches in the remote, so don’t use those and anyways it comes with batteries. They’Ll come with these three like modules, I think they’re called those come with every legacy engine, as I believe it came with every single engine. I have comes with the cord, a power box, like probably like a transformer to power up the charging station and then in here the antenna so I’m going to set this all up.

Alright – and I will be back so see you guys when I get all set up – alright, everyone um, I got it all hooked up now: I’m, just waiting for it to charge, as you can see, and Music Music, dr GW 3805. You are cleared onto the main Music is clear: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Well, that will be the end of today’s video and I hope you guys enjoyed it. I certainly did with the legacy remote. This is really cool now in the future. I’Ll have more videos on reviews, and things like that coming up soon, because I have other things as well planning on coming here. Pretty soon so stay tuned stay tuned.