So guys, if you will ask me where to purchase this 10 person, one for sure, i will recommend this to take it from maker fire, not because they sent us this 10 401 for review. But i will recommend them on how they handle the customer on how they handle the shipping and the packaging. If you are looking for shipping and free maker fire is the answer they ship this 10 percent one last april cloud – and it arrives to my country here in uae last april 23. So it takes only 11 days, unlike the other seller, so guys let’s proceed on the unlocking video. I hope you like it. This is the box guys from the box, as you can see, xks with the thunder logo. This standard logo belongs to double l toys and, i think uh. This is the new brand name of double toys, xks, but still it’s from double deltoids and it’s. Also written here match 110 excellent razor, and this is the photo of the 10401. It looks like lc racing 2.4, gigahertz, rtr or ready to run four wheel drive with claim of 45 kilometers per hour, and this is rated 14 plus of age. What else we have in the box from here? We can see it’s a waterproof, maybe the esc or the electronic parts is waterproof, but i will not try to submerge this rc, because wltoys are known for having weak electronic parts. We also have here qualified shocks.

What does it means adjustable? Ring optional metal, spar and differential gears ball, bearings, 4wep, rc buggy. All the wheels are independent suspension, drive system, 2.4, gigahertz, precision, remote control, receiving system. The picture is, for reference only refer to the cactual. What is captural, maybe they want to tell actual product so let’s check on the side what’s on the side of the box from the side of the box it’s written here, 2.4 gigahertz remote control, steering regulating wheel power, led power. Switch steering, trim, throttle what’s this one. I think this is the dual rig and trigger, as you can see, guys there’s a line here, i think from the costume. They open my package just just to check what’s inside so it’s powered by 7.4 volts 2200 mah and we’re going to check the attawal battery inside four wheel, drive rdr 2.4 gigahertz 110 scale, and what is this climbing ability ability so 45 degrees that’s? On the other side, so this is the warning this one. You can also read from the manual so let’s proceed on checking what’s inside the box inside the box. We have the company sticker or logo of maker fire. Thank you crystal young for providing these decals. So probably i will get one of this sticker and put on the body of the 10 401 Music. We also have the manual with the plastic wrench Music, and we also have some spare parts here, so we will check later – and we have also here the screw and the wings plus the wall charger.

So for this wall charger, i think we need to provide the adapter or you can plug this one from your pc or laptop so guys. This is the double toys. 10. 401. This is the buggy and as you cannotice, there is no dent on the canopy, and this is the result of nice packaging of maker fire and that’s. The reason why i’m recommending to purchase the unit from maker fire, because there are fast in delivery and they also packaging the product nicely let’s, take out the unit first, and i think this is the transmitter. This is the transmitter of the double toy stand for seriously. One this is the classic look of double toys, transmitter and the texture are same with the double deltoid, the 14 scale, buggy Music. So for this transmitter you need to provide your own four double a batteries, and from here there is a speaker version. 2, 14. 001. For the old model of double toys, the transmitter you can use to the other hold this to the other. You need, for example, if you are having double toys – a9 x9 series – you can use that transmitter to the 1248 or other uh. You call this old version of wltoys rc, but for this one i tried the 14401. I cannot use the old model, you call this old model transmitter and definitely for this one also. You cannot use to the older version, and i think this is also based on the 14 force used one and the 14.

001. Maybe you can also control using your old. I mean this transmitter to the 1401, so let’s try let’s switch it on. This is the on off switch from the side, as you can see, it’s blinking, because the transmitter is just uh. We just open now and there’s. Also a channel here, one two, three four: i don’t know what uh? What does it mean? This is our steering for this function. I’M. Also, all these are wondering what’s. The purpose of this one, two three four: this is our steering and it’s made of foam on the top. This is the steering trim and on the bottom, this is the throttle trim, and this is the basic function left and right and forward sorry forward and reverse so let’s go to the wltoys 10 force user, one unit measurement guys this is the measurement the chakras are Made of aluminum both rare and brown – and this part also is aluminum. The dog bone is also metal metal. The links are metal with plastic Music drive. Car is also metal for both front and rear, so let’s open the 10401. We have two body clips, one from the front and one from the back. The quality of the canopy is thin and possible. We might look for better canopy. Maybe we can also try the lc raising. We will just measure this one and we’re gon na look for canopy same what i did with that with my 14 force user one.

I have my 14401, i converted to draggy using the lc racing canopy. This is what’s inside the double toy stand for seriously. One sorry for my table, because we are just using my sun, stable and quite it’s, quite small, for this 10 force user one. So let’s start with the servo. This is the servo Music and for the servo they are using this five wire servo. This is the traditional servo of the double l toys, but i think they should upgrade to three wires are both so we can replace directly and unfortunately, uh the battery and esc are still plugged. I think maker fire try this one before they ship to us, which is good. The only thing that they forgot is to unplug this lipo battery to the esc, because we all know that esc can i’m sorry that lipo can uh call this make make fire and for the esc, this is the ese. This is the two two in one ese receiver and ese still integrated for this esc. They make an upgrade. They put this small uh pan on top okay, and this is the on off switch let’s. Try to switch it on there’s, a beep sounds which indicate that we already run on the unit. This is also the indicator. The red led, so let’s try the steering, not much uh responsive. I think we need to upgrade to 25 kg servo, but if you will upgrade the servo, you need to upgrade also your esc, transmitter and receiver.

Anyway, most of my double toys – i’m, not using the stock electronics, because you know these double toys. They are known for. Having weak electronics and for this rc for this 10.001, they also use this. This uh 550 brush motor starting from 14401. They started to use the pipe empty motor i’m, not sure if you can see what’s written on the motor, but sometimes there is a marking on the motor that this is a pipe 50 brush motor. But from here we cannot see let’s switch it off and let’s check the battery what’s the capacity of the battery. They claim us 2200 mah from the box. Let’S check it Music, so guys this is a 7.4 volts, 2, 200 mah and 16 16.3 watts. So they are correct. This is a 2200 mah, 7.4 volts, but the body, but the battery three for this double alto stand for seriously one. I think this is uh small if you are planning to call this to use a larger battery larger larger capacity of battery. I think it’s it won’t hit on this battery tray, so we need to think how we will install the larger battery let’s, put it back with the velcro Music strap and for the next video guys i’m going to show you how to put grease on the differential. I already watched the video of david and it helps me a lot how to grease this 10 force user one and now the design of this 10.

001 is easier than the 1401. The only thing we need to remove is this two screws on the front and this screw on the bottom same with the rear, and what we need to do is just to pull out the differential here, so you don’t need to remove this tower so guys. I think that’s it for now and thank you for watching. Thank you makerfire for sending us this 10 force uracil one.