I had some personal issues that i needed to attend to, but here we are again. I promise you that i will try to stay in tune with my subscribers and with my videos as much as i can, and because of that i’m gon na do a short video on the wl toys, 10401, unboxing and assembly. And what do i think about it? And features that it has stuff, like that i’m sure that there’s plenty out there. I was trying to be one of the first ones to post one, but unfortunate circumstances happen, and i just couldn’t so let’s get right to it. It comes in a box that looks just like all the other boxes that come with the one two, four zero one: nine one, four, four: zero zero one and so on so um let’s get to it and i’m making a mess over here all right. So in the box, what do you get the wing for? One is disassembled, so you have the instruction book right, there’s, a little instruction book and um yeah, nothing special, just a normal w toys instruction book fairly detailed on on assembly and assembly of parts. Obviously, i’m not going to go into dismantling. This thing, i’ll do videos for that later, here’s, the back wing um. It comes with a charger which i don’t will not use, but it comes with it. It also comes with the plastic tool and some additional components in here, plus the two little grommets that go to install the wing um a little screwdriver and your conventional uh nut remover that comes with wl toys.

Nothing special. There let’s see what we got in here. Then i already have it pre disassembled, because i wanted to save a little bit of time. I have the battery charging because i want to go: take it out for a spin and see how it works. I’Ve had this car for about two weeks now, i just haven’t had time to um post anything about it all right, so it comes with the com in a box, obviously um the conventional wl toys, um or transmitter, which uses four double a batteries. We’Ll get to that in a second and um, pretty much the same standard features as any of the other wl toys, cars, 101, 4401 and one two four zero one. Nine came with the same one um power button. Nothing special steering, trim, thought, throttle, trim, uh forward forward, reverse and the usual springy uh, steering, which you know it’s just for a stock it’s playing so like, like i said it comes, this is a disassemble. The wing comes disassembled, you have to assemble it um. I guess we could do that real, quick as part of a short little tutorial on how to install it, and it has just two screws and we are going to use the screwdriver that comes with it, so that we can save a little bit of time. Assemble this thing, and so you can have a good idea of what it actually looks like assembled um, a little bit of a hard time finding there it goes nope.

This thing is being all right: i’m, going to pause the video and get them started and then i’ll be back all right. The wing is already installed. I did it off camera it’s, nothing special! You just have to kind of start the screws in because they don’t come. They come pre drilled, but they don’t have uh grooves in them or uh thread. So you have to kind of thread them in there yourself, but it works out all right. So it obviously comes with two clips um. The two clips that it comes with are pretty conventional clips, like these um bent, which i like that bent clips, and then it has its body pretty nice little body, and here we go now. One thing i notice right off the bat is that the back wheels are different than the front ones. Obviously, you’ve probably seen that before the shocks look to be a little bit, thicker i’m, not absolutely 100, certain i’m looking at the other ones, it does look like they’re a little bit thicker than the other ones. All the components are slightly different than the one. Two. Four and the one four four, the one two four was just like a extended one, four four and they did a couple of improvements, but not much, and now these i really do like the chassis on this one it’s, all metal. It has some weight to it. Um – and it has these two guard rails over here, unlike the one two four and the one, four four which had the um completely metal chassis, that’s, a nice little change, um center drive um motor, which i like to for weight, distribution, um what’s in here.

Who knows but that’s probably going to get changed? I do like the meaty sturdy dry shaft that has a regular size, servo um. It seems like it’s, very quiet and very responsive. I haven’t tried it out yet um the it does not look like it’s going to be compatible with any of the uh one, two four or the one, four four zero zero one parts it does look like this has a fan here, the, but all in all It looks like it’s the same one that um that comes with the one four four zero zero one in the one, two, four: zero one: nine stock, so i wouldn’t run this 3s. I wouldn’t recommend it anyway, um Music, oh, and that i mean it looks pretty clean. It looks pretty nice um, i’m gon na, take it out for a spin um there’s, this heatsink on it the esc. The motor has a heatsink. The esc has a fan on it, which is pretty cool center drive, it’s a totally different concept than what they did with the one two four and the one four four so we’ll see how it works out.