This is a new release, its meant to be a 110 scale, its meant to be rtr. Having a look here, little icons, weve got 2.4 gigahertz radio weve got independently sprung suspension, bulb bearings optional, metal spur slash differential gears. As far as i know, it has three diffs its just a brush motor but its also waterproof inside. Here. I really like how it comes packaged its got, some good detail on the side. As you can see, there are the dimensions of it. So, whether or not you want to classify as a 110th or at 112th, it does appear to be a little bit more towards the 112 side of things. It has metal, drive, shafts and metal wheel, hexes, which is really really good. So it has a middle metal, differential, thats, middle metal, thats really hard to say and the front and rear diff also consists of metal gears and heres a little bit of a overview of whats inside so yeah thats. All thats on the box. Lets get this bad boy open and see whats inside okay, guys in the box we got the instruction manual and this one actually comes with some stickers off the rc car itself. If i can get it open there, we go whats down here: goodies extra pins and some extra wheel, hexes thats, really good to see those included uh some double sided tape and a charger thats. Their 1600 million power, 30 c 2 cell lipo.

Okay, suspension actually seems pretty good, so lets take off these have a look inside. Oh nice actually include a coil spring there. Okay, take a look inside the shocks do feel oil filled thats another one thats tricky to say uh. It is a full sized 550 brush motor and a full size servo and its a three wire servo, so thats going to make it really easy to upgrade if you do wish to later on. So it is a built in esc and receiver and it is only capable of to sell. Not a three cell lipo tires seem a little stiff, but they actually dont seem that bad overall on an off button down below here guys, you can see the metal drive. Shaft so for first inspection it does look pretty solid, but you know the the plastic construction may be a little weak, especially in this kind of flimsy looking area here. But we are going to test it out uh. It does have all metal cvs and whatnot, but i do like how youve got two plastic arms here, similar to like the traxxas max and stuff. I cant, i cant, remember the name of it. We are gon na do some backing with it see how it holds up and hopefully its not too wet. It looks actually rather good it. The suspension feels pretty sturdy uh, the body shell looks decently. Thick youve also got a roof skid up here, and you got some led lights and some stickers to go on there.

Alright, so ive got it all plugged in so lets turn it on, and i would like to see how fast it feels all right guys its on there are those leds uh. They look pretty sweet, so lets see how fast it feels all right. Speed switch is all the way up. Three two one full throttle: okay, it doesnt overly seem that fast, but we will put it to the test with our little gps. So lets get this bad boy. Stick it up and lets get out there for a test drive full throttle. Baby. All right, speed, test track, start lets, see how fast we go Music. I think thats far enough, three two one go full throttle and why this thing is getting to us subscribe to the channel all right that thats about as fast as it goes. Its got like a nice bit of takeoff speed and those brakes are like instant and all right lets see how fast we got. I believe this claim speed is uh 28 miles an hour 25 miles per hour, so lets check it 18 miles per hour. Its on a small note, especially to the companies out there that are doing speed, claims that are not indeed hitting those claims, at least within a few miles of each other. Please stop this. I know its advertisement for you guys its kind of morally wrong in a way – and i know theres a few other youtubers that are kind of getting sick of it.

So guys, if you are going to buy a cheaper, rc car, make sure to watch the reviews. Im not just saying that for myself, but for you guys, you know make sure i can do make sure you know what youre going to be buying before you buy it. I dont think the speed is overly that bad. I think its going to have fun at the skate park because were about to hit the skate park up, but just dont lie alright time to bash Music were all handling. It actually feels pretty good uh suspensions, not too bad, definitely tell those oil fields. The tires are a little bit of a harder compound, but i actually dont mind it yeah its definitely its definitely got plenty of power, especially poor, Music Applause, Music. Oh i nearly cleared. It overall seems pretty durable, actually, Music, no way im getting backwards in there Applause. I was definitely taking these abuse that im, throwing at it Music, Music. I want to see if i can see this tabletop so well, come up real fast and then do a turn that didnt work. I might be able to run with it today. Ive done it and break it last minute, Applause theres a kid over there. I think im gon na give him the rc cup really enjoying the rc car, but i think ive made over there might enjoy it a little bit more. So lets go, get the other battery and uh yeah give it away yeah good.

I think the young one riding the scooter there. Does he want another seeker? Hey. Does he want an rc car hes got a couple. What dont stay on it? Oh ill get him to test out on after youtube, yeah ill, get him for free and ill figure. It come here. You want one of these. Do you want it? What do you say? Oh yours, man enjoy that battery is pretty much fully charged, so good job. Theres little things like that that make my day try and promote positivity on the channel. The rc car was actually decent. I really like the way that it handled im still a little disappointed in the claims speed, but overall guys, im happy with how it turned out. Yeah, is it really a wr toys killer? I dont know. Wl toys probably seems a little bit more durable, i think, especially with the aluminium chassis and whatnot, but if youre looking for and its obviously a lot faster um. But if you are looking for something a little bit bigger, maybe this is the way to go, considering theyre about the same price as the one four four zero zero one. I actually i actually pretty well recommend it for the money, its pretty good. Those guys next ive got that pro modeler server coming out and im really looking forward to running that in the x max ive just got to get a fix thats in the trunk. Right now so thats, what im going to go do so ill leave it to it.