This is a German brand that I never heard of. It is TCM two, four, six, nine one, two universal remote control. It takes two three volts cr2032 batteries that is here and it’s really compact and as you see it can control TV, DVD, CD, satellite, VCO and auxilary, and then this vision and auxilary you can program it to any other devices that you would like and somehow is Do a trick as well and the trick is: it opens up like this to reveal old, a numeral keys and all the rest of the commands that you need to program. This remote control is very small, very handy. The only disadvantage of this is, you might lose it because it’s so small anyhow, I thought you might be interested to look at this and I get the other remote control six in one to compare the size to this one. This is the remote control that I normally use and the reason that I’m, comparing this little universal remote to this, is because this one also is six in one but the size of it, of course, the quality. You cannot compare these two together, because this one is more substantial and it can recharge the batteries and is a little bit more good looking than this one, but for the time being I’m having fun with this little one. Something that I needed to ask you guys was about the user manual of this, because I searched up and down on the internet, and I couldn’t find any user manual in English, and I found some pages in Turkish language and I translated by Google, Translate which it Wasn’T really impressive, but in general I now know how to program this, not absolutely sure, but I already program most of my devices.

It is individually. This remote control can remember 150 commands individually to teach to this remote control for any of these in total 100 50, and I already done it and I’m controlling all my devices at home. It is right now, but if you have any idea that’s where I can find the user manual in English for this remote control, please do let me know and write a comment, and I would very much appreciate your help in this matter. Anyhow, what other things that I wanted to show you what’s the inside of this? How simple this one is. I get my mobile and show you how the inside of this looks like so here it is. This is just the sight that it holds. Most of the components is Elizabeth Blair’s of try to make it to focus the other side. There is nothing on the other side, just all of these pads. They are on the other side. This is one of them, and then this is the battery side, and this is another picture with a little bit clearer view. Anyhow, I hope you liked this video and please share my videos and send me your comments and if you can find the user manual of this, I appreciate a link. Somehow I thought is nice to share it with you, smallest ever six in one universal, remote control.