Today we are looking at the up riser Ducati RC, stunt bike, beautiful bike. One sixth scale I mean look at this thing – looks fabulous showing it here with its tan. This can be used as a collectible, but you’re, probably not gon na leave it on the shelf. As this RC bike flies like crazy, goes about twelve miles per hour. That’S about 120 kilometer per hour scale, speed, incredible drifts and wheelies, and all these cool stunts, you can do kids had a great time playing with it I’m, showing it off here again just showing some of the look of the bike. We’Re. Of course, gon na show it more in action. One of the key things I want to talk about the battery in it battery goes about 45 minutes on a single charge only takes about 60 to 70 minutes to charge it up, show and hear that micro. Sb is how you charged up onoff switch right there, showing the remote control here left right forward back up on top, you can’t see it little button, you press there to do wheelies and drips, and all that cool stuff. You can also pick between smooth surface or rough surface that’s, the remote control right there let’s look at that cool rear wheel here, so it has all these little wheels on. It allows it to do things like wheelies and move left and right in all directions. Walk up in the wheeling self balancing as well, showing the suspension here, it’s like a suspension, that’s key you’re gon na see jumps later, and so that really works out Jordan moving around a lot more.

It keeps it a great time with a couple of key things with it. This be able to do really simple push above other nuts, not remote control and then move in all different directions on that rear wheel as we’re showing here so a lot of fun here’s. What we’re gon na do it’s a great time driving it around we’re gon na show you some more of it and actually put it to music I’m gon na be back at the end. We’Re gon na go over some. The pros and cons with the up riser let’s take a look: Music, Music, Music, Music. All right, kids obviously had a lot of fun with the upper riser let’s go over some. The pros and cons. We’Ll start with the cons so terms of the self balancing it works pretty well, but not all the times the deal is you hold the rider by the head, wait for it to balance and let it go. Sometimes that happens right away, that’s great other times, it’s a little frustrating takes a while for it to work. I think it has to do with how clean the back wheel is gets dusty. We were in an environment. Here was a little bit dusty, and so that can be an issue in terms of getting traction and balancing and doing the wheelies, and things like that. So that was really our major con with it. You need a lot of space we’re, showing it in a warehouse here outside if it’s too rough.

The pavement you’re gon na have some issues on, so you need some space with it, but the pros of it it’s a ton of fun. You can do wheelies did we mention that you can do drifts and, as you see here, the kids. This is just the first day got really good at it going around obstacles here you can go super fast, it’s, a lot of fun and we love that 45 minute battery life. So you can go 45 minutes before you need to recharge so a lot longer than when you’re playing with the drone. So there you go really liked it. That is the up. Riser coming over dad does calm of a full review over on the site. Hey guys, if you like what we’re doing please hit that big orange D in the middle to subscribe and then check out some of the other videos. We think that you’re really loved thanks.