So if you have the Samsung Galaxy watch, this is the 46 millimeter one and you really want to use it as a SmartWatch other than just using it to show you the time and getting notifications from your phone. I think one of the best ways to utilize a SmartWatch is to have it as a remote control for your camera. I’Ve come across a really good app to use on my phone as the primary camera and controller pictures and videos from my Samsung Galaxy watch. So let’s go ahead and take a look at how we can do that. Alright, so there’s an app you need to download. So if you go into the galaxy wearable app on your phone go into the galaxy app store, if you just do a search for camera and you will fly one if you scroll down and under the apps tab, you will see one called risk M. So this risk camera it’s is a one week free trial, but then the paid version is about two pounds and 19 pence, so I think is definitely worth it. I have purchased a full one, so download this one and install that on your wristwatch and I’ve actually set it on my favorites in my watch so I’m going to go and turn this phone facing towards me and put it on this tripod. Just to give you guys an example just to let you know the phone should be unlocked, but the app doesn’t need to be open, so that’s really convenient.

So what I’m going to do is show you guys how to use that on a watch now, if you guys so, I have the app on my favorites on the Galaxy watch so that’s over here, it’s, the red and black line there, so I’ll just click on That what it will do it will open up the camera on the phone and the app does not need to be open on the phone at the moment. It’S on my tripod, it right there. So, as you can see, it’s come up with a few options. It’S got the live view. It’S really smooth I’ve turned on a high quality preview in the app as well. So it looks a lot better on the watch save a few options here. I can actually switch the camera around to use the front or the back cameras. So that is currently facing my ring light turn that background towards me. I also have the option to take a picture there with the one at the bottom. I can set a timer and also I can record video there as well. So let me go ahead and take picture just show you guys the quality of this. Now. If I wanted to set a timer it’s three seconds, it will vibrate the watch once it’s taken it and also I can record a video. So the video recording preview does not display on the actual watch itself because of the high quality rendering it requires.

I don’t think the watch can actually be capable of handling that at the moment, so it blanks it out. There is a very light, stop button there at the bottom, so it’s actually recording right now, I’m, actually speaking into my telephone camera, rather than my SLR camera right now, once I finish I hit stop, it will save it to the gallery and your watch will vibrate. So if you just tap, you can obviously see everything in real time and then you also have the option area at the top to change the zoom levels, the flash or the brightness of the actual camera as well. So for me, by far this is one of my favorite apps I’ve used on a SmartWatch on any SmartWatch. It does a really fantastic job. It there’s no buffering there’s no leg. I think they’ve done a really good application for actually utilizing a Samsung Galaxy watch. More than anyone would ever assume so credit to the makers of this, and I definitely recommend you guys would should download this. If you have this watch so just quickly going into the settings of the actual wrist camera. So I have the show high quality preview setting on right now. You can also change the resolutions, as you wish, to whatever one you want to use for the watch and there’s a few settings here, but it’s really good to know that the app does not have to be open, it can be closed and you do not need To use that when you’re actually using the wristwatch okay, so that was about it guys.

I hope that was a really good overview of using a camera using the samsung galaxy watch. If you have any questions about this app or if you’d like me to try any other apps with the galaxy watch that do, let me know down below otherwise I hope you like this video. I hope you subscribe and I will catch you guys on the next one.