Cost 125. added to the cost of the 5.30 total is 155 beats. The heck out of dealer charge of 300 to 500 just be aware that the fog must be cut and programmed it doesn’t work without that worked perfectly for my 2016 toyota corolla. I at first felt like everyone else and was about to return the key, but thanks to finding car keys, express they cut and programmed my key for cheap. So all in all this was a tremendous deal. It works so good with toyota corolla 2016. I programmed remote and transponder key by the autel ap200 bluetooth, obd2 scanner buy on amazon, so easy, and then i cut the key at ace hardware with dollar five slash key works perfect, just like my original key for a lot cheaper, not much else to say really Took it to the dealer to have it cut and programmed still saving a ton of money, dealer wanted 300 for it and with programming i still save 200. I ordered it for my 2015 toyota corolla s as a replacement and it worked. I read some reviews, so i was afraid to do it, but it did work and i only paid 27 dollars to cut and program. It beats the 150 dollars for sure btw. My fcc id was hike. 14Th worked for a 2013 rav4 xle made in usa model. My local toyota dealership quoted me 260 dollars for one key plus another 200. for them to cut and program it.

I got this two pack of h type keys for less than 60., then found a locksmith on yelp that cut and programmed both keys for 140. Just do the math and it costs far less than what the dealerships want: good quality remote. I highly recommend also if your rav4 doesn’t have an automatic liftgate, the trunk button. Won’T do anything.