I had to play around with the programming instructions to finally get it to program, but finally, did the programming instructions had too many steps, but this product is a good value for the money son borrowed and lost one of the key and bob sets so bought a Replacement key found this fob for the 20 year old, dodge durango, and it arrived quickly printed the directions given online. They could have easily been included with the fob and it worked. Easy peasy worked perfectly on a 99 dodge dakota. My other remote was only working. If you really play with it, took all around two minutes to install – and i couldn’t be happier – the distance is twice as far from the original one, so that was an added bonus. Excellent replacement, easy to program, easy to read. Online instructions worked the first time i tried to program remote. I would recommend this product. My locksmith told me to order online. I got this, he programmed it and it works great. If you don’t have a remote, you will have to deal with a locksmith, so don’t bellyache that it doesn’t work, because you don’t want to spend any more money to make it work had to get the first one programmed by a locksmith, because we did not have The original took only a few seconds programmed the second one, myself is for the owner’s manual took only a few seconds, both worked great after 10 years with one key fob.

I found this four stars. Maybe i buttons need to be worked first use of it. I tested the buttons couldn’t, get the panic to turn off had to use my original fob to deactivate it’s pretty firm to depress these work. Great here is the procedure for most dutch vehicles that these work with Music worked flawlessly on 2000 durango and my 2002 dodge 3500 procedure number one step by step: how to programming instructions insert a key into the ignition and turn the ignition to the m position.