It is convenient too. I use it in kitchen when i washing the dish it is rechargeable. It is a small fan, though overall satisfied this little fan pack a punch powerful enough to keep it cool. I will use this for camping working in my garage or anything i want to the night light is good the battery life. I have not try to see how long the battery life will last with a full charge. I will update the battery is 10 800 mah that is powerful. This fan is very compact, but unfolds and races up to a full standing level fan it’s well packaged well made easy to use very customizable and was made with excellent attention to details. I like that. It is cordless and has a rechargeable battery. This is my new favorite fan. The turning motion works great also. The product works great, very convenient and portable also has a great battery life. I would recommend to anyone that’s looking for a good fan. I use the fan in the garage when i work on my bike and it works wonderfully. It can even enlarge and go taller soccer size fan with four speed control with remote and timer too. It is wireless. You don’t need to plug it into the wall jack. It is amazing, with usb rechargeable function, i could bring it to camping three foldable design. It could reach up to one foot high or become a table fan when you are not using it, you could fold it to a size of soccer.

This doesn’t occupy any of my storage for the original cases with handle, believe the seller already consider its wide usage and allows buyers to bring it anywhere. You could use it in the car Music. I am very satisfied with this fan, which solves the problem of no air conditioning in my kitchen and no more power jacks, but it seems that it is not very powerful in the hot weather these two days Music. It can only be said that it is an electric fan, not an air, conditioner Music. I am satisfied with the amount of air circulating in this fan. I thought i’d try a few smaller tabletop versions, but not as good as this one. I very like its ideas. It doesn’t take up a lot of space when i put away the fan easy to store, but it can’t charge my phone like a power bank. It would be nice if the fan could changing foam. I even use it with the ac to let me cool down quickly, Music. This fan is very convenient and useful. I can take it anywhere, it’s very portable and easy to pack. These make my family camping trips way easier. Thank you for releasing this amazing product.