The buttons are soft and easy to push, which was a major improvement from the previous one. I had purchased from another site highly recommended perfect. This saved me a lot of money. I don’t care about the mercedes logo Music. My circuit boards unlock button had come off too, but i was able to solder it back on insert the chip and battery holder back into this new case easily, and it is a perfect fit and the buttons are easy to press. I purchased this because my current one was destroyed when it arrived. I didn’t know the first thing to do with it, because it don’t have instructions. So i watched some youtube video and i ordered this craftsman – pick tool set from amazon for a fair price. Follow the video and it worked with no issues, make sure you push it all the way in, because it has to lock together Music update to review below bought 2017 last year, both cracked, so they both lasted about one and a half years or slightly less. I am still ordering morris side by side. They are the same. Basically, as the old – and i bet all you see on amazon are the same code – is double now what it was, but still a bargain, so just a heads up that they won’t last a long time. I read the reviews and i’m baffled at the negative reviews and agree with the 5 star reviews. A lot of the bad ones are due to people who can’t be pleased, no matter what – or they are not handy enough to accomplish a task to people giving low ratings, because a mercedes logo is missing.

Really you are that vain that a perfectly working remote, exactly like the old one except the logo, isn’t good enough blows me away. Who cares there is no value in that logo, so forget every so glen one of those reviews unless you’re as vain as them. If so, don’t order, as it doesn’t have the logo oh and mast, one review said the new one has an oval red panic button and mine is round how cheesy this person is wrong.