So finding this case for ten dollars really helped. There was only one other listing for this item and they wanted half again as much. It was a little tricky at first, but once i figured it out, it was a snap needed to replace the original 1996 fob i had for my forerunner, and this worked great keep in mind. This is a key fob case and not with electronics inside just swap your innards screw clothes and you’re good to go. The shell perfectly fit the electric components of my 1996 camry remote. I gave this product four stars because of the price the product doesn’t feel nearly as solid as the original toyota fob for eighteen dollars. I expect a show that feels solid, but that could just be me be careful taking the cover off, though the plastic pins that hold the part where the led shines through don’t seem like they can take a beauty. My toyota is 20 years and promises to go on, but my keyless remotes cases have been dropped so many times that i can no longer have them on my keychain. So my search brought here to my purchase. I was apprehensive taking the air working from my old remotes and putting them in the new cases, but much to my pleasant surprise. It was as easy as pie, so the expression goes. I would highly recommend these keyless remotes cases and have no fear. Smile fits perfect for my toyota.

Tacoma 1997 closed all the way, just pop out your the electronic board and place it in the new one making sure you have the battery holder in place. You will be done in less than five minutes worked great nice remote replacement.