In addition, it makes the key body a bit larger for easier key usage. I have a 2007 mitsubishi gallon and this fit my key perfectly. My key was old. The icons on the key were worn off. I went searching online and this was much easier than buying a whole new key. So far, i’m very happy with this purchase. Fitz’S feels great exactly what i was looking for. Music. It would be better if it was from a rubber fits good overnight Music. When i purchased it. I think it would replace the old key fob, but when it arrived, i noticed it was just a cover for the key fob, but it worked out great. I have a better handle of my key fob Music perfect for what i was looking for. The top of my key is broken, so i ordered these to be able to attach it to the house keys. This one is better than the last one i ordered thicker and seems like it will last a long time. It was different from my key, but we made it work.