I tried several attempts at programming them, but no luck. I was bummed to find out that this year of malibu has to be programmed by a locksmith or dealer. I found a local locksmith who charged only thirty dollars. Oh, oh to program all three of the fobs i have you have to know when you go get your remotes programmed, which takes less than five minutes. They have to delete all remotes linked to the vehicle they simply plug in a computer to the obd2 link under the dash by your knees, slash no tools or removal of parts necessary. They delete all the fobs linked to your vehicle. They then enter how many fobs you have, then, by simply pushing lock and unlock together on each remote. They program them as simple as that don’t pay for each remote as they know they have to delete. Even the remotes you brought in and adding a remote is as easy as pushing a button. Please vote helpful if this review helped you so happy to have my remote back. I needed a new set for my 2010 pontiac g6. These were much cheaper than the dealership, but they are lighter in weight and color than the original ones. It would be hard to notice the difference, though i made sure these were compatible and had no issue getting them programmed at the dealership.