Each the programming instructions on a website listed on the slip of paper that came with the keys were very straightforward. Unfortunately, i was not successful at programming them myself. There may have been multiple reasons, for example, the two working keys i had were an original key and a later clone key instead of two original keys. Fortunately, i found another locksmith who does remote programming for automotive keys and he took care of it quickly, all together with the cost of the blanks, the cutting and the programming it came out to about 70 dollars per key. I did a total of four of them. Better than the dealer, but a little more running around than i had hoped, i had bought this two pack, as well as the keyless to go new uncut replacement, transponder ignition car key 164 2 pack. These work great for my 2012 wrangler. I had two keys and i was able to program the new key myself in minutes. I took them to ace hardware to get them cut. Put in your first original key turn on for three seconds. Put your second original key in and turn to the on position and wait 10 seconds the put in the new cut key and wait about 10 seconds.