I took it to a local locksmith. He compared the key with the original and made sure it was the g key. He charged me 45 to cut and program the key everything works, lock, button, trunk button and alarm button and, more importantly, the ignition works as well. The crazy local dealership quoted me 290 dollars just to program it. I don’t think so. If your locksmith is unable to program the key try to find one who has the mvp programmer, my locksmith attempted to program it with a newer programmer and it would not work. He switched to the mvp which he’s used in the past on my prius and it worked 2012 corolla update and i upgraded my review to 4 stars. I worked with a different locksmith this time with this same brand and another and both worked this time. So i don’t know if my problem was the previous locksmith or maybe a key flaw. I can say it worked flawlessly this time correct my review to reflect the new experience old review. This is rated for a toyota corolla 2013. it’s, a g series. It still didn’t work for a key copy and upon examination it seemed to be just a smidge too long. The wife and i have managed to lose both of the remote keys, leaving only the valet key. I ordered this key for a replacement must have the jion key blade and when it arrives, i call the locksmith. He said he should be able to get it programmed.

He arrived and spent about 45 minutes, 15 of which was waiting for the engine immobilizer to reset the cost was less than 75 for his services.