The dealer would have charged over 3x what i paid for this blank and key service just make sure the blank style number is the same as the one on your original key. The description states it fits impreza and forrester, but it also fit 2017 out back. I wanted to get an extra set of keys for our severus. Most chip, key duplication services, can’t make subaru keys. I checked out several firms. Many thought they could but could not. Some said they could, if i could get the blanks and they could not either some had very high charges greater than 150 dollars. The answer, keyless option and batteries plus keyless option helped me get the exact, correct, key slash fob for this was not a trivial task. Many of the look up slash cross reference services did not identify the correct keys for my cars. The trick is to use the fcc id number with it. Keyless option was able to get me what i needed. Batteries plus has a new system that can duplicate subaru keys. They charged me forty dollars to cut and program a key. Their prices for keys fobs are pretty high. Keyless option can get you the right key and at a good price. In the end, i was able to get working keys for my cars at a total price of 80 each, which is about half of my other options, a big thank you and my highest. Compliments to keyless option Music.

They helped make this project a success without them. This project would have failed. We called around local locksmiths to find who could indeed program and cut a key for our 17 forester. Only two in our area had the chip programmer to do it. The locksmith wanted 90. for the key fob and fifty dollars to program. It the dealer was more expensive than that the locksmith was hesitant to do the key and made us pay the fifty dollars program for you up front. If the key didn’t work, we were out of luck and the fifty dollars he used. The pin that was in the package and seemed genuinely surprised it worked.