Unless i hit the button five or ten times, which may be an issue with my vehicle and not the keyless injury, the only trouble i had was i kept turning the key to the off position at the end of the eight cycles and was confused because it Acted like i could program my whole remote, but not these new ones. Once i realized that i wasn’t leaving the key in the on a program exactly as expected, Music, i have owned a few of these aftermarket remotes and the range was always pretty bad. I was fed up and decided to take a shot on this one because the buttons looked a little different than the other ones i had purchased turns out. This one is really good range, around 30 to 40 feet compared to my other ones, 10 to 15 feet. It makes a huge difference when you have hands full of groceries or are trying to remember if you locked your car and you’re walking back to it great value too update july 28, 2018..