I bought this because i could not see the lock and unlock button on my keypad. I figured it was cheap. I will try it. I tried on my own with instructions for a while, but i youtubed the video and found out that if i insert the key in the car ignition rapid and firm six times the lights flashed and i go, this thing is awesome. It works like dream and works great on my 04 nissan frontier. It was easy to program too paired easily, with my truck had good, easily followed instructions would recommend it to anybody, so i bought this remote key for my nissan versa, because the original remote didn’t respond anymore, the battery was dead and the buttons were too squishy. After all the usage throughout the years, i got it in the mail today and i immediately went to program it. It came with a card that specifically showed how to program it yourself and alongside it came with a small card that you can contact customer support. In case of anything within maybe seven or eight minutes, i got the key programmed and ready to use all buttons working and everything i’m happy with this, and i saved a ton of money compared to if i went to a dealership or any other car auto shop. My only small complaint is that i would have liked if, in the back of the remote it had printed the battery type for in the future, i need to replace the battery other than that definitely encourage everyone to purchase this product from this seller.