This product is well made and packaged nicely now. I know why it cost so much overpriced, but nice. I do not like the brown leather strap. I don’t understand that they made this brown beans. That 99 of key fobs are black if it wasn’t that i would like it more, but it is still overpriced. It does look nice and i love the chrome. I kept it, but am considering returning because of the brown strap update. I purchased this item may 31st. It is sept 26 and i keep having issues with the screw falling out Music. I have used the replacement screws, however, that is not fixing the problem because they get lost. As i stated in my original review, the item was expensive. So, for me to have this kind of problem is ridiculous, especially since it isn’t even six months old. The fob is not staying together because one screw is missing. I contacted the company and awaiting a response.