Car controller is really simply to use, and batteries actually last quite a while would recommend my daughter loves. It literally plays with this toy all day. It is very durable and easy to use for a three year old, just two buttons on the controller one to go forward and another to reverse and turn at the same time, money worth spending on this. This was bought for my two year old, great nephew. For one of his christmas presents, he loves it well made seems like it will last exactly as described easy for him to control. Your browser does not support html5 video. My grandchild is a fan of all things, paw patrol and has enjoyed driving the car about the floor and quite a few houses. I was a little disappointed that the chase character could not be removed from his vehicle, but this has not affected the fun. My grandchild has slash, is having with this toy haven’t had enough time yet, but looks like fun. Kids, like it Music, very easy to use by my almost 3 yo does not have too many buttons, hence easy to operate and interesting. We like the way it reverse in a circle rather than straight back, but need 5 x aaa batteries so hope they will last long smile, nice toy very easy to use for kids and looks nice. Shame it doesn’t come with batteries. You will need fives our four year old, granddaughter loves this remote control car she loves paw patrol characters did not take her long to get the hang of the controls great.

We like that, can be used for any number of things, as you can see in above video, despite being an officer of the law, he quite happily delivers you lager when you can’t, be bothered walking to the kitchen. A great guy is chase and proud to now.