This is the best remote logitech has ever built very glad. I was able to find a good used one if logitech is reading this. I do not want to use my cell phone when, in the stinking theater room. Why would i want to? I want to enjoy myself and not worry about my dumbest phone ringing? Not all of us have our cell phones glued to our ears, love your products, but please go back to the basic rf remotes, our original stopped working after eight years. This one like new. As advertised, we had a tech from geek squad install it. This replacement is almost as good as our old one. Ours was in pristine condition. This one shows somewhere and the backlight on the touchscreen does not come on without pushing a button. Our original one came on automatically when you picked it up other than that. It works. Just as the original one did, i can program it with my laptop with the same setup i had and we’re used to all the same buttons we had before. I was a little skeptical buying a refurbished unit. To my surprise, the unit works perfectly fine and really only had a small cosmetic blemish on the back of the control. Remote came well packaged and protected Applause.