Its original remote has four bottoms exactly the same as this new remote. This remote for new model works for my old system. What i did is one open the door to turn the key to on three within a short time: press and release the belly slash program button for exactly seven times. Four, then press the belly slash program button, one more and hold it. You will hear seven horns. Five, while holding the valet slash program, button press the lock button of the remote one time, six release a valet, slash program, button, seven turn then key to off yep. Then the four bottoms all works first button as long second as unlocked third as silence. Fourth, as panic, i read some of the comments which mentioned that the lock key works as lock and unlock. If i press the valet slash program button only one time, instead of seven times and then press the lock button, then the lock button will be programmed as lock and unlock according to a manual i found online. It has the intended result. If the valley slash program, button is only pressed one time dash the manual one arm, slash, disarm two panic, only three silent mode, slash remote belly, slash trunk release for remote start or other accessories; five arm. Only six disarmingly, seven auto learn expanded configuration optional. Four button transmitter eight auto, learn: standard configuration, nine delete, all transmitters, then, if i need all the four buttons works, as the viper 350 plus remote usually did.

I need to press seven times. My only complaint is that the remote is not exactly as the picture. The remote does not have a rotatable keyring, which is shown in the picture. Therefore, i am a little bit disappointed. Therefore, i reduce one star Music, better design than the previous version. I swapped the old core, as i was looking for the shell only now i have an extra core and buttons work.