Oh yes, this pulls so hard Music, 2021 lexus rcf track edition with launch control ease it in and oh. I finally got a good launch there and we’re comparing these because they’re, both 5 liter v8 track focus coupe, so let’s get to the horsepower and torque. The mach 1 has 480 horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque from that 5 liter v8 and the lexus has 472 horsepower and ‘5 pound feet of torque from a 5 liter v8 and the mach 1 is all new for 2021. So if you want an in depth look at this car, we did an individual review on this already, so definitely subscribe and hit the notification bell. If you missed that video and we’ve also compared this rcf to an m3 and taking it on the track. So you might want to watch that video too, so let’s focus on why we have these two cars together right now, i’ve got a six speed manual. You have an eight speed auto, but that doesn’t really matter, because these are the track, focus versions of both cars and you can get an automatic in that mach 1. But you cannot get a manual in this lexus yeah, so it does kind of matter, because this six speed is actually borrowed from the shelby gt350, which you can’t buy anymore, and it is the best manual transmission. I can remember using in a very long time and this 8 speed transmission in this lexus does feel a little ancient controlling it with the paddles is pretty good, but not perfect.

I definitely prefer that it’s, like the most perfect manual transmission for a mustang, so let’s get to all the similarities and differences with these two starting with the engine. Bays let’s see what they look like yuri, which one do you like better. Obviously the lexus it’s got blue and then the mach 1 is kind of just chilled, but it’s got that huge intake. Yeah. That open element, cone filter is what everyone would put on this anyways. Okay, so points to the lexus. And then, if we go to the hoods, i’ve got the full carbon fiber hood with some vents up. There you’ve got a cool graphic on your mach 1 hood, but you don’t have the shaker yeah. The mach 1 has a really cool graphic. It does suck that it doesn’t have a shaker hood, so i think points for the rcf, considering how cool and lightweight that hood is front lips. I think you’ve got a little bit more front lip on that mustang, but mine’s carbon fiber. Who gets the points the size of the lip on the mach 1? I think definitely should get points on this. One totally agree: okay. Now i want to move to the very back and talk about wings, because i’ve got a fixed wing on the rcf, but you’ve got a cool double wing with a track attachment on the mach 1. yeah. So on this mach 1 there’s, an optional gurney flap, which we have attached naturally, even though you’re supposed to use it on the track.

I think it looks really cool with it on, but i mean we have a carbon fiber f in the carbon fiber pattern on the lexus, so we got to give them points, yeah, that’s kind of points for lexus and now let’s talk about these exhaust, which is I’D say the piston resistance of both of these, and i think the mustang just sounds and looks a little bit better. It sounds more mustangy, but i think the rcf has a really cool tone that you don’t really hear very often so. Let’S take a listen to the outside, my god that sounded good okay, but the mustang kind of wins, because it already has valved exhaust from the factory and it’s got the good neighbor mode and everything so yeah. It wins, but lexus is up there too. However, the lexus does have a titanium exhaust and stacked quads. I know and the mustang’s got really real double dual exhaust too. I think the lexus just beats it for the look of the tips for the look of the tips, maybe, but i kind of give it i got to give it a tie. Okay, wheels 100, this one’s, going to the mach 1.. These wheels are so cool. Looking and the fact that we have 11 inch wide wheels out back is insane no question. Mach 1 wins the wheels actually looked too small on the lexus. But what would be the continental recommended tire for these 5 liter v8s, the extreme contact sport? How about brakes and brake calipers? I love that you’ve got orange matching the orange stripes on the mach 1, but these are carbon ceramics on the rcf they’re, both made by brembo.

Although you do have carbon ceramics, i don’t own, the mustang. I think there’s really. No difference in stopping power on the streets, at least oh who’s got the cooler brakes. I don’t really know. I think you got to give it to the carbons because they match the interior of this and the fact that they’re so expensive, because they’re part of the track package and how about paint colors real quick on the mach 1. You have a jet inspired color that also matches the word mock, yeah, well, mach, 1 fighter jet. This is fighter jet gray. I think i i got to give it to the mustang 100 damn this is pretty even but the mustang’s racking up a couple more points here and there headlights and taillights. I think the headlights on the lexus are much better because you can’t have just the daytime running lights on the mustang, but you got sequential tail lights on the mustang, which destroys this lexus yeah, so tail lights, the mustang winds, headlights, the lexus, wins we’re, going to Keep going with these similarities and differences, but i think we owe the audience a little rip. Second gear pull ready, ready, pretty evenly match yeah yeah. I think you had a little bit of pull on me, even though this has slightly more horsepower. Barely you need a power shift like that old man in that youtube, video and i need to just like keep it in auto and go quick and i get the advantage because the automatic transmission is way quicker.

I guess you get the advantage, but this is just way more of a joy to use. This is just i love driving this car thanks to this transmission and on that pull and power wise, the mustang just feels way more raw, probably due to that exhaust sound, but the overall feel of driving. This is totally different. That thing just feels so refined in comparison and another looks thing: uh the badges, f or mach 1, which one is cooler. I think mach 1, i don’t know the heritage throwback for the mach. 1 is definitely cool, but like that f font is really really cool. Mach 1 hasn’t been bastardized yet, like the f logo. Has oh whoa whoa whoa mark e. Oh, i think that’s a tie there yeah yeah. We got to give a tie for the monkey so now let’s touch on some of the mechanical differences and similarities. Before we get to cliche corner switch, it up, launch it and decide our winner, so the real mechanical stuff. We actually have mechanical differentials out back, so we have limited slips and i find the one in the mustang just wants to put the power down way. More than the one in that lexus that lexus just wants to slide all the time might be from the size of the tires, though. Potentially these are 315 steamrollers, as i love to call them. Okay, what about comfort with suspension so we’re approaching the one bump in the road? I am in my stiffest suspension and i’m in track mode on the mach one and oh, that was a joy in this one.

It wasn’t that bad in this lexus, but you can soften it up with your modes yeah. That lexus is way stiffer in the sport mode, but the mustang has magneride and i find it to be way more comfortable in every mode, but it’s not deal breaker stiffness. For daily driving in the rcf, it is fine, it is totally fine because they gave you the adaptive suspension that lets you put into normal mode, but i have been driving it in the sport s plus mode, because i do want the cool gauges and i have Been fine with that, but maybe my tolerance for comfort is different. Maybe my back has a little bit more health than yours does and mechanically compared to their non track versions. They also have increased cooling as well yeah, so they’ll be a lot better on track days. Yeah, because the mach 1 borrows a lot of parts from the shelby gt350 and even the shelby gt500, whereas that rcf has like bespoke parts not borrowed from anything just made for that car. Okay, so let’s scoot our way down to cliche corner and then figure it out so now that we’re at the s is that cliche corner man, this mustang just feels like not a mustang. It feels like a sports car, and this rcf feels so flat and composed through here, and we did drive it on the track and it did kill on the track. Well, it kind of felt like it might, kill you at any point too.

I mean it was ready to slide, but it was also very controllable. This mustang just wants to grip, though it’s actually unreal and the steering is just heavy enough that you still enjoy it and still feel what the wheels are doing. Yeah, this rcf wants to slide a little bit, so does the mustang you can get it to grip the whole way through, and it just makes it like more challenging while driving and more rewarding and the mustang can slide. If you wanted to you, just literally throttle control it and turn off the traction, and i feel like that, mustang is a lot more controllable than a traditional 5 liter mustang, but let’s switch drivers launch it up. Cliche it out and find out sounds good i’m gon na try and get a good launch out of that rcf. Good luck! Oh i’m! Gon na need it visor test. Three two one drive sport, s plus traction off pressing launch, and here we go come on. Ah screwed it up launch here we go yes, oh there we go no burnout, it’s so hard to get a good launch in this car 4000 launch control god damn shifting. This thing is like the best thing to shift Music and launching that mach 1 is so easy it’s, so consistent just puts down the power, unlike any other mustang we’ve driven yeah. That rcf has a whole lot of tricks. You need to start with a little bit of throttle and then you can ease it in while in launch and even then it still kind of screws up, but cliche corner time and i’m going to use my auto rev matching to get a nice automatic heel, toe Downshift into cliche and downshift, using these paddles a little slow but still good, and it just wants to slide holy there’s no grip here, and this feels like a total track weapon, and i don’t like to use that word.

But this mach 1 definitely is yeah. This thing’s pretty fun. I feel like this. Mach 1 feels a lot more like that. Zl1 1le camaro that we drove last year yeah just way less power, and this rcf is just so freaking crazy to drive because it just wants to slide the back end out. That’S all it ever wants to do it. Doesn’T want to put power down ever it’s, definitely difficult to control, but it makes it fun as well, and i just want to say again: this manual transmission completely changes this 5 liter mustang. It is the best transmission that you could ever bolt to this motor yeah and they even had a better engine which was bolted to that transmission in the gt350, but that 5.2 flat plane crank v8 just did not live on. But that thing bolted to that is just is a magnificent driving experience for daily driving yeah. We missed the boat on the shelby gt 350 and 350r, but hopefully we can pick one up from the heritage fleet of ford in 10 years and review it. Okay, train track test in the lexus and step. Oh yeah, it’s stiff camaro is pretty all right in track mode. Oh yeah, sick, camaro, bro that must think’s pretty good. Whatever man honestly, you know carson drive. It reminds me of the camaro, because it’s like the same car and briefly on all the interior stuff, the lexus has a much nicer interior, it’s, all red, really great materials compared to this plain black plasticky mustang.

But the mustang does have a mach 1 badge on the dash and the infotainment in the lexus is definitely worse than the one in the mustang. But we do have apple carplay in here, but in the mustang we have android, auto and apple carplay with sync 3. and the mustang is a traditional one with a touch screen. But the lexus is still a touch pad trackpad kind of thing and then moving on to the gauges, we’ve got really cool customizable gauges in the mustang, with different colors and different modes. How about the lexus? The lexus has a couple different modes but it’s. Definitely not as customizable as that mustang i’m gon na give points to the gauge cluster in the lexus. How about seats and seat room in both of these i’m? Actually gon na give the point to the mustang for the gauge cluster, but talking about the seats i’m. Definitely giving the points to this lexus. These seats are so comfortable yeah hands down, especially with that like material too and collar it’s, it’s, so nice and then back seat room. I have just enough room at five foot: eight and a half ish in the rcf mustang. Not so much yeah and i don’t have any room in either one, so it kind of doesn’t really matter for me and as for audio systems in both of them they’re, both very good. I think the mustang has got more bassiness to it, but the lexus is clearer, hey yuri, the only audio i need is the one from this 5 liter, v8, hey jacob.

The only audio i need is from this 5 liter. V8 uh. You know what i’m going to change what i said, and the only audio i need is from that 5 liter, v8, so interior, who gets the win? I think we got to give it to the lexus like this is just a quality interior yeah and especially that weird red carbon fiber too, so with everything pretty much out of the way and all the specifics buried in our solar reviews of both. I think it’s time we get to the price. Well, let’s start with that mach 1. First, it starts at 65, 500, canadian and it’s optioned out to 75 900 and then how about that lexus? This lexus starts at 85, 000, canadian and it’s optioned out to 120 000, almost twice as much as that: car, okay, but that’s a limited edition, there’s four in canada for this year, it’s pretty much for rich people who want like fun lexuses that aren’t, like good Production, cars yeah the fact that there’s only four of these in canada and two of them at the time of filming this have already been sold. There’S only two available there’s definitely points in that, because that’s going to be worth a lot down the road and while that mach 1 is new it’s, not exactly that limited it’s kind of like the bullet and then as for rarity and price aside, have you picked Your choice, which one you would like more after spending multiple days, driving both of these ripping back and forth i’m, just having way more fun in that mach one.

So i got ta give the win to that mach one. You know as much as i love that rcf, because we got to drift it on the track and i was slating coast to coast and i had a great time with it. It’S easy because it’s automatic being in this mustang doesn’t feel like a normal mustang, and i also got to give the win to the mach 1. damn. So we actually agree on this. How could i disagree? It’S, the transmission, this transmission changes everything 100, the transmission and the soundtrack from that. If this had a louder, yes, it has a titanium exhaust. If this had a louder, exhaust i’d be more inclined to pick this, but that transmission you’re right man. They did such a good job by just snooping that gt350 transmission and just putting it in there but looks wise and everything else that lexus. For me, i think that’s the coolest thing seeing that sit in my driveway with that big dumb wing is totally awesome. It’S it’s just this transmission. You know what, though, if this was a 10 speed, auto and not a manual, i would probably go with the rcf i probably might as well. Okay, so let us know what you guys think, which one gets the win in your books.