Here today, with wyatt and liz we have another unboxing to do. This is a bigger body than i thought yeah. It is, i thought so that’s what i thought. It’S a lot it’s a lot bigger than what i thought it was, or maybe this is the Music interior, yep truck bed and interior wheel wells Applause like the colors yeah. The guy said that he puts this there’s like the color changing color. He sprays it all over the place, so we could do it all different ways, but somehow this is color changing okay, so i went online and i tried to find the best crawler and i researched. I watched a guy on the internet. Talk about how this one was so good. I watched a guy talk about the what’s that one that i thought i liked in the beginning it had real wide wheel wells. Remember, remember i showed you the video, the capricorn okay, the capra. I found the camera and i thought that would be a cool one. Then i realized i don’t want that wide of wheel. Well, i googled, you know a really good crawler and he said if you have any of these four, that you had a really good crawler. Nothing to be ashamed of, but the trx 6 was like on his top list too, but he couldn’t compare these because the trx all these have four wheels and the trx 6 had six wheels. So he said this one was a really good one.

Now we have to put it together, but it was. It was kind of expensive but it’ll. Last because a lot of these things – oh my god, are metal, like i guess, it’s like a really good brand. Look at all that metal. This weighs like five pounds. That is so, i think what you get for your money. This is lightweight, but i think it’s metal talk about the axles they’re. I think these are supposed to be metal right. These are machined aluminum licenses, like plastic, carry axles portal axles, they feel plastic light but they’re. They feel like plastic, but they’re metal, they’re aluminum. So this is. I think this is a package of plastic as far as chassis – and this is probably plastic, but a lot of this stuff is metal and they said it would last precision Applause. So this is like metal, screws and stuff a lot of stuff gears in this bag. All metal gears and these feel like metal, something those are the frame rails there they’re metal and then, of course, we got this new motor that they said would be a good one for it, because we don’t want to go so slow that it can’t go fast. Yes, so we got this one, so we can go a little bit faster, but it’ll still go slow. This is brand new. It just came out it’s the spectrum firma censored crawler motor, so it’s a 2100 kv 60 amp esc.

So i can’t wait to try that what the wheels look like, i think they look like they have little teeth on the side. These are actually vampire tooth. Yeah see them yep. They look like vampire types. If these are any good or not, but they how they feel they feel fine, are they squishy soft? I think there’s, like a thing inside of these so like they are bead, lock, it’s a real wheel, yep, and then i think these things are metal. They say. Do you kind of metal? No, these aren’t metal? These are plastic they’re all stuck together things! Oh i’m, ringing on okay, so these are like pieces of something to go with the wheels, probably so keep them in the wheel box, that’s a good looking body anyway. If you want a good crawler i’m thinking, this is the one to get. If you want to have a crawler that can actually make it up a hill and not fall over backwards, although i think we’re going to add weight to those other crawlers to help them and new tires. But this is going to be the the go to one that’ll make it up any crawling course for you guys to watch so you’re, not totally bored with the the smashing. This will be the benchmark crawler in our collection, that’s for sure yeah and i’m gon na have more fun driving it since it won’t wreck as much. I think so. The fun part is going to be we’re, going to paint this and we’re going to try to figure out what’s going to look good, the colors so we’re going to all these to choose from.

So if you got any ideas, those are my colors. Oh, we got ta, i don’t know how we’re gon na color changing base and then three we’re gon na put all these colors in somehow and then this is gon na. Be jason wants this for the bed, but we don’t have to use black for the bed, but he says we should, but we don’t have to. We could use, make it pink, so jason won’t drive it. We can make it pink and yellow you’ll leave it alone. Okay, so this is a book that comes with it and some stickers it looks like come in here. Hopefully, the instructions are good, because some of you have probably seen instructions liz do some of the work before. Yes, there are instructions how to put it together. So you’re in luck, okay, oh they smell good. Are you smelling these stickers yeah right? They smell good. Oh, they smell great. It smells like stickers. I still haven’t got my smell back though, so i really don’t know smells good. Okay, new the new smell the new sticker smell, it smells so good. You know those squishy stickers that’s what these smell like, but they’re, not squishy. Okay, so i think that’s it ready to start building we’ll start and then we’ll show you a little hey. How do you even start building this page, one, the instruction book open it up a frame? We start on turn to page one and let’s get started build the frame.

Yes, we got ta build it, oh my god. Okay, so it must be. This is the frame you’re holding the frame in your hand. Great all right well stay tuned because we’re gon na get started.