But let’s go give this thing a drive. I got some dirt back there and some rocks. You know i got the rocks anyway, i’m, going to show you guys what’s under the body on this thing, i’m going to get it right outside. Take a look, and here we go. We got the hobby wing axe r2 system with a kv motor got a 422 hd v2 servo by reefs we’ve also got the reefs fury wheels with j concepts, land mines. Now i also upgraded the shocks. Those are the associated. The uh element enduro shocks on there, but um that’s it everything else is factory. Yes in case you’re, uh not familiar, the factory does come with metal axle housings. So this is an expensive kit with a bunch of expensive parts and it’s ready to go well all right, we’re going to start out with this right here now when i had this up at the stone mountain it’s, pretty darn awesome here, i think it may be A little bit too fast on the crawl, but so far so good, but it’s only one climb, i’ve done Music. That was one of the very first concrete climbs i’ve ever built out here at the exoplex that little sluice right there. I need to get to the other side. Just did hold that together and we’re going to ease right on up the hard side, which is the left side of the ridge line, or so i thought there.

We go a little bit of momentum getting up over that ledge. So if i get that tire to catch that tire can catch, i might actually be able to get this i’ve got it. That will have to go the other way. Oh ow Laughter, oh that was brutal. Okay i’ll move on cliffhanger is probably a bit too much for this truck, but whoa cliffhanger is steep, angled and just kind of a pain i got ta get right up close to that get right on the edge. Oh not getting that one either well let’s see what we can do with hopper wow. These advanced lines are a little bit rough for this guy it’s good at doing that, which is awesome. Okay, not that one twin ridges. So far, the tough lines have been well. A little brutal for this guy got up onto that pretty well. Can it complete it? No kid nick got up on that really good! Oh okay, let’s! Try right hook, see here all right, all right! You got the right tire hooked, that’s kind of why it’s called the right Applause hook. Applause! Oh all, right, get that! Oh, i got ta get back up on it nope. We are on our way to something else. So far, um, probably my driving so far. It has not been doing well on the the hard stuff, the advanced lines so and now, we’re fixing to jump on the nasty yeah Applause kind of back to my thoughts on this being more of a competent trail truck than anything uh.

I really don’t think it can get the hard right side, but we may as well try it real quick. I mean that worse comes the worst it’ll just roll over right, oh okay, that was good! Just got ta position it just right all right there we go that was impressive. Now we got the crack of doom coming up and i’ll be really impressed if they can get this wow right on that edge. Oh, how do we do this here guys? That is not the way all right, so many jagged edges around here, it’s just great for traction, but it can also catch everything. Wow. Okay, i think we’re done with the Music rocks Music. Music. Oh got a little air all right! Yes, yes, that’s all it’s got. I mean oh where’d, it go seems to do really good out here. That was nice! Not what i wanted. I want to do some more air to fakies i like to hear the fakies that’s pretty smooth now i’m, just beating it up. Nice come on baby, one more good ear to fake. I think i’ll have to leave it at that yeah guys. That was a little bit brutal, but i got ta make sure the thing can hold up and i’m very satisfied with it. Pretty sure it can, because when i go to compete, i’ve got to have reliability if there’s anything that’s going to break i’d rather break right back there at the exoplex than in competition.

Now i did get the wheels and tires in the class one for this and i’m using the trio 1.9 bead locks, just because these are so nice. I have the red set on my scx 103 very nice wheel and the tires are also the same ones that are on the scx 103 that’s, the j concepts, landmines uh. They work really good i’ll get into all these. When i do the next video on this uh, but pretty much, i want to try the stock foams just because there’s not as much sidewall up here, so that it shouldn’t really fall over. It should hold up pretty well that’s what i’m hoping anyway but that’s for another video in that description, we’ll put links to the reefs wheels j concepts tires now these are the class 2 versions, the taller ones, 4.75 and i’ll link up the vehicle and everything that’s In it so guys check that description use those links make sure. You’Re subscribed hit that like button, and thank you all for watching guys if you like what you see hit that like button hit, that subscribe button and ring that bell. So in the description there’s a link to become a channel. Remember if you want to become a channel member it’s, a very simple two dollars: five dollars: ten dollars or if you really got some money 25 a month, it’s a simple way to support the channel. So get that and i am doing monthly giveaways for members only so you might want to consider it so guys here’s those links make sure you’re subscribed.