I am your host, the guy that, with the biggest picture, obviously that's about it. My name is Derrick Peter in the bottom right, the guy that looks like the dude or a caveman is Jeff he's in Canada yeah. We are velocity RC card magazine, a magazine, not just a YouTube channel or a crappy live show which we're gon na adapt and this isn't. This is because we don't live near each other, not because we're social distancing I'd give two shits now we're, not Kim we're not can boys the clothes are staying on. Okay, I didn't even know that that was an option yeah I might get naked. Tamar see boys that's what we're here to do and drinka, maybe a beer or four so let's do a little bit of what I'd like to call who the heck are these guys, because most of you probably have never seen us unless you watch Geico commercials for Jeff, you know I am the guy that helps start velocity, RC cars magazine this online magazine that we have here that's sort of like a print magazine except you read it on the toilet on your phone instead of on the toilet with a piece of paper and Jeff was that co, founder and Pete? I worked with many many years ago at one of the old RC magazines which we'll get in touch with, but that's me and then now we can talk to Jeff sure. As Derek said, I was also a co founder of velocity RC magazine, which I guess was probably what eight years ago now before that I was writing for extreme RC cars magazine for just over a decade for Michael, is over.

There is, and also Derek was my sorry. Oh this way. Ah Derek was my boss there and an awesome one I'm. Also the owner of xxx mane and sell stickers yeah. Take it away. Pete I'm Pete. I like long watches on the beach and stuff like that. I work with Derek long time ago for eroge media currently I'm a freelancer but I've an RC guy since around about maybe 88 or 89 or so so, a long time in the Hobby like these other two guys and that's. Pretty much just means the family guy into hobbies. Probably a lot of you watching right now, yeah so we're very fun table. I have 32 years in the hobby. Let'S add these up, so we can do that collectively, we're almost a decade or sorry, a century. So I'm, 32 years, not professionally 32 years in the hobby, and I guess twenty something professionally. Okay, what do we got? Let'S see you've got ta get along. My first issue of car action was new for 98, so whatever the math is on that what's. That 2020 lecture yeah mm hmm and how long in the hobby at least 32, that I would think okay, so we're at 64 total. What do you got? I, I would say we're, probably all there on the same thing I mean professionally. I don't remember when I started a car action 99p. You were there with me, no start yeah, okay, so probably 99, so one year less or one one or two and then you know playing with little courted RC cars, since it was ten, so I'm only 20.

So probably like 30 years so we're, just under under whatever collective mind means because it doesn't mean shit. So the two guys watching want to know how many years we've been doing this it's 60s years professionally, 90s years together so by the mid, are watching ones that I do. I figured I don't even have the numbers but it's it's, your mom, and this guy just said hello. Oh people could see things from Belfast if anybody's watching and are on the Internet. Jeff literally just discovered the internet. How thank you I'm about to beat Angry Birds? Yeah so has a Tetris in the bathroom I'm sure I do. I played it a times today. So many times he's gone to the bathroom, already he's out of toilet yeah. Yes, no. I got lots where Canada is a little different yeah. So now that we've gotten the hey I'm, the 32 years of nobody – gives a flying crap about let's talk about something that probably not too many people know about some people do, but since the world of media has changed and it's not just one thing anymore, velocity Rc cars magazine and pretty much every other magazine has it's not print, because nobody reads that crap anymore, because we have computers, unlike Jeff and so we're multimedia, which means we have a youtube channel which you're watching here. Obviously, hopefully we have a website which is kind of our newsstand. We don't really use it as much as like a press release, repeater, probably not the smartest thing but that's what we do and Facebook where we have some followers that we paid a lot for and then don't reach anymore.

So that's always great. But we have a magazine and I'm gon na bring up a little screen of this guy here and maybe like this. So when you buy the magazine now it comes on your giant iPad like I have here and if this is still working you get to swipe through, like it flip the page, so it's groundbreaking, it's, 1997 technology, but it's now and that's kind of what we do. So if you're watching this YouTube channel – and you watch the videos head over to the website, we spend a lot of time and effort creating professional looking stuff, which most people don't care about like this stuff right here is, you know, not broadcast quality, but we do Spend a lot of time and effort in that and we have 115 years of collective nonsense together, and that means nothing. So it just means we have a magazine, and we talk about stuff from beginner stuff to advanced stuff and painting and a lot of things, because some most of the time we just make fun of Jeff Pete's new to the game. You know we work forever and helping out. So what do you guys thoughts on digital magazines? Any good I could say a few things. No, I don't have much to say. Print was awesome. I prefer print just like everyone says they prefer print, but nobody buys it and that's. Why they're all gone in my opinion, and also, and so digital, is the awesome future and for us to be able to make a product like this with me, I mean let's be reasonable.

We do we all work for print magazines for decades. When we make this magazine, we do everything we did there only instead of sending it to the printer, we send it to a digital output, so yeah. This is this. Is the future, not the future? This is the old, but this is how you still get your credible content in a magazine format in a digital way, yeah it's the best of both worlds, because you get that professional look and layout, but you can pinch and zoom in and you're looking at it. Backlit on a tablet and you're not gon na get any brighter than that. Even a phone looks good. If you have a job where you use a desktop computer like I do, you've got two big monitors and you can spread it out, like that. It looks fantastic and also it's interactive. You can click on you know, links and go other places from inside the magazine, so it's really it's what it's 2020. This is what we're doing, but a lot of work goes into it it's. I encourage you to check it out, I'm sure there's a link into the description. Oh there will be but yeah. This is what we're doing hope you enjoy the content that we do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but definitely make sure you look at the real work and effort that goes into velocity. The magazine and just give a little shout out to Pete he's, been posting a lot of stuff on our Facebook and Instagram, with funny pictures and more than two seconds worth of time.

So when you see something that's, not just like hey I'm working on something stupid, it's, usually P and bringing up the old videos which I don't even know how to heck find these things. I think he's got like a his own porn lab with just old RC videos somewhere and a drawer that's, exactly what it is yeah. It was pretty good. It makes me laugh during the day, so yeah and you know you're watching us. We were three wheel: people who are really passionate about this. So if you can like and share me, anyone says, then click the like button to subscribe. That'S because really appreciate the extra of views and eyeball to helping spread. The word and I know I'd love to be able to give away some stuff from my stash, and maybe we can do some more that and reward your guys reward you guys for supporting velocity. So you see something and you like it, cuz I'm. Terrible at this. I look at stuff all day and I like it, but I don't like it and hit the button. I need to be better about that. If you guys can go ahead and click like when you realize you like something that'd be great share it even better. We got ta say hey, we got ta subscribe I'm gon na shout out to Mikey Mike oh he's, the same one, like my turn. To put you up, there, he's from Ireland, I'm probably will say by the way cold you might peak.

But Mike was I reading Mike the one guy who was saying hi. So we got Mike Danny Maximus, tough guy people watching we're good it's coronaviruses. I haven't seen people in a month: yeah buy your beer spent years dude. We we kind of jumped in I'm gon na shut off her a little camera. You guys cheese. Do me all that kind of fun stuff say goodbye magazine. Those are my dogs. I apologize if everyone can hear them I'm turned on Maximus. I appreciate you're really talkative comment turn that off and we've got some topics here. We'Re just gon na do a quick. We don't attack we're doing what is it just hey let's. Do this together and see what happens? I got an email saying we're on at 830. That'S no lie. You know what that quote is from that's. What I keep saying. No, I know what is one of the broadcasters like flipped out on his thing right now, yeah you did see my post here. We go swears all right. Go! Look dick to the first lobby chase RC car! Well, how'd you get in the Hobby! Those are interesting questions someday all right: relax, I'm gon na punch you to relax okay. What do we got here? So I knew I was walking fair question. You hear me and Ephram had wanted to have this argument, one of the questions and then have topics, and here started – probably for like 10 15 years about it, but it's, surprising, Jeff, so he's stupid, so we're gon na talk a little bit on RC, because this Is what we are here for, and you know we're bombarded with our see stuff all day if you're on anything, you see new stuff all the time, and you know stuffs coming out now that you can't go see someone with an RC car as anything stood out In the past couple months, stupid virus aside a couple months.

What is like been like? Oh snaps, that's cool in the past let's go for three months. You talking product wise, your technology, old products. You even wrote it yeah there's a word on there, but whatever technology was is something I don't technology in three months. See it something like the striker hey check out my striker. Just in case Derek says: hey what was your first RC car? I was ready. You know with a knock off, one was well FX. Ten was the Futaba yeah. Are you serious right now I mean I may be. Somebody didn't know that on there, how about that you just answer it just realized. Well, I look at you in real life. I look away from you that is never gon na make any sense or, unlike are you serious, I'm looking that's gon na look really odd in the video? Yes, I know, I know a lot of our vintage, as you do, as you know, has probably does as well as we all did. Alright someone taking a whack, and this I don't even know what's been released in the last few months. I don't write that section of the magazine and you know finally came out with a new sticker. Its camo listen, xxx being camo paint mask. It was surprisingly difficult to design. I know that sounds funny very easy to use. It looks freaking awesome, yeah check it out on the website. Pete dude Pete floated off the tongue when he was talking.

I just sort of did something like that. Also I've been on the axle question. If you like an intelligent answer, Pete well, if I go back to the first car, I get started with a Kyosho Ultima. I really wanted a Tamiya car, because that was the you know this an RC car. You would buy a Tamiya, but that was back when Tara hobbies didn't have to me is, and I did not have an RC hobby store near me. I could just go and look at them and buy one. So I wound up getting a Kyosho Altima with the super completer combo, which included a seven cell NiCad battery and a timer charger, and that whole lot so that's, where I guess how crazy old, I'm yeah and the car wasn't designed to hold one so I'd. Like cut a big hole on the side of the body, so the tach could stick out both sides, but I figured it Harry but that cargo wore out and was turned into a hundred different things, and that was my intro to art. Again. Had a glass of that, as for what's new, I was pretty stoked to get it at some. No prep drag racing, which I was attracted to do, because it's fun and easy it's a short day and it's social, but the whole pandemic thing happened. So I think what we're gon na see a lot more of, not that it wasn't already popular it's, just solo trail trucking or here, if you're, not alone, it's easy to keep your distance from.

You know someone you're out Trail trucking with so I think that's gon na really be the hot pandemics are the Hobby. Is the trail tracking and drag won't go away? That'S, not a forgot about that. That is the most brilliant thing that this obvious released since the slash that that drag racing scene. I work in a hobby shop as well for for 30 something years and it's the drag racing, it's awesome and these gangs of people come in all these friends that are all doing it. I totally forgot about that. Yeah you're totally right be really that drag racing things brilliant, so there's a key to everything that keeps coming back into these new things that come out so they're know Pro was based on a slash originally, so that slash chassis seems to keep breathing life and this Stuff drag racing is basically all what racing is because we're just drag racing from corner to corner, and when you were a kid that's all we did anyway, I mean I remember even having my arts attend, another race and the whole thing you did was just let's Let'S see who can go fast straight and then can make it back right. So when I work in a hobby shop, I worked at JP's hobbies with a bunch of people that weren't still in this industry, the inner city crew that would come in with fives and ones to pay for everything super cool guys, but all they did in the Parking lot was drag race and they come in and say: can you put the fastest motor in? Can you cut the hair weave out of my axles and make it go faster, so it's always been here and all these obscure things are always kind of like the core of the hobby to me.

So if you look at monster trucks and the people that are really into the Hobby, always building something you know, unlike me, who is lazy as hell, I don't really want to build anything anymore. So, even though I don't like artsy ours, it's, really what the easiest thing is to me patience so yeah, because you bring through four cars an issue I would hate it too, but building is still amazing and super fun. You just deal with too many cars yeah, but it's also great, when you can build on your own schedule, as opposed to I can rock this together for a deadline. Well, how do you make a job? Even how am i how fun it is you're, eventually getting sick of some components of it, so we could let's talk about here's, a good topic change that it wasn't on my little list of what's your favorite car. I only studied the list yeah and I just made me forget it. I have one more drag racing point. If you want stay on it, yeah let's go. I don't know how sophisticated the no prep guys are with the timekeeping systems that they're using Traxxas DTS ones. If they courted those or if they've got other systems but part of the beauty of drag racing, for me as a guy who does not have time to lavish a lot of attention to having the best possible car or becoming the best possible driver, one drag race.

It doesn't require a ton of skill just to get down the track. I mean obviously there's a lot of skill be the best at it, but just do it. You don't need to be a great driver, but on top of that, if you you are running Brack, sorry guys, it called you up to me, but if you're running brackets you basically run against your previous time, so you can run anything against anybody. You can run an EXO one against a you know to me. A grasshopper and you're still racing it's still fun and it doesn't need to be a big time suck either during the week of prepping, all your stuff or showing up on the day of the activity. Where you're going to be locked in for eight hours like at a traditional, you know RC off road track, it's a bunch of guys parking lot and it's, not gon na wipe out your whole day away from your family and other stuff. You might need to do so that trail guys they spend money I'm. Just saying like there's, these support the hobby I mean racers do too and every segment does. But these guys, I can't, hear you Jeff. I'M. Sorry buddy what's, that I didn't hear. I can hear you, Oh decrease, I'm gon na leave and come back. I can't hear you guys. Oh he said I can't hear you. Okay, all right question that I made you forget. Did you think I forgot it? If I remember it, I would have remembered all right scroll through your thing there.

No talking you just keep talking, you were talking about. People spend money. That was my point that's the end point, listen that's the point they especially support. Brick and mortar. I mean racers find them. You got to buy a hundred tires. You find the best deal that these guys go to the hobby shop. They spend money, they support the hobby that was finished. My queen yeah welp its back. Now you finish there but here's the thing that will ruin everything, and this is the life cycle, everything new it's fun until there's, prep and then pros now. I can't hear Derek and pros come in and ruin everything it's like the slash class. It was awesome until two too many too fast people came in and started doing things where they were killing it and winning by a mile, and it wasn't a spec fun class anymore, like it was when it first started. Yeah I tend to agree. I don't know if that's gon na happen with drag racing, because the rules are probably so open ended. You make the rules in your group – anyways – maybe maybe hopefully that's where you always have the bracketry center, where you've always got this equalizer of you run against your own best time and it doesn't matter how fast you are or not, because the the guy with the Fast car he's gon na take off. You know two seconds ahead of you and then you're gon na meet at the finish line or you're gon na take off few seconds.

And then you meet at the finish line and if you didn't break out by going faster than your your setup time, then you might win the race but that's. I don't again. I know if they do brackets and no prep drag racing. Hey. I got late breaking news. P can hear me no can't, hear you Derek I'm. Sorry, how do you I don't know I'm gon na leave and come back again. So your lips? How many people are there? Is there still the same now there's more alive? This is what I'm saying there's. I got a late breaking news, Matteo Berg, his mouth happy, yeah they're in Italy. I told them I've been talking to Matteo on this side the whole time. You always wait a little bit longer with pizza, can't heat. It will get back to his drink. I think he's got stock in brackets. He really likes brackets fun. He'S right, though he's totally right, he's right, let's give Pete a second everybody. We appreciate the comments Geoff can't see unless he clicks the comment thing on the side. Oh, my god, I can't believe me coming back because I got 80 mile an hour cars that out of the box, stand out he's right, that's, another big one, now that's a lot more anyways, yeah 80 mile, an hour cars out of the box, that's we've all Been around where you went 25 miles max and now they're buying arts yards to go 80 miles an hour, Peter they've been going 65 and 70 for over 10 years now, with the track system.

You know when you put a lot of work into them. Well, you're right, obviously you do – and I remember the insane speed runs at the thunderdrum and all that the capable 65 out of the boxart ers you haven't been around for a while, but they weren't they weren't engineered to be just 70 mile an hour I mean They were cars that could do it, but its advantages don't offer Bucky, but the the limit list, the pickup truck one came with a call they're more optimized to own yeah. To only do that, go fast stuff anyway. There'S also still a big difference between the the somewhat mythical 65 mile, an hour on some of the vehicles back in the last decade, and in miles an hour of us six or eight s. Whatever you had to have a lot of magic happen to even barely hit those 60s and 65, but yes that that's true, the high speed cards have been out for a while. But this somewhat new phenomena of in the box 80 real miles an hour when you go home and charge the battery that day. As long as you put the big gear on that is pretty that's, pretty big for a segment of this hobby as well, but that's. Just another form of drag racing, they just don't time them, but something we've always done drag racing it's just now, it's no prep, but we do have so Pete on your timing system, the track they actually put a track in by me and it's now prep and I think they're using a more advanced timing system, which obviously, I think can do bracket racing.

I think the Trax is one does all that stuff and it does yes. Yes, there are little systems really cool, but bracha racing is. I never said that and that's what the note prep came in was: was everybody used the same motor and they were really on the same car? It was, you know, started with slashes before everybody started using every other car, though it was pretty much a bracket run because it was a spec class and that's kind of how, like the slash, became popular at racing, is that we started running and everybody ran the Same car same motor and he didn't have any traction, so it didn't matter and that's. Really the type of thing that always screws everything up is traction. Yeah I'm in a detraction you can put on the minute power so dress in drag. I guess fun! Well yeah! I mean the worst thing for racing is always very sink. I mean it gets corrupted. You know it turns into that. You know making the cars better and the traction better, and it takes out that kind of Lango, tango, fun factor, that's the nature, this one a little bit you're totally right about the racing, but there are some classes where almost all of that's gone and I'll be Quick on this one – and there were some problems with this last class of racing – I did – but the carbon off road opened motor was awesome. There was no tire wars because there was only one tire that worked: there was no motor or battery works.

Cuz. Everything was overpowered to begin with. We have not opened our, but you had plenty of power yeah. I ran this for three years idea. That'S right, I ran the motor didn't come out of the car for a year. If I wanted to go faster, it was easy. Like there are some classes that are super reasonable, but then there's also your touring cars and your. There are some classes where it's, a it's, a silly tire game or a money, game or quality out of cards game yeah. By the way, I think we can do an entire show on how stupid carpet off road is, even though Jeff loves it, but amazing great class. You don't clean the car again, you don't have to go to the track with a whole bunch of tires and compounds. It'S 12 scale: precision with jumps it's too hard for everybody, but look, but no I get it. Listen yes, especially something we don't do things as big, always as as California. But yes, some of these big tracks for the cars are going ballistic. It'S approaching Touring Car speed where, when you hit everything blows up, but when my guy was making sane tracks, which he did most of the time you even beginners, were able to get around quick and not break their cars and it's. I always always be a supporter of carpet off road it's, yeah we're, always romantic for dirt, which is fine, but you know for carpet: there's, no mildew, there's, no mold! You have to water.

It it's much easier for the track on all that stuff. But the Derek's point I think if there was a class where to use a really hard tires, so the traction would only tolerate you running like a legit stock motor. You know when you had to really drive the car. You can just go faster and walk away from people on the straight. You know that's the class that I would probably want to do, or just slashes always back to the slash on that carpet. Track that'd be fine by me. I would probably be able to have the time to go like once a month. I would not practice. Oh not have the time to. Hopefully there be four or five other guys like me, who don't have time for that either and the last Friday of the month is the day that we make it out and we race um. We have a good time and if you win it's great, but no one's walking away from you on the straight away, because they dip their motor and take 20 different things to make their car a little bit faster. Because we just want to have fun. Once a month, I think there's plenty of guys like that who had frequent, attract a hobby stored, track, steamed or off in the garden a lot of times it's. Just all in or all out, I'll tell you my slash story and how much it changed when we were in the peak of magazine, stuff and I'm over our seed, and I don't want to go, spend three days at the track.

Slash came out and we saw a video of them racing and I was like whoa that looks like fun. We started their class at OCC, RC Raceway is me Mike McMahan, a couple other people and we started off with maybe eight guys and it ended up being 40 people on a Wednesday night for me because, just like, I said I'm lazy, I don't want to sit And work on my car for ten hours for four minutes of track time. Doesn'T make sense to me anymore, that's why people play video games, maybe but we'd go on a Wednesday I'd put my car away and the next week. I would pull it out at the track. Thirty minutes before the race started, and for about three months it was the most fun I've ever had racing. I won't say that maybe with who he called it red Cup racing, because I think maybe we were drinking beer like that, but that's what it was we all laughed. We had a great time. It was great racing all the people that ran buggies used to say. Oh, you guys are just hacks, but it was much more fun. Nobody came off the track, upset and tires made a huge difference and everybody ran until associated came out of their car, and I don't know if it was. I want to say it was embarrassing for associated, but me and McMahon ran stock tracks of slashes and were competitive with Ryan Cavallari until they started changing tires.

So tires is like that thing that can make them break everything and the fact that 34 chassis, swoosh it crappy crappy tires were all competitive, because you didn't have traction was way more fun. We made great passes, you took someone out and there was you know and but nobody came. You never seen someone throw a radio across the track or smash something that never happened, but once it became competitive and they call their Shortbus racing and it went all factory. The class died, it's gone so to Pete's. Saying is it's hard, tire save lives. We should all have a hard time, but if you run carpet I'm sorry you're not as much as the man is that I will argue to the death on this I'm. Not saying listen, I love all right. I run whatever track is close I'm gon na I'm about to run mini z, like that there I'll run. Whatever'S close, I love all RC I'll, even rock crawl, if I have to like it's fine, but you can't, you can't rag on on well I'm, not a rock crawler, I'm gon na be in a problem. Listen don't, pooh pooh been easy man, easy, listen, there's, different levels of means, I would watch mean easy: it's, okay and the open class it's, a freaking tool, skill car there rocket ships, man like they're, awesome and very in control, lots of setup on don't, pooh, pooh Min easy now the Box, smart spec, but anyways yeah, yeah car car after then danice's mini t, is pretty fun yeah I saw and you got ta remember the majority people who race race, aren't, serious into racing, anyways it's, only the five, a main guys who care About what the other five a main guys are doing, everyone else is like what you guys said.

You go once a month. Another show will be on how much I hate mini cars. Personally, I don't, like mini cars, either bigger what the hell's the point or Derek. Have you ever raised: minis you're, a mini car like a good one, it's our racing. I just don't, like that. I don't like working on the smaller size and the value isn't there. It'S not like it's half the size, half the price. We can continue this and bring up some more points as best I can, but I think I've made a few points and I'm gon na musi I don't know, do we want to go to another real topic, or do you want to go home? How many people are watching if it's under a thousand no I'm minis? I want to point out that nitro minis used to exist. You could get a 18 scale nitro car. That was a thing you could get. I hate minis. Now I do. I know I don't like them at all they're the same price, 200 what's, the point that none of that matters not first of all I say I didn't mean easy race. Car is a lot less money than my fully loaded carpet off road car. I could: what are you talking about? How much is your mini Z? Well, I'm. Listen, okay, I'm, not the best example, because I buy everything, but but you can go there and be competitive for well under 1000 there's, no other RC class.

You can win and a main under 1000 you go, buy a b6 ferto I'm, not maybe I'm fucking Canadian money say you have 800 or 700 in your money. You buy a car kit, a brushless, multicon, brushless motor and speed control. You buy Futaba radio, you buy three lipos and a charger you buy. A couple sets of tires and rims you're, always over 1000 get 18 scale bugging your 2 grand everything's expensive, my mini z setup is a lot less anyway. I don't know why no one from Kyosho is paying me right now. I'M, not don't want to argue too much about me. There'S too many that you like, I don't computers was gon na pay. You either mini is it is it him like? A mini is also like a like the old HP i mini micro rs4. It was called micro, arse force. What you're thinking of that was the on road. One Micro Micro should be smaller than me, yeah and I think Trinity had 118 scale nitro platform as well. That they brought in from China or someplace, I knew it Trinity, kiln I'd. Sure I didn't, but you know you know, you know. Mini I think is fun. Is a little Q 32, because it's 50 bucks and it goes that's fine. What is it? T1? The little Q 32 s they're tiny, but they're yeah it's, like yeah it's, it's, very much toy thing, but 20 50 bucks, that's, fine yeah and the other one I do like is the the Traxxas 116 areevo, because it's almost 10 scale, it's pretty big by many Standards, it takes a 2.

2 tire. It'S go full size hardware that, if I'm, not gon na run 10 scale, that's, probably as small as I want to go. How would it feel for me is that is that one, the brushless Yariv, oh yeah member, I think it's like 2 bills and change yeah again, it's cool is cool. I still rather have something bigger, there's a size that's. Why 10th scale is the Goldilocks size, it's big enough to be impressively big? You know it's, like wow that's, not a toy kind of thing, but you can work on it at the kitchen table it's, not insanely, expensive. I mean the value you can get for. 200. 250 110 to the car is insane these days. You know they've got bearings, you can get a different conversation when you're talking about what car do I get as an Angela, but have fun in the world of RC and and competitive racing. I was talking about competitive, really substantially, spend less money on a competitive, mini z4a preps track than you can say at 110 or 18 scale, which are also classes that I love a lot but yeah. If you're talking about like what to get into. I would never recommend a mini Z to play our seat. You only get him in easy. In my opinion, if you're gon na go race at a track with it with a proper set up track, I would never recommend a mini for almost anyone in the Hobby.

You can't go past the driveway under most circumstances, other than mini crawlers. Some people just want to drift around the garage floor. You know there's, I think pretty much. Every category of vehicle you can just play with, but I wouldn't want to just play with a full on competition car, but everything else you can play with the problem is that you can't race, everything that you can play with and ideally, if I ever want to Track I want to make sure that whenever I sold in the store, you could come race, whether it's, a brushed bandit or grasshopper I'd find a way to make sure this something that you can race. Unive it's a you know what we're gon na you're gon na get three minutes to turn as many laps as you can, and if you can, you know repeat that performance. Then we score you or something, but something for everybody, there's a lot of people. They go. The hobby store the track stuff looks exciting, but they can't remotely hang or afford to do it and it's just this kind of out of reach thing for them, which is a bummer and not good, because you know racing can be a blast, as you noted, with The hole slash scene, but for a lot of people they see guys going crazy, fast and they're swearing on the drivers, stand and you know they're all tense and it doesn't really look much fun. It looks far as far as what the cars doing, but the people you're gon na hang out with in the way they're acting seems like not fun.

You know, especially for like a dad with his 9 year old. You know this is the topic that Jeff and I have argued about on the phone for hours and got mad at each other, yeah it's, a no brainer. I have my one argument, which is a no brainer. You want. Did you watch what was it 2018 f1 season? Did you watch the 28th? I think was 2018 or was it even 2019, when Vettel backed into what stroll or whatever oh wait, he has reverse yeah, but that's, not the point. Oh and I mean or f1 car. They have reverse it's, an analogy to tell you why I have this position in our seat. I Got News for you. Yes, RC is fun to race and everyone should have fun, but when you're watching the a main or when you're watching any main, I guess for that matter. The one two and three are all that matters. I'M. Sorry to say, nobody gives a crap about your 4th 5th 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th place in ninth place crashes and backs out in front of the leading pack and wrecks that race that's. The stupidest thing that can ever happen now a Marshall control car down in front of the leading pack, but they often don't that the car could crash in 9th place and hit the leading pack. But that often doesn't happen to give control to back out whatever the Frick you want, because you made a mistake that you could affect the outcome of the only the leaders.

The only thing anyone cares about in that particular race is ridiculous. There'S no advantage to it. It won't eliminate Marshalls you're, not gon na get rid of Marshalls there's lots of other situations. That would require more than reverse. I am NOT wrong. First of all, you said in a million billion dollar industry they have reversed and have ruined races, No yeah yeah. I just I was just showing you you can get a terrible outcome stroll or whatever his name wasn't in the lead anyways. Ironically, several Marshalls Super Mario mushroom stopped cars running across the Marshall 9th place. So how does that make any sense? That'S, poor Marshall I've also watched it was somebody couldn't cross the track, because the car is stuck against pipe that, if they just backed up and not into traffic, could continue on their way. So no arguing that you're, not gon na happen, anecdotal that you have to be a there, has to be a repercussion which is not enforced in our an f1. The repercussion is, they can all die, so they try not to back into each other in RC. They can back in and go oh sorry. They need to be disqualified and removed from the race and its ups, but in the terms of photography, the judge doesn't see them all. What are you gon na hire a guy to double the safety, the safety of the track? First of all, I can't believe more people haven't been sued for this.

I watched people take an RC car at the face from trying to Marshall someone that could have driven up in Reverse, so the reverse to me is: I can't, go in reverse because my whole entire RC career never had frickin reverse. First of all, I can't go backwards, say something we got a double pump to go backwards or some crap, I haven't. That makes it even funnier. Can I say something quick: it mini z, racing, oh yeah, we're loud reverse. I still don't agree with it. It is awesome in those situations but I'm, a skilled driver who doesn't back into people. I wouldn't want to race and be leading my main and then have some other idiot pulling four enemies. So, even though it's just ironic that, in mini z, a class I just fought for it does seem to allow reverse, and you actually have to double tag. I think position, even though I enjoyed in minis you in I don't, want to see Mayfield get taken out by by ninth place, pick it out anyway, going forward what the heck's the difference but B can I have a way like I say I say just a Lot of reverse one, the less the marshals are running around the track, the better they less. Let me to step on a car or slip on a car, hurt themselves all that stuff, the more they can stay out of traffic, the better in real racing. You can backup in real racing mistakes, as Tara pointed out might be.

You kill somebody and arson. They usually pull a yellow flag before your start allowed to do that and organize everyone straight let's play. The Vettel comment was one thing but you're in real racing. You don't just crash it back out. Nobody ability to go backwards; they don't leak out a tow truck to pull them off the you know the the tire and the bit off for fat guys pushing it out to get back on track. The holiness you don't have free rein in real Racing. Most of the time you put your car back into the 200 mile racing line is the point. Generally speaking, yeah I mean if I was, if I were operating a track tomorrow for the for the classes where the guys are running speaking roles that don't have a verse out say: okay, like we're, not gon na have a verse says: you'd even have it, but If I'm running a slash class that's in looking slash class, you can use reverse. You should make sure you don't back into people if you're a pilot and the track is basically a good by you but yeah you can still back up. No, I would agree with every every point you made in mini C, which is a little bit slower and they're foam racing walls. It doesn't seem to cause a lot of problems and in slash word, let's, be reasonable, it's, not them as hardcore racers racing. The slash class, I would also allow it, but in the aiming at the world's, the rule would be sorry Mike screens hitters in the aiming at the world's.

My rule would always be no reverse in the a main at internationals in the a main at a club race and also in the be main and seeming because they matter to in G main and on and on and on in some kids classes or ultra beginner Classes sure I'm all for it, but in the act of listen we can joke all. We want. We we're not swearing it throwing radios but well when, if you're a competitive racer you want to do well, you want to go as fast as you can, while being friendly. You don't in in competitive RC racing a back marker who crashed should not be able to affect believe that I think that's it listen. I don't know how many racers are watching that are some pretty race. Announcer would be saying: hey you know card. You know Mike Smith, you're up against the wall. You have to wait till the leaders come by before you can back out race or the race announcer isn't watching ninth place he's watching the top three in Conal, like everyone else in the room that's. My point: if you want to start referees, I would any race announcer I've, seen they're, not watching nice place, but they see a guy who's upside down or stuff baby and they obey they say guys, look out man or two there's, a guy up side that that Happens, but it might not be moot because this will show you how long it's been since I purchased a competent speed control, but do competition speed controls have reverse nowadays, because their price, okay, yeah you better brush days.

You didn't want that extra circuitry in there to pull down your right. They wouldn't have reverse okay. No, the current speed controls yeah. You can do it absolutely anything you want by the way. I think the debate is that Jeff said he doesn't like rumors, but he raises the class with it. So I think 20 years arguments that we had. I went as far as someone backing as far as one backing up and messing up the race of a guy who is, like you know, on the lead, lap, well that's, just another part of the randomization of racing, because I think that oh no, it is not. No like that's what it would be if you allowed, is what I'm saying is it's not like. Nobody would want to allow that. Nobody would be like, oh that sucks the guy, that didn't matter on the race ruined a really good race. If I'm running the racetrack I'm arguing let's, see I'll, say guys this Friday, we're gon na, allow reverse and see how it goes if you don't, like it you're the race that you can tell me, but I would go ahead and try it again again. Amazing yeah! If you're running a really small club race – and everyone knows yeah I'm I'm – talking about what the rule should be saying – the R or rule book and most tracks – no yeah I'm talking local track. One time racing if everyone agrees, but for long in a scores in more races, no bad, no reverse.

I agree with that. I think there probably would as well, and though I don't you don't – think that in the R or rule book they should say that you are not allowed reverse. You know what you know why they didn't put it in there, because it was a cost, so they wanted to cheap. Keep it cheap because reversing speed controls were expensive. That'S original rule was for yes was i, but I don't know if that's the one we don't know that that's true, I would imagine it's not they'd, probably set up the rule for all the reasons I've put forward, but maybe someone – and maybe I bought my arguments – Tell you what the meaning was well, I can go back, they were like you, can't go reverse because you'll crash the leaders and by the way, it'll save a bit of weight and save us a bit of money. Whatever you said is an afterthought. You don't go reverse in competitive racing. For all the reasons I said you don't go reverse in competitive racing. You have one reason that's it, except for you can cut the track and take somebody out you can have a marshal. Mariokart Villa could get a 1 up mushroom, listen your penalty for a martial art who is unsure of their position on this has heard enough from all of us to make their final decision. They'Ll know I'm right and they'll, and everything will be great.

All it'll do one more swipe and then I got ta go. You told me 30 minutes whatever you don't. Do you work from home yeah? I know I don't want to do the city mail. I don't even know why I answered your email. I should have wait. I couldn't even pretend I was out this coronavirus man it's, killing everything I think we're gon na wrap this up, because I still won the argument on reverse cuz we've. All Jeff admitted he runs a class reverse, which trumps all the stupidity that he spit out about. Ninth place in an aiming at the world's is gon na back out with the trash only four or five diversions. I don't think in ninth place in the aiming in the worlds, are backing out into traffic right. Look yeah, you're, probably also not crashing, but the point anyways. I think I should have made the point earlier. I was referring to what should be written in the raw rulebook. I don't know why we're still talking about that topic, this is a 15 year argument. We'Ve talked about it's, not even done now. If you didn't argument I'm upset that that's an argument now you I have forgotten we're such good friends, and I had forgotten how stupid you were on that topic and if you didn't bring it up today, I wouldn't have liked. Now I now I have to kill you again yeah I won we're out, hopefully we'll be back mato next time when you pizza, give it a five minutes.

I drink a beer before this way. You won't burn your mouth and that's all the tips we have today and then we're gon na be back with Jaffe and the way as an Atari shirt I wear mine, so we can match and don't look at my first card was it to me a striker Striker yeah, Oh, my first car was the Falcon, so mine was cool it was it really that's, pretty all right, hey if you want to know where we'll do it live comes from it's on the velocity Facebook right now, it's bill right there there you go what Yeah Facebook, it's facebook.com slash it's awesome. No.