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I guess we're gon na just jump right in and go just go deep right. No more speeches, more speeches, so we're gon na bring up our first reader topic simply because this was brought up. This do that would later talk RC first you're gon na break my heart, all right, no Melody's watching the whole show. I know she's here for everything go all right: hi, hi, we're, not gon na talk about my mom. Yet sorry, mom we're gon na talk about your mom, but let's talk our seat for a little bit all right. When we were off, we discussed what the heck we were gon na talk about next week, because literally we talked about everything a little bit last week and so episode 2 is a hard one. This could be our last show. According to Jeff, we don't have it's. Why every shows my last show, I don't know why I did the first one. I don't know how you got me here now he shaved his beard to think I trained it yeah so there's a lot of changes, that's the only thing that's gon na be different. I still have the same set up behind me, it's, exactly the same as I left it. So it looks like I'm working on something I'm, not right doing anything. That'S a se10 but that's see six point. One thought it was something I could put in the background. Dave lie on see my dad's on.

Does your dad Dustin Yoder? Oh, is it this comment it's my buddy yeah, so the topic most influential RC cars of all time now, I'm, not sure if we met that is for you or me personally or for the industry or for everybody in the world. So is there a clarifier that are they the same thing anyway? You want to take it. I think it's fine and there's no single answer, it's different for every person and it's also different for what component of the industry you're talking about if you're looking for a somewhat useless. What is the most influential car of all time? That'S relatively easy, I would say I think, we're all thinking of it, but if I would imagine there's a spectrum of of what is then we not all thinking missing the same. One is not the whole front of the question. No, but if you had, if everyone had to name one one single vehicle well right now, it's been thinking, we're live. We just got Ben to come on camera game. Yes, welcome Ben it's, my first time to using the computers so it's, like really crazy. For me, sorry, but Jeff, your your your to say something good, I'm sure but I'll see I might see something better. Just after you go ahead. We are so yeah hi, I'm Ben. Well, we can do it again. I assume the same 50000 people are watching this week. 50000 followers awesome yeah, so Ben you're, a SOTA racer and you raised primarily XY and Z that sort of stuff – oh yeah, sorry guys so yeah so and I've known Derek long time and by racing in SoCal and doing this about 30 years now.

So here we are, we the horse, we just added 30 years to our collective collectively 120, something now that's important one more person we get 150 yeah yeah, you get a free beer for how many years I'm going to get a beer I'll be back in one Minute into it, this topic is very it's, actually not as easy as Jeff no I'm, not saying it's easy. I have a list and I can give a reason much like everyone does, but if we want to play the game of what is the single vehicle, this is probably what is your big? You know: 800 pound influence, algorithm we're gon na we're, all gon na pick. If you had a goal, then you to say no let's see if it's the same, I don't want to what's what's one name, the one Omega. Oh man ready yeah that to me a frog. Thank you. No transform people like coming to see our seat from you know the little Tyco cars to apply 40 motor and all the struggling like whoa. This thing is fast. Yeah Hornet was definitely on my list. Yeah grasshopper in the morning pretty much that was the big card. Then, if there was a single, I think I don't know what the sales were on the Frog or the grasshopper Hornet but I'm pretty sure the Tmax sold two million cars ish, maybe more well! Okay! Well, are you telling me what your most influential cars yeah it's got? Ta be something could be slashed.

Maybe but it's got ta, be a team act. It can't be something just from our air cuz. It got us into the Hobby. Everyone got into the Hobby on a vehicle sales, but for me it's the horn and grasshopper big 80s boom. Then you move into the RC ten on the racing side really explored that scene and you've got tracks ready to run innovator and I'm wearing the Hat, but they're not in the tank. Here Breanna's compete wrestler and then he max huge huge. You vive all those models and modern era Traxxas by far the most influential car racing Hughes, that was all HP i and touring cars in general, Tamiya with the TA or one, and that the vault ta series massive. Those are my Biggie's, where they're off my list. As well and I'm with you on all that, I thought we were all gon na agree on the our c10 is a huge car as well was. It was the t max because by far has to be T max calm down, sir, why again upset have you ever owned? A TMS yeah. We of course yeah yeah it's pretty made the vehicle parking lot. We would come up and say my buddy has a clogged buster after t max give you one hours, karna parking lots, come to the market and say yeah. I got ta tracks, you know our bike, the guy next door. He has a track sort of track to sort a max or something that you know everybody knows about tracks is not a dedicated.

You know, RC hobbyist it's, absolutely one of the biggest sales numbers of all time. It has to be originally what it was, but I mean they teased over a million and some yeah one of their ads yeah, and that was in early 2000s, after only a few years of sales, so I mean, I think, for certain periods there were obviously there's. Most influential cars – I put plural in there for a reason, because, obviously, everything changes a little were little time like in the beginning. You know that grasshopper with the stupid 380 motor or the Hornet I don't remember a few hours. A Hornet with a modified motor back of the day was the fastest thing I've ever seen in my life. You know which isn't fast now, which was really funny. I mean the Fox was a huge brand, but when something is at this point, it's definitely like whether it be X. I think our c10 was probably as big back in the day, except we were too young to probably be aware of it, because everybody I knew had one you're saying the 84 is the golden yeah. When that, when that first came out, maybe even stuck that information it's like life, my turn, so I remember when I had like, like a Tyco car right and it's like 9.6 visa power and you pull the trigger and then you pulled it. Another click and it just started going faster, you're like wow.

This is amazing right and then a neighbor affluent neighbor got an RC ten and you had to build a kit gold tub right, and you had to like build this thing and it took tools and things like that which she did not have in your house right. Like who had Allen wrenches sitting around their house in 1984 – Oh buddy right so it's, just like yes, so it's like so here, you are there's like your dad trying to help you out with it Biggles like a Phillips wrench I'm like not gon, na work. Dude. Oh and those were the worst building experiences. If you look back how terrible is because I built all my kids with L, wrenches yeah Samira well to me a wrench is awesome. Still oh yeah that's the only tool that works, but the L wrench is dull. Yeah, of course, yeah yeah. Instead of bowling drivers, which were like a revelation yeah nice only reference, so I'm gon na talk I'm gon na tell my first Tmax story, because I worked in the media when that happened, and it was pretty funny. So we got it got it at car action. When we were me and Pete works, I think you might have been there. Pete had to be next yeah yeah, so we get it to the office and I go to break it in behind the office, which was we were in an old school, and so I start it up and I get the engine started and then the radio doesn't Work and it goes full throttle – and it goes away from me like that.

Full throttle goes away from me at like 2 miles an hour and I go to grab it but it's going away as fast I'm walking. It hits a curb flips over and goes full throttle down the street into a wall detonates. That was our first. That was our first Tmax that we got in the office and I have back in the day when everything went out of control. That was what happened to our the first one. We had already you, I pull it up in the street I'm breaking it goes funny, but we we definitely had a good experience for the team acts. Where is that like in a golf course normal Linda, when you found a bunch of dirt thought? Oh, there was an excess: oh not peanut, xmax yeah room like ninety nine right was it 99 or try. The house pictures came out to thousands on a really hit, but the team Rex speaking of the max, which you know, shares that name. It goes it's a similar kind of driving experience before t max. There was only a truck that you could just bomb at high speeds, a really rough terrain and have like he's. You know the suspension, arms just pumping up and down like a desert truck and with that thing to eat up for terrain. That was a whole new realm. I mean I never doing the first one. You just picked up and drop it just to watch the suspension.

Work is just like dropping a wet towel. I was naming up poor and then oh I'll go through my list. Real quick cuz, it cuz, cuz we've, said them all. I had Hornet and cloudbuster, but you could list a number of genes actually make a list. I made a list and said to me: there was an email, send research it. I don't like to research it, but I think he said he's very research, my brain, listen, Hornick, cloudbuster, 84, gold, panner, c 10 t max and i think worth a mention, and this is why you can't have a the most influential or influence. Well, you have an cars. The ax 10 from axial when crawling was just custom made things. That was, I believe, the first, and that was huge. That was very influential, were crawling. This now I'm, not saying axial built at all, but that was a big deal as well, so so yeah, I think, we've exhausted. A number of us have overlapping and that's my exhaustive list, I'm sure there's, many more and it's a right. There are seeking for sure huge, but I think it was you know more narrow segment, which was racing. It wasn't, like their big RC channels, the first car to have a arms, and you know with me gear transmission, abstract. It was the most the first really erase optimized car and had the performance you mean the over the next segment. So one of our comments here Steve is saying the Avante, which I remember when that came out, because in the era of myth, the bill business, one part, let's use.

Twelve men will remember seen that thing and it was like a spaceship which is still is, but it is like yes, it's, awesome, it's and that's typical to me is like hey. This could be one part, but we can make it certainly and no no. I guess I didn't get someone sodium on the Avanti. Is it? Is it to me a car rate, and I think my my first car that I had that was like really fast was called the spirit, FM front wheel, drive car medicine, maximal speed. How I did was the right. Well, I didn't know about the spirit, then okay, spirit, FF yep. Those are very car. That was my first car that I had a bill that had 19000 screws and they're all like self tapping Phillips heads instead of like anything else and I'm like Disney. Sox like this is terrible and somehow I put it together and it's like you know to me. It looks like instead, like you said like instead of an a arm it's like let's, get 9 pieces in making one a arm with it, just right, it's like what screw these all together and you know it's a I don't know: 10 12 year old kid you're, Like well, I just there's a bunch extra parts at the end of the day and Carl runs so nice. It ran its that I, like the I mean, if we're talking more current stuff, I mean the axial.

Definitely because that's, that was the first kind of like wow, although I don't know, if you remember carbon Thunder Tech or what was the car that that guy Darren here there that's all the clock, stuff, yeah he's, the first one that came to a show with a Badass with a short course: yes yeah yeah, but he came to that and it was amazing and then he dropped the ball out of something sorry, I don't know what them. Somebody else came out of cheaper and better, but that was the first was like 800 bucks. In super detailed, it wasn't a slash meter, it was a it was what he does. He does beautiful stuff, he builds beautiful machines, but the solid rear axle – and you know it was very authentic. Looking technology wise but and Darren me made beautiful cloud poster parts and stuff, but I just don't have the resources to make a lot of it know advertised and if you had to do fibula for the company here. So that was like the first short course. Like you know breakthrough, because that kind of before anybody did that stuff, he was kind of that in there and and then I liked you know, the Xbox is another one. The only problem with the xmax that I have is it's too big. Does it fit anywhere? It'Ll never be a numbered computer with the gold panner c10 or the Tmax or the or the or the its price point size gets it out of any sort of major hitter in the numbers game ever so here's here's a funny one right here, so sabor with His tex mex max right, like he ties it to a wagon and he tows his kids up and down the block with it.

It'S that big and inside heaviness got that much power where he's, like wow, really yeah he's, just like I was like don't, do wheelies with the kids in the back, but the cars ridiculous it's. Just too big, I mean I love it, but it's just the monster. This dovetails in another topic which we talked about, which is what is the ideal size for an RC car? That was the one that I couldn't remember. We talked about. Yes, there are many set in life in general, not a big fan of mini category there's. Certainly big male like if this goes impressive, but to own one and have this lawnmower size thing in my life. You know that's not really ideal. For me, 10 scale for me: perfect Goldilocks, size, it's, big enough to be not employed and really go off road and all those stuff that you want to do with our so far, small enough to work on at the kitchen table. If you don't have a porch on stuff and small enough that it's not costing a fortune just to get it home, so all the sizes are great, but for me, 110 skills way to go yeah if you're, bashing or playing 110. What we're, winning, of course, so egregiously here's a here's, a here's, a segue? What do you guys think both versus electric versus nitro say what's, the first one volt electric versus micro, electric versus nitro? Well, if you want them, if you've got to have a piston going up and down because you're into that aspect of not not scale, realism but realistic technology, I mean there's, no substitute for nitro.

Nothing else is gon na be like that. But now you really, you know: nitro is somewhat with patience. Who has the time to really you know, give it what it needs and take care of it. You can't just if you're waiting for your wife, so you can go the mall or wherever it's you and you get like. You know: 15 minutes to kill you're, not gon na fire but nitro. Anything where you can throw a battery or slash in the garage go ahead and run around the alley behind the house. While you wait for that kind of thing, nitros is a whole deal. Finally, it's ever gon na won't go away there, people will love it there's. Also, people who love you know model scheme and those are cool, train racing club down by every measure. Your performance, convenience cost is no contest. We had nitrogen, never good, it's cool it's, an engine it burns fuel I mean it, makes noise that's awesome if you're into it knock anybody out of it. But for me I just don't have the time to maintain a nitro car or normally a place leader Mullins. I have to go someplace I'm, not gon na, be the guy who runs up and down the street and a whole neighborhood hates you. You know I'm gon na go to a empty parking lot and granted empty parking. Lots are easy to find right now, but still I got ta load up my car, my nitro and energy house.

Oh yeah, I think if someone said I don't care, I just want the best power system unless I'm getting electric car. I mean it's, no kind. Of course yeah, I I think nitro is actually for me on the verge of not being an RC anymore, the corner, honest you, I don't agree. I don't see there's no innovation, there's! No, I mean engines are almost non existent. Now you can go back because we used to get in huge fights with oval racers, that oval was gone and there's 350 old racers that have a mighty presence online and post and are very passionate. But the reality is, I mean you go to a hobby shop and only sell on nitro, I mean Jeff, you still work at a hobby shop. I mean they sell DC now yeah, so engines. No, no, but the only thing that's keeping nitro alive in the RC segment is like eighth scale. Buggy like the hardcore, racers and that'll. Never I don't think that's gon na die that nice Peter mentioned it brings a component to racing you could you could be on with driving? You could be only suspension, you could be on with tire you could be on with with luck and and your engine could flame out or you could run out of fuel. Your pick guy could screw it up for you that components not gon na go away. I don't think that the one ain't 18 nitro buggies, not gon na, go away that that alone will keep the sect that alive.

You don't need anybody. I hate look at you in the tank isn't where to practice that but tracks of cells more nitro than anybody, because I still get a Tmax, they still do the EJ doe. They still do the nitro and sport. I think I don't even do nitrous stampede, but they've got plenty of nitro models and never be as easy as electric. But if you want easy nitro with electric start, you know and needing eight tracks a student call, if you can't figure it out. You know you're not going to find an easier time with nitro that's practice, fun and again, I'm wearing a hat, but this is me as a hobby guy. This is the one you never have, but our hobby shop literally sells not and that doesn't matter that's that again a Nicole. I was not aware that tracks has still sold that many nitro that's awesome. I am a fan of the Nitro segment, but there's natural racing hoops, of course, but lake birds, late there's, there's, Tmax groups and tracks as nitro groups and just nitro in general. If Tim, you can see a lot of team axes and just tracks as nitro models. In general, so they're definitely you know keeping the flame alive their way because it's a real engine. I don't think that all the humans value your electric it's, not the same. If that's something you got ta have. I definitely get me a piano, so there's no market for it.

Where people were there Union and Saturday to innovate. Nitro power store runs in a Camry. You press a button, it starts it doesn't leak, it doesn't drip. It just runs. No, but now is like a gyro that would take you for a basher vehicle. That'D be good from from a racer sense. You don't want full engine automation, because the only thing that you get from nitro, not the only thing but one of the main things you get from nitro – is a the hour long main and be the component of tech required to keep your engine going for an Hour, if you start having fuel management systems and things that are all automated in racing, you remove that component of setup and knowledge that would ruin that part of the sport. I think yeah it's, like a gyro on a receiver it's like a gyro on a receiver. We don't allow gyros and racing because everyone becomes the guy that the pigeons stick in a screwdriver into the hybrid system in tuning it. You know you're part of race, there's, all sorts of rules in form, there's, all sorts of technologies that is not allowed in Formula One, because it would ruin it further. Some would argue some of it is obviously there's many. I think they there's many texts that they don't allow, because it would, it would not benefit the racing, a fuel management system where you can have the perfect air fuel mixture in an engine never flames out, and if it does, you press a button and it never Runs out of fuel would not make for a fun hour long main so on electric, it should short out.

Maybe start a fire or something reliability is not nitro. Is the is there's so many potential failures that's the point for you to win the war. I keep giving worlds as an example for you to win a main in nitro an hour. Long main takes a number of moons to align a number of highly skilled moons to align. If you start removing those moves that need to be aligned, then you remove the difficulty of it and then you just go race electric. At that point, I don't think those components of nitro are ever gon na go away. I wouldn't want them to just like I don't want gyros, so this guy Brian trap is saying that form of the traction control is not allowed on f1. It was allowed enough one for like ten years and so was abs and so that's, where I couldn't develop. Rocky RS, I mean drag reduction system boots. We can pass in the street it's like simply that it's, not unfettered in Formula One it's not find out the best tech and put it it. Doesn'T have the car fall apart and that's part of the you watchin a nitro. A main is especially at a big level. All ten car all 12 cars. Finish I'm, not saying expected. Failure I'm saying the reason all 12 cars finishes because they've become an expert at every component suspension tire engine of all that that's what it takes right here, here's. Some, though, is that in a nitro race you have a pick.

I write, I mean there's no pig eyes in electric race it's, just like it's gon na run or not. Am I right or wrong? I don't know, but I think in just like you know, in a nitro later you got ta, I don't I don't think they'll ever I mean it would be very easy to have a quick change battery. I don't think they're ever gon na do hour, long mains for electric, where you come in every 10 minutes and swap a battery you could you can very easily do that and have a really funny, but it's not necessary, you're, better to do three Triple Aim in With 10 minutes, because that again, the component of nitro that's fun the not expected failure, but the potential failure and requiring you to have an extensive technology over a number of zon rus' is what is appealing for nitro and which is why I don't think you'll get An electric car will last for 60 minutes no problem with six batteries: it's, not fun anymore, you're, better, just to run your shorter races. At that point, the part of nitro that makes it fun is your clutch has to lie again. I don't need to keep listing all the failures at it. You'Ve got to be really good to make it all work and that's that's that you don't get that with electric finishing a 5 minute main or a 10 minute mains, easy and it's, a Steve da or breaking up, such as everybody is bringing up in Canada.

26. Canadians watching right now yeah, so he brought up something and Jeff made have texted him. What one of our topics were refill game. I know he's cherry picking here and trying to make himself look. Smart don't take any advice from someone in a DC tube. Please perhaps from like 20 years ago, I don't have a velocity hat. I don't I don't have 35.99 and you want semi one there 13500 stitches. So I hear ya snitches get stitches. Here is the topic that Peter brought up random ran question. Can Traxxas win a championship? So if you are in RC long enough, you probably know that when it works within the worlds, is the question you want to go all the way to if Martin world is not even a saloon or set that's? What Peter said Kenny contractions decide, but can they win a world calm down, sir? I don't know why I get so excited, but we all remember some people remember some people may not know the tracks has made race cars. I don't know racing gear x1. Well, they had a truck that was called exhausted to list buddy. There was a truck. No there wasn't a truck yeah. There was a 10 scale truck when everybody saw there was no key Rex. One is the only race car they've ever made other than the Riva, which they had a monster truck class for a while, and it did well at the Nationals in the early 2000s or the 2008 world yeah.

They did it serious one. They did the TCP. They did the Blue Eagle series of trucks so yeah they were, they were doing race vehicles along with other stuff in the night. But as far as I remember the t, rex one was the only thing that was somewhat competitive in racing. Nothing fractious anything, but if you need to spend the money on a team that you ship around the country, if you don't do that literally matter how they depart I'm. Just saying I'm, going back to Derek's, saying that that arguably the TRX one was the only dabbling. The Traxxas did in serious competitive racing days. It would be my argument so Jeff I mean this year. You write out because my 20 ship, when I started racing, was tractors 50. I don't know what that means, but they had it's, not a building, but everyone thinks it does listen. Thank you. What keep the TRS you're awesome dude it like. You, beat the RT 10 days right, that's I'm saying they had a competitive truck they didn't have. It was amazing, like I was like beating people when I was like I'm, not a good driver and I'm being be pull real, quick, and I was like this thing's rad is just squash. It was just like super suspension put in at will double and off and running dude in my quad thing was great. This is where I came from an old concept. My belief is that all tracks we have to do, they want to win a level it's just decide to.

They don't make the race car right now so don't talk about how the Bandit would do. You know a Rustler, the arm builder, that although the Rustler does have components in the whole country's got back in the day, there's an associate world, sorry yeah all tracks hired whatever reasons they need. I don't think race tracks cars and it could certainly obviously engineer a race car is not rocket science to build a two wheel, drive buggy or a full without buggy you're trying to company that attention erred the xmax and the t rex for yeah there's, the Revo. You know back in what was before I mean this is not a company that does not have tremendous resources in terms of an intellectual capacity to build really innovative vehicles. So the idea they couldn't build a race car and hire a team if they decided they wanted to do this and then win at any level. They sure could now they would definitely be able to do it. Yeah company let's do this we're gon na jump in and we want to become champions. They could do it with enough time and effort and, as you're dying look not a magic formula that only certain people have and so it's. You know, what's your timeline very. Does situation what's your timeline? What would be what would be your timeline that you think tracks just could win the world? I would say they be competitive instantly as soon as they have a car and then applicat it's luck, it's a lot to become the actual world champion, but it's not luck to become the world champion.

In my opinion, okay yeah, the only in might again. Obviously, I know stop sample in my guys it does come out a bit of luck. I mean, as to this who's gon na, ultimately be right. There'S always a component of luck in racing, but getting back to the point in my traxxas would only be able to be competitive quickly if they copy another vehicles, geometry and weight, bias and dimensions in which a lot of companies I went. Powerball I'm gon na start. An RC car company alright and I'm gon na just say I'm gon na focus on to drive buggy racing I'm, really gon na bench. Mark the Losey car, the team associated car, the X ray Carter and say you know what they've got this weight distribution that works. I have to not do that. I need to have one my weight up front just to be different, so no one seems like I'm, not late, but you'd have to review. You have to copy team associated using the wrong word that the class has been so developed. So mature and everything's computer, aided design, it all looks the same there's no difference between these cars. I think I preface that saying that they're already copied each other. If you look at the geometry, where the holes are on towers and arms, and all the Royal Centers there's a lot of similarities between all the major brands of cars, of course, especially two wheel buggy, which is what I thought think you just brought up there's an Extremely mature class touring car every time they come up the neutering car.

They just move the motor mount half a millimeter, all these mature classes. Obviously, yes, peep you. If it's 70, 30 weight back bias was a number you wouldn't change it just for the sake of changing it. What I'm saying is is low Z and X, ray and Kyosho Mugen and associate, and all those companies have also learned why those holes are in those areas over decades and decades of racing, with with a huge team of all the best 18 drivers and B team And C team drivers giving their input the only way Traxxas can compete with that level of maturity and that level of knowledge and that level. Of course, money is a huge motivator and I think we're about to talk about that, but other than almost a hundred percent photo copying an existing platform and then trying to innovate from there. They would not have a chance against if they sat down and started. Drawing pictures of cars they wouldn't win the world for a very long time to argue the Traxxas could never win. The worlds would be ridiculous. Of course they had a five years or something maybe, but no, I don't think I've been yes. Let me let me ask you questions though one thing I thought you know recently, it would happen was like so when I was racing a scale, a lot with a Mugen car, which was amazing and then all the sudden associated switched their entire platform from bone from, Like a arms to like pillow balls, why why did they do that? Why didn't they do that, like what happened there was like go ahead.

Well, if you're talking about anyway, probably pricing yeah well setup that worked at the time. There was another pillow ball setup that worked at the time, so you know Racing's not about words, now honey. No, no! I never said it wasn't again. I prefaced that a lot of companies are already copying but for tracks is to announce and then do a photocopy of a car and then win. The world's would, I think, be a little bit desperate borrowing, because what you're doing Jeff you're using Traxxas as a copy and everybody else is innovating, is what you're saying so sort of, but not really. Yes, because I don't come up with a car all the over decades and decades and that's what Traxxas would be missing I'm, not again, arguing that no one copies, many of them copying but you'll, take a cook. Oh x, ray did a good job on the rear. Auntie squad setup I'm gon na copy that, but each of those companies has over many decades slowly and precisely updated and made their car better to come in later and copy, if in the full size or in the auto industry, just a copy Ferrari and then have That as your starting point, isn't completely fair as the guys that just copy components as you're talking about fair let's, say use x ray because he used that because they came into the most of the game like what cars did they copied. They were direct copies of cars and they came out I'm, not arguing against that.

So, but what the topic is is if tracks have came out with their own original freaking car right now. Could they win a world, and my answer would be yes and probably, I would say two years only because I don't think they raised the world every year to get there. So you made up the gap in a little bit to get to the part where they can win it, but you can come up with a car look at this point. We have so much computer, aided design that it's not going to the track and drilling a new hole and testing it for three weeks. It'S, a computer simulation it's a single bacon, so you just throw it on the track. It'S a simulation. They do lots of hole. Drilling and roll center changers and washers and shimming at the tracks, yeah that's, always cool okay. What are you rushing we're gon na build a rocket and see if it blows up and figure out with your computer design, and then you they still go and test different hub heights and different toes and all these numbers that the drivers are the ones that design The car after the designer has the the base model, the I still get all the input. What happens when you try this hole in Apple and try that within all these other variables, right, I've tried so many holes in my life I didn't know yeah there's. Only a few that work – maybe not surprisingly in Arceus it's, often the same anyways, but you actually only need two yeah yeah one.

Thank You, Derrick that's, cold. All right, it's been 38 minutes. Hey shut your DC huh! I was told this is a 30 minute show. So what's the topic: what are we doing? Who'S got so here we are, I think, literally all these people are my friends. Hey. Can you read? Marco? Is the smartest one here so stop talking, you know: yeah he's, right, yeah well get used to it. Marco yeah! There was there are some other topics available. Still, oh, yes, I can't wait great saved us. Can'T wait it's a teaser. We should save it for your mom's sake, yeah, Hey but I'm. The Traxxas thing in all seriousness: I'm gon na bring up. We discussed this before he told each other showed up before my life. There is a team that already did this and it's called the Infinity and I have been keeps doing, but it's like a different view, every five seconds infinity whatever that brand is. To be honest, you haven't filed on their European rant. They won a skill world's by buying every team driver. I have no idea, you can call the call the car copy. It was a scale they all the freakin same it's, a square thing with a single point, I'm curious to know how similar it was a big hurry. I don't know why you look like a spaceship. Those like it jumps, it's different, but yeah it arms the front and a solid axle you just punched.

It full drive requires. Oh just piss people off the least amount of skill to design anything is four wheel drive. That is not a hundred percent. True traction beats everything I remember when you have problems in four wheel drive but like see too much traction, why do you think everybody tries jumping in floral drives because they can't make a drive car that works wheel drive you just basically needs some. The set up, and then you could probably win but in the fact that we're talking about that is a lot of racers that switched off the main brands. Can'T even get on the a main anymore. So a car will make a big difference that has copied. Like works than they or whatever, that's, really we come to agreement right now. They, the truth, is to drive modified like that's, how you learn, how to drive an RC car. If you can do to mod, I think I'm strong, I swear by my ass. Two wheel drive so the two things that teach you how to drive 10 scale off road go and to a 12 skill on road. Okay, those are two class. So if you want to be a world yep here's, a question, Jeff it's the same thing as nitro it's, a there's, a group of people that will make it survive, but team associate doesn't make any honor of cars anymore on anybody really knew that, but they're gone. So that's a big indicator so, for you know the drag car, I guess that's on road yep, not really a car that's truly dead is tenth scale on the road with you know, foam tire and cars, but plus del P, and cars is still a thing.

I'M. Gon na bury, you know a small segment, but that means you're still alive, certainly rubber tire, but then car racing you know that's all happening yeah. It does actually make it. They don't make it so else killer anymore, no associated stop making 12 scale. They stopped making there's no more touring car, so I mean that's an indicator one. When the the class leaders doesn't make it anymore its kind of struggling that's, not there's, eight manufacturers in a mature industry. I would have left when there's eight cars that can win. Then then, oh you're, one of the biggest water category, that's different for a more boutique brand. You know where, because we're the team associate like men, like the attention, were giving to building this winning race car. You know in this very narrow category we're unit. We pull in the category rollin SL small number is taking us away from the other category where we stand to make a whole bunch more money to spend a lot more vehicles and that's. Why that happens? Sorry about that there, like 20 entries and then in the mods I mean cave Nationals like the last few years organs. Yes, although all the ninja races have struggled and that's, I mean it's over that's, really strong. That class is struggling, disappoint well, it's, because a lot of things is there's. No entry anymore there's, no tracks there's, no, nothing! So the only people doing it are people that have been into it.

So at some point, it's, like you're, not getting paid to go to races. This is when you see, if, if people really love it they're not paid to go to the race anymore, they don't show up. So you know that whole sponsorship supported race system. When it goes, it goes hard. Now you don't have any you. Don'T have any hobby people in the say, I'm gon na go, try race it's. I wish sponsored and that's why I'm there and that's what's going on that's. Why there's no on road that's, why nitro is gone it's like there's, no there's, no there's! No entry to this. This stuff anymore, it's all gone, and you know – and and I guess this will be a topic for next week – of understanding – how the beginner classes breathe life into a class like. Oh, you know, cheese on the talked about this before it's. These classes are required and tracks forget that those new people coming in is really the life of whole. More than just their track is old, the industry of racing. You know we don't have a healthy slash, stock racing class name or an electric racing went way up and then it's kind of gone back down, it's gone too fast again. I know you're doing this stupid carpet stuff like Jeff, because where's DC hats, you know, and he doesn't want to go in reverse and racing this likes. Just you know. No no evolution reversal is titled evolution.

Oh I got. I got a question just like because I know my experience like learning to like when I started racing and then not just like driving RC cars around town, but like going to attract and meeting a person there's like okay, you're, really bad erasing and you're you're you're Burnouts spur gears and weird stuff like that means like I'll help you yeah, you got to have any experiences like that words. Like somebody took you in and said, like hey here's, we need to do like Brian kitten world. You need to end up guys odor screws. Little stuff like that, like anything that like made you go like okay, you went from like not finishing a race to finishing race and then go much much faster yeah. Yes, it was I kind of thought what he's doing was there? Anybody that helped you like get to the next level from you know showing up correct. You know without your battery charged and your tires falling off and they said hey, you know here's a little kid that doesn't know what the hell they're doing. Let me show them something: well, we're, all at the level where we would be the helper. We know I just kind of we. I share my setup I'll tune. Your car I'll help in any way I can. When I used to go to the big races when magazines actually covered races, you could always see the the the confident teams where they're posting their tire program and they're posting their setups all the time.

The strong teams, don't don't, mind, sharing information and making you go as fast as you can I'm still gon na beat you. I don't mind telling you what I'm doing with doing about when you were a little kid, but when you're a little kid when your license or time yeah, I hadn't, I had a couple usual ones: yeah. It was that no one, although the name but George chrisarah, he was he was a huge huge. I mean a lot of people were watching Brian Levine lots of guys down. There will know him, but yeah yeah. No, no, I yeah sure just a guy. I hadn't got really helped me in the track. Is really nice let's get back to your mommies hey? What is this? What is this it's 916 nice talking still free in the future, not not now by later tonight, yeah I'm, not in California right. What am I doing here? We'Re gon na wrap this up because I think we're running out of time and people are making fun of us telling us that, of course, they should be telling us that somebody brought up Schumacher, which means this we've been on way too long because important innovations, the Ball differential someone, that's, Schumacher, that's right, yeah, hey here's, a good plug for a magazine, it's, not a bad magazine, all right I'm, probably not gon na be here next week. You are definitely gon na be here, and I don't know if you know cuz the McMahan.

Mr. McMahon was posted in here they come. He is very fast. I am NOT gon na make any cocky comments to Mike. He is quick, he's, a he's, a roar national champion, he's a fast run, a tional champion. So yeah, you know he's a good guy. Oh stop but that's still huge clarify our class. You know this man wouldn't win more if he didn't go out and drink with us at night before the races but that's yeah. If we're talking around big man I'll tell you what guys this is a good story when I got back into racing like it was like an older person, and he was a first guy that came and said, like yeah, your setups wrong and he's. Just like look, this in two wheel drive only buggy right and I was like thanks man and everybody and then Derek now I know you. I know you all these Farsi universe. Man feels good, no he's, a good guy man. Help me out. I was like out of the sea for a long time and he's, just like no Avenger twin backwards, like oh things, we changed so surreal and then we just start making David Lyons has never helped anyone in his life David, Oh Jeff, you're, not. I read comments. There you go no, I know you guys taught me how to read comments last week, okay, anyway, if you want to buy any vintage old hats from DC, because they still exist in Canada and he probably has Oakley shorts that has oh right yeah.

He hasn't all right as Bohol. You can buy those from Jeff there on its Etsy shop or xxx main comm check out Pete on BB era, xxx mancom that's right. I got to get something out of this: everyone go to xxx, Maine, calm and not yeah. Yeah I'll send these to you and I'll probably send it to these two people – yeah freaking, nice yeah DC 30 years from now you'll get. This happens, that'll be back in style and then see Ben has one because he lives near me. Then we'll be back next Monday. I was trying to browsing out Thursday like I'm on Seinfeld or something we're a Monday night. What are you what I in primetime we're freaking, the when I don't know it shows on at 530 Golden Girls or something but we'll be back next week? Well, that's re question: I know we will not cancel Golden Girls because that's amazing we'll get back tomorrow next week. My mom's topic is yes. Thorry is quite funny of Derek's mom. Somebody made fun of us, like we were talking about my mom but there's, a funny story behind my mom and Jeff beautiful lady.