com and You remember him right. You all remember the guy he used to do a lot of toy great rc reviews as well as uh hobby grade rc reviews that are listed under uh different uh sites, well different channels to be exact. The toy grid rc reviews are for, the hobby grade, ones are for um and the reason why doesn’t do these videos anymore is because well, a lot of stuff happened. The uh his crew had to move out and the area that he’s in was off limits to our seas and the areas where the areas were patrol regularly, patrolled by police and rangers man. I feel bad for him. Yeah i’d highly recommend you to check out his um channel. If you want to know more about this, it’s really crazy, i can’t explain it in one: go all right! So yeah! I got this uh this rc to review. This is the first of my toy grade. Rc reviews but i’m not doing them very often, though, because they’ll interfere with the bendito’s vintage computer reviews, as he told me so, yeah let’s, do it: hey, it’s, video scott from the video scott’s toy grade reviews and we’re going to review the rc stunt car by A womb toy: this is, as you can tell a chinese stunt car, but it’s, actually pretty good. This review is to accompany the written review on this car and, yes, there is a written review on this car, so check that out so yeah let’s get into the nitty gritty of this car.

This is a chinese rc car that you can buy amazon or wherever you shop online. You can probably buy it on ebay and it’s, actually pretty good for the uh, the price of uh of almost 40 canadian dollars yeah. As you can see, it is really great, as we’ll go in further to the review. This is a pretty unique rc vehicle in terms of uh looks and how it performs it is pretty light, but it’s on the half of your side, though that’s good though it comes with a rechargeable battery, which somehow looks like a double a battery and there’s the Charging cable: it also comes with the charger to charge the battery. Obviously, it charges via usb, which is pretty cool and pretty standard on off toy grade rc vehicles. Nowadays it also comes with this remote and the quality of it is. It also comes with a screwdriver which is actually pretty handy and pretty neat as you do need it, but, oddly enough it doesn’t come with any uh batteries like a lot of toy grade rc vehicles nowadays, so yeah you have to provide your own, which definitely does Bring back the olden days exploit grade rc vehicles with drone batteries, a bummer but there’s, not much. I could do about it. So, as you can see, battery installation is typical. You unscrew the cover and you put in the batteries that sets and you put the cover back on and there you go all set same with the installation for the rechargeable battery.

You unscrew it and put it in and there you go you’re ready to run. So, as you can tell it’s pretty fast in fact, really fast for toy grade rc’s and a lot faster than that and the new bright rc vehicle that i’ve done come across let’s zoom, the camera. In there we go now it looks fast. It does have some cool tricks up and sleeve, like, for instance, it has a unique way of uh, steering it. The only other rc vehicle that i know of that steers like this type of terrain, and it also has some uh leds, which is pretty cool. Whoops dropped it it’s hard to keep it on the uh max. This is not my uh and it also says on the site: that’s waterproof, so yeah it’s, pretty uh fun. Once you get the uh, the hang of it, but it’s not completely indestructible, as you will see, one of the things snapped off, but it’s no worries, though you can always put it back on and there you go it’s all good put it somewhere more appropriate the Floor and actually does run better on the floor. I haven’t actually it in water, since i don’t want to ruin that a gift for one of my uh. So this concludes the review on the one toy rc stock car from amazon, it’s a lot of fun, and i highly recommend you get it, especially for uh, older kids, who just want to mess around with a uh, an rc vehicle on the dirt and the rocks.

Whatever terrain that they like to go in, so if you want something to mess around with there, you go. This is the guy for you.