Obviously, apart from referring to cheeses or the finest wines known to humanity, somehow vintage is now something coveted by people that make novelty e pipes with trendy facial hair. I doubt the old insult of did your mum get your jumper from a jumble sale still makes as much of a mark as it used to do back. When i was growing up these days, it seems acceptable to rock up to a coffee shop drive through on a penny farthing asking for a soy, peppermint, decaf latte and then write an endless blog about how you are a coffee lover, nostalgia does have its place and Especially if it reminds you of your childhood, like rolling rat spokey, dokies, the cornucopia of flavors, that vionettas were available in and actually wanting jim to fix it for you notice how quickly they dropped the revamp with shane richie a few years later, like a hot potato. With this let’s mentally don, our shell suits and remember how good opal fruits were, while a chief engineer discusses his vintage tamiyas, hello, i’ll, see so so viewers these are my vintage tamiya rcs we’ve got the to be a blackfoot and we’ve got the tamiya fighter. Buggy rx, the back foot was the first secondhand one aboard to get back into rc it’s been a great vehicle, so we’ll just talk about that one for a minute. This vehicle has been to hell and back we’ve bashed it crashed it skidded, it dropped it, cracked.

It but it’s still going it has been an absolutely fantastic vehicle, it’s managed to do what we’ve thrown at it. It has broke on a few occasions, but it’s been fixed, that’s the fun of it there’s plenty of parts online. So you know, if a part does go, they can get another one. The plan with this vehicle, i’m gon na strip it give it a bit of a facelift. The shell and i’ll clean up, maybe put a few new parts on it, sand it down, fill it in, give it a respray, make it look nice again. This is cool. Shell looks nice, the ford pickup, f, 150 it’s good, and it is strong, even though it has cracked in places it is fixable. So you know it should last forever that well we’ll see the way we drive the chassis itself. Really strong it’s been great with this old chassis i’ve made few modifications i’ve put skid guard on the bottom that i made to save the servo, because if you do hit a kerb, the servo is a bit exposed. So i made that to go on the bottom. Um, a few things that broke on it, boot drive shaft motor, mount note guard at the back, the gearbox, the shocks, the servo, the front, steering yeah a few things i broke, but it’s been fun. Fixing it it’s been great. This vehicle has been so much fun. I’D recommend a black foot to anyone.

Um it’s just been cool uh. I won’t be doing much to the inside i’ll clean it up re grease. It uh put a new servo on now, because that’s still the original servo that came with, i might look at bigger, stronger oil shocks for the back of it in the future. They were just some cheaper ones that i bought online it’s got a lot of beetle parts from monster beetle on it. So i’ve now called it. The monster black foot but yeah i’d recommend black foot to anyone. So that’ll be our commission for a little bit and then, when it’s, all cleaned up be sprayed, he’ll be back on the road, the tamiya fighter, buggy rx. I bought as a project it’s in great condition for the age, the shell isn’t enough, perfect. It hasn’t had any major bumps or scrapes. It’S been well looked after with this, so maybe some people wouldn’t agree but i’m gon na strip it and i’ll respray. It maybe get some new decals for it. I’M. Not sure i’m gon na see how that turns out. For the show, like i said, the shell is in a great condition so cleaning this up and re spraying. It that’ll be a nice easy job. The chassis itself, great condition with these buggies pet hater mine – is these buggy wheels they’re just too small, too thin uncontrollable. I don’t like the way they drive so first thing: they’ll do is new wheels faster wheels on the front with a better tread um, so it should make handling better it’s gon na have new radio gear new servo new esc, so he’ll transform this vehicle.

Mooning look different, but it will drive different as well and hopefully drive a lot better and what it does um. It is nice to keep them vintage, but to me it’s, just not fun this vehicle. The way it is at the moment, so yeah i’ll put new parts in see how it goes also, my fashion, a transmission brace just to give it a bit more stability in the back um it’s got a mabuchi talk, tune motor in it at the moment. I’Ll keep that that was a new one. We got with another build so put that in so that’s, quick enough for it um steering arms a little bit flimsy, maybe um, but we’ll, just see how they get on, maybe replace them in future shocks. They’Re brilliant! For the age, they’re absolutely perfect, so keep those as they are, so it should be a fun little vehicle this. It should be a good drive, so give it a few weeks couple of months and both the rx and the back foot will be back on the road and looking like new vehicles, Music, i just can’t wait to get out again the uh being stuck indoors and Restricted it’s really uh put dampener on the rc hobby, i suppose for everyone in the country who’s into it. The fun with these vintage vehicles is the tinkering the playing around putting in the new parts, getting them on the road and you can get them reasonably cheap, but i’ve noticed at the moment.

Parts have gone up in value a bit um electric servos motors esc’s. I don’t know if it’s to do with brexit or what i don’t know, but yeah they have gone up in price a bit. You can still get some good bargains on the vintage vehicles. You’Ve got to be quick there. We think to get them. These are ranging. I don’t know between 50 100 quid if their shelf queens, suppose even more with the back foot. I’Ve noticed these have really gone up in value these now year and a half ago. You could get one reasonably cheap, but now you’re looking 100 quid more 200 quid more. It just depends on the condition, but depends on what you are paying, how much you want one but the black foot. For me, this has been the best it’s just been a crazy vehicle and entertaining um. I think when you do have the crashes and scrapes that’s the fun part it’s, you know, you’ve got ta drive them now, they’re meant to be driven. I think you can’t, just you know, keep them immaculate you’ve got ta use them if you’re spending money. I believe, but you know everyone’s different, so yeah but yeah um tune back in for more videos. Well, that’s definitely give us something to think about and, as you probably agree, there are two cracking vehicles that he has there. So you don’t miss out on further videos and similar nonsense.